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Summer Salad Formulas For Inspiring, Nutritious Salads + INFOGRAPHIC

Summer Salad Formulas For Inspiring, Nutritious Salads + INFOGRAPHIC

The Ayurveda Experience August 05, 2017

Summertime is salad season. A trip to your local farmer’s market this time of year will definitely confirm that! The large variety and selection of fresh produce available this time time of the year, coupled with rising temperatures, falling appetites, and busy lifestyles, make salad the perfect “go-to” for just about any meal of the day. But not all salads are created equal…

In the age of convenience foods and eating on the go, anything fresh or with vegetables is automatically given the wellness industry’s “healthy” stamp along with a free ticket to eat all you want! The result is that salads have become the new “junk food”, with the potential to cause more problems than they solve.

Salad Pitfalls To Avoid In Summer

If you’re eating to feel light, strong, energized and calm this summer, the first thing to remember is that portion size matters… and so do ingredients.

Meat, oil, vinegar and cheese can add heaviness and heat at a time when we’re most in need of cooling moderation. Traditional salad bar staples like onions, tomatoes, radish, chilies and olives have heating qualities that can turn up the internal heat and fuel the fires of anger, indigestion, heartburn, or inflammation!

Eat Like You Love Yourself

In summer, choose foods that are cooling, flavourful and satisfying… And resist the urge to overdo it!

For salad as a meal, use grains as a “filler” rather than meats. They are cooler, drier and lighter than meat and are truly satisfying. Mix them with a selection of fresh greens and veggies brought together with a flavourful “glue” of citrus juices and good quality oils.

And if you’re not sure how to put together a salad that will have you feeling cool, calm and satisfied, consider one of these salad “formulas” for bringing together the right ingredients to balance the summer heat inside and out.

Cooling Summer Salad Formulas

Let your body be your guide…

Don’t know your Ayurvedic body type or constitution? Take our free dosha quiz to get an instant report!

If you’re not sure how to choose ingredients, consider what you’ve got on hand and tune in. Learning to create balance with food starts with listening and trusting your inner knowing to steer you in the direction of genuine wellness.

So steer clear of the “crash and burn” with this winning formula for summer balance in mind, body and soul!


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