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  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies And Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

    Ayurvedic practitioners say that these simple home remedies are the key to long, lush, naturally beautiful hair!

    The Ayurveda Experience July 22, 2017

    Beautiful hair is considered a gift and with a proper hair care regimen, you can enjoy this gift even better. Ayurveda holds that for hair that looks thick, strong and lustrous, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is essential. In addition to it, you can also use the following hair care tips and home remedies to ensure healthy hair and for more hair on your head than on your comb! 

    Hair Care Tips To Enhance Healthy Hair

    For starters, avoid using chemical-based conditioners and shampoos. They deplete natural oils from the scalp and when you add this with the stress of the holidays, it can take a real toll on your hair. It’s also a good idea to wash your hair only once or twice a week, especially if you’ve oily or greasy hair and scalp, so it doesn’t dry out too much. 

    If you’ve treated hair, just remember to take proper care and keep it sufficiently nourished. However, excessive use of these can damage your hair even more and lead to dry and frizzy hair. Just remember to give your hair a break once in a while and choose to go natural as much as possible. 

    Another important thing to remember is to not comb wet hair as it leads to breakage and don’t use hot water on your hair. In fact, Ayurveda recommends not to use hot water anywhere over your neck region as it might damage your delicate tissue and nerve bundles here, that are more sensitive.  

    It’s also better to let your hair dry on its own. But if you have to use a dryer you can just maintain a proper distance and use it in minimal settings. 

    Later, when your hair is dry, you can use a wide toothed, wooden comb if you need to detangle. 

    But THE MOST IMPORTANT HAIRCARE TIP that Ayurveda recommends of all is a nourishing oil massage before showering. This benefits the scalp, the nervous system, hair color and softness. 

    Apart from this, Ayurveda also believes that proper oil massage stimulates hair growth and protects hair from damage as it strengthens the elasticity of each strand. Use a pure Ayurvedic hair oil like iYURA Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion, an astounding hair elixir that moisturizes your hair without making it look weighed down while actively volumizing it at the same time. 

    Cooked in a superior blend of 3 base oils – Coconut, Rice Bran and Sesame, Keranya is also enriched with one of the best hair herb, according to Ayurveda: Black Cumin, in a totally colorless formulation, that suits all hair types! 

    Learn more about Keranya, here! 

    In addition to this, if you’re into natural, effective and effortless DIYs, we also have some easy ones you can whip up in under 2 minutes, here: 

    Ayurvedic Home Remedies To Strengthen Hair Naturally

    1. Massage hair with a mixture of coconut oil (four tablespoons), sesame oil (two tablespoons) and Pure Cold-Pressed Castor Oil (½ tablespoon). 
    2. Use virgin coconut oil like Pure’s Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil on your hair. It gives nourishment to the roots, making your hair look healthy and shiny. Apply at night or if you wish, during the day as a styling agent or use it as serums for the rough ends of your hair. 
    3. Massage hair with Pure Cold-Pressed Almond Oil or vitamin E oil diluted in coconut oil. This is also helpful for hair loss. 
    4. Mash 1 ripe banana using a fork and add 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil to it. Apply it all over the hair and wash away after 20 minutes. This acts as a natural conditioner making hair soft and shiny. 
    5. Apply the fresh pulp of aloe vera. It reduces hair fall and dandruff. 
    6. Coconut milk boiled with a paste made of one handful of curry leaves helps in reducing premature greying of hair. 
    7. Wash hair with diluted lemon juice (juice of one lemon for three to five liters of water) to enhance shine and prevent and cure dandruff. 

    Hair Masks + Hair Packs

    For a simple trick, take one cup of yogurt, one egg white and one lemon juice. Mix all of them together and use them as a hair pack. Wash hair with lukewarm water after 20 minutes. 

    Or you can also take one teaspoon of hibiscus flower powder and one teaspoon of fenugreek powder. Hibiscus and fenugreek are known for their benefits to the hair. Soak them in water for 1 hour. Wash hair with the water and then rinse with lukewarm water. 

    If you can’t find pure Hibiscus or Fenugreek powder easily, you can get the combined effects of both in a deeply nourishing hair oil form with iYURA Romavi Strong Scalp Thirst Quencher. To add an additional fortifying effect for rough, breakage-prone hair, Romavi also brings in the potent effects of Bitter Cucumber, yet another Ayurvedic ingredient, to complete the ultimate haircare trio! 

    This one-of-a-kind haircare formulation makes sure that both your scalp and hair stay nourished, moisturized and healthy for an intensely voluminous look and a bouncy shine!

    Learn more about Romavi, right here! 

    May your hair stay healthy, nourished and extra strong this holiday season! 


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