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  • What Is Osteoporosis?

    What Is Osteoporosis?

    The Ayurveda Experience February 05, 2016

    Modern day definition of Ayurveda is characterised by: Decreased bone strength.
    Reduction of bone mass or density or the presence of fragile fractures.

    Ayurvedic View

    Bones are considered as one of the Dhatu (basic infrastructure) of body. There are seven basic infrastructures:

    Dhatu (Basic Infrasctructures of body) Basic element resemble to modern Science
    Rasa Digested food
    Rakta Blood
    Mansa Muscles
    Meda Body Fat
    Asthi Bones, Cartilage
    Majja Bone Marrow
    Shukra Sperm


    Asthi kshaya (loss) i.e. Osteoporosis can be considered along with two parameters:

    Dravyataha (Quantity): Decrease weight of bones, loss of density and porosity of bones.

    Karmataha (Function): Shape of bone changes and kyphosis like conditions can occurs, weight bearing capacity get reduced and pain like conditions can occurs,  joint movements get restricted.


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