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  • Video Review: Why Heather, Ayurvedic Practitioner + Mother Of Two, Loves Ajara Skincare Products

    Video Review: Why Heather, Ayurvedic Practitioner + Mother Of Two, Loves Ajara Skincare Products

    The Ayurveda Experience June 23, 2017

    Ayurvedic practitioner and mother of two, Heather, shares her experience and love for Ajara Skincare products. Watch the video below, or enjoy the written transcript.

    Hi, I’m Heather, an Ayurvedic practitioner, body worker, yoga teacher and mother of two wonderful boys. I’ve been using Ajara products for years, probably over five years. And I enjoy them a lot. I think the main thing I love about Ajara is that I can trust the quality. I can look at the bottle and recognize the ingredients and know that what I’m putting on my body is completely safe, but also so enjoyable.

    The different aromas are very supportive to me and my skin and I’ve used some of the products in pregnancy when I was pregnant with both my boys. That was very enjoyable, and he agrees.

    I’ve used the facial serums, the Coconut Rose cleanser, that’s probably my favorite (and that’s his favorite too). In pregnancy I’ve used the belly balms, breast balms, both really wonderful. And these are products I would use on both my boys. Because they are very high quality, wonderful and safe ingredients. So, my whole family pretty much has enjoyed Ajara products and professionally my clients as well.

    … Ajara Skincare Products For Professional Use

    I’ve used Ajara products on clients with facials and other forms of body work and I think the main feedback I got was about the depth of relaxation they were able to experience. I think a lot of that comes from the wonderfully crafted aromas that really help to support the different doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. And then also addressing different types of skin types. But very relaxing treatments that helped clients relax.

    … For Facial Care

    My favorite is probably the Coconut Rose Cleanser. It’s incredibly moisturizing. I feel that when I use that on myself, I don’t need a moisturizer afterwards. So if I’m in a hurry, if I’m short on time, which is fairly often, then the cleanser can be a backup moisturizer actually. So that’s a nice option for me.

    I love the Lavender Verbena Toner. It’s nice and uplifting, especially first thing in the morning. I also use the Neroli Serum right now for tridoshic skin. I enjoy that. I really like how that smells and how that feels. My original favorite was the Sandalwood Ylang Ylang for Pitta skin.

    … During Pregnancy

    In pregnancy, I really liked using the Belly Balm, especially for itching which happened in my first pregnancy. So, that was really effective and of course it smells great and is completely natural. You know when you’re putting a product right on your belly next to your baby, it’s helpful to know that those are all very safe ingredients.

    Lift + Firm Breast Balm was amazing, that smelled great. It was so smooth and moisturizing without leaving any kind of residue. It was absorbed really well. And, you know, in postpartum, breasts get a lot of use, so that went into postpartum as well. So that was wonderful.

    I continue to use Ajara because they’re natural products. I understand what the ingredients are and that makes me feel very safe using them on me and my children.

    I’ve used Tridoshic on me and that was wonderful, ultra-moisturizing, really highly absorbable. So much better than lotion. I feel like lotion leaves a residue and leaves you feeling kind of sticky and oil absorbs so much better into the skin. And so you feel like you have… it’s more luxurious in oil, I feel, versus lotion. So I use that oil as well.

    … In Postpartum Care For Mom And Baby

    When I use the Cinnamon Sage Body Oil (Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil), I would apply that before shower, much like an Abhyanga self-massage. And then hop in the shower, let that soak in. And then after my shower, I don’t have to put more moisturizer on at that point because the oil does that for me. If it’s the winter time and I’m feeling particularly dry I may add a little bit more, but usually I’m just putting it on before the shower. It’s a wonderful part of my morning routine.

    I would say it’s one thing of postpartum that’s helped me feel more stable and strong. And I attribute that to so much self massage and self care. That’s really, that’s helped a lot. That’s helped them too. And they get self massage as well. They get little massages, they actually get their massages after their bath right now because oily babies and baths don’t mix.

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