5 Sacred Skincare Rituals For Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

5 Sacred Skincare Rituals For Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

The Ayurveda Experience November 05, 2017

For Highly Sensitive People (HSP) the care of the skin can be the beginning of creating a healthy boundary between self and the outside world. That’s why I recommend certain skincare for Highly Sensitive People.

When I was young I didn’t think much about my skin. I was blessed with very clear, glowing skin. As I aged though, I began to take notice of not only my face, but the skin on my entire body. I started to realize first hand that the skin is not only the outer layer of the body, it is also the barrier between you and the outside world. It enables you to feel, touch and experience texture, temperature and love!

This outer layer of your self is the home of many sacred pressure points. It contains pores that bring in sensory experience, release toxins and take in nourishment. Your skin can be a messenger for ailments or imbalances that reside deeper within your body. Your skin is also the canvas on which unsettled emotions emerge as rashes, pimples or discoloration to draw attention to what is going on deeper within.

When you take good care of your skin you are also taking care of your organs, blood, lymph and your heart and soul!

In Ayurveda, the fall and winter are seasons when the skin is affected more by the air element. Air by nature is dry, light, mobile, rough and irregular. When the skin is being affected by the air element it can tend to be dry, rough, pores may be more visible and there may also be irregular rashes or patches.

So, are you ready to learn a few of my favorite simple and satisfying Ayurvedic skincare treats? Each of these practices can stand alone or be combined to perform a self love ritual!

1. Exfoliate

There are so many awesome ways to exfoliate the skin, but I really love the body brush for the fall and winter. When I was a young girl I used to ride horses and one of my favorite thing to do on a Saturday in the fall was to groom the horses. When I use my body brush it reminds me of those days! It feels so wonderful to run either a wooden or natural fibre brush over the skin starting from the face all the way down to the feet! This not only releases dead skin cells. It brings so much circulation to the skin and underlying systems! Body brushing is so invigorating and the result is a feeling of life not only in the skin, but in the entire body.

2. Oleation

Now that your skin is enlivened it’s time to feed it! Applying oil to the entire body feels so good. If you are a HSP you will notice that you feel shielded and grounded after you nourish your entire body with this yummy, sensory treat. My favorite oil to help balance the air element is olive oil. I like to fragrance it with lemon balm – which happens to be a nerve relaxing herb. Lemon balm also smells like sunshine! Frankincense can be added to help reduce joint pain and bring in a sense of protection and warmth. Patchouli and ylang ylang are also very grounding oils that also enhance the feelings of joy, love and pleasure.

3. Mask

Everybody loves a fun mask! My daughters and I sometimes do a mask day just for fun! I love giving my massage clients a surprise body mask now and then. A mask leaves the skin so smooth and glowing and offers nourishment to the deeper systems of the body as well.

My all time favorite mask to put on my skin is a simple chickpea flour mask. Chickpea flour can be obtained anywhere Indian foods are sold.

Chickpea Mask

1 tsp for a face mask or 3 Tbsp for the entire body of chick pea flour
milk or water, just enough to create a thick paste

Apply this paste to your skin and allow it to dry. Gently rub the dried paste to help increase circulation and then rinse off.

4. Sacred Bath

If you like, step into your bath to cleanse the chickpea body mask and make this a complete spa experience! Add fragrant, warming oils like cinnamon, eucalyptus or rose oil to your bath. Light some candles and sprinkle in flower petals if you have them and fill your senses with beauty.

5. Affirmation and Gratitude

Celebrate your skin as your beautiful organ of touch. Thank your skin for helping you experience all of the wonderful things the world has to offer. Tell your skin you love it and thank it for protecting you and helping you feel. Invite it to release all feelings of fear, sorrow, anger, frustration, anxiety and invite it to breathe in comfort from every pore.

Visualize that you are surrounding yourself with beautiful healing and protective light that nourishes you, body, mind and soul. Place your hand on your heart in gratitude for having this sacred skin and body so that your soul can experience love, pleasure and beauty!


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