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  • Sunburn: 8 Cooling Ayurvedic Home Remedies

    Sunburn: 8 Cooling Ayurvedic Home Remedies

    Sunburn occurs when the sun’s rays increase the Pitta present in the skin and reduce the rasa Dhatu from it. Rasa dhatu is the nourishing fluid which gives color, complexion and glow to the skin. Due to this Vata also gets provoked giving skin a dry, dull and dehydrated look. In order to reduce sunburn use herbs and ingredients possessing cold and soothing properties.

    1. Ghee

    Ghee or clarified butter is very effective to reduce Pitta. It can applied on the skin topically. Taken orally it will keep you cool from inside.

    2. Virgin Coconut Oil

    Applying Virgin coconut oil on the sun burnt area is another excellent and effective way to reduce the symptoms of sunburn and bring back the lost luster of the skin. Virgin coconut oil is prepared from coconut milk so it possesses Pitta and Vata reducing qualities. In summer, due to the sun’s intensity Pitta increases and dries up the moisture content from the earth and our body. This then causes an increase in Vata which gives the sun a dry, dull look.

    3. Rose Petals + Milk

    Is milk be good for a sunburn? Here’s what you can do. Rose petals can be made into a paste and infused in milk. This milk can be applied to the area affected to soothe the burn. Raw milk can also be applied directly.

    4. Rose Water

    Rose water is also very effective to reduce the condition of sunburn.

    5. Cucumber Juice

    Applying cucumber juice on the sun burnt area can be soothing.

    6. Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera gel is another very cooling herb which has promising results in skin care. It can be directly applied on the affected part.

    7. Cool Your Diet

    Diet and water intake also play a major role in reducing the burning feeling. Drinking coconut water and fruit juices can keep you cool and hydrated. Eat Indian gooseberry or amla, watermelon, musk melon which is similar to cantaloupe and grapes which are sweet. Avoid alcohol consumption, smoking, eating oily, spicy foods and processed foods which may provoke Pitta.

    8. Avoid going out in the sun.

    Use sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, umbrellas and scarfs for your protection.


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