Simple, Powerful Ayurveda for Women

Simple, Powerful Ayurveda for Women

The Ayurveda Experience February 16, 2016

From the Scarsdale diet to the Beverly Hills diet, to Atkins, South Beach, Low Fat, Raw Food and Paleo, women today are confused about what to eat. We’ve been bombarded with enough exercise and food models that just don’t last and also don’t address our individual needs.

When I began practicing yoga 30 years ago, before it was a mainstream word, I had just come off years of following the then-popular low-fat diet, only to be left with symptoms like hormonal imbalances, fibroids and irregular menstrual cycles. I was stiff and in pain from the weight training I had been doing and also struggled with mild depression.

After some time practicing yoga and meditation I was led to Ayurveda as a natural progression of a lifestyle that I was looking for that addressed the whole me: body, mind and spirit. Through having an initial consult with a world-renowned Ayurvedic specialist (who later became my teacher) my tongue and pulse were diagnosed, herbs and oils were recommended and even breathing exercises and specific yoga stretches were offered.

I realized then I had come across a lifestyle I could implement that was not a fad, and that was doable and nurturing. My individualized, customized program from Ayurveda has been a “guide” for my wellness path.

My symptoms and imbalances all disappeared; I have more energy and vitality and even discovered my inner gifts such as healing and painting. I now share this with other women because it works.

This is the power of Ayurveda!

So what IS Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old preventative and integrative healing system of medicine focusing on the mind-body connection. Ayurveda, meaning “science or knowledge of life,” views health as much more than the absence of disease.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, health includes feeling content, joyous, bright and tranquil. Ayurveda aims to minimize today’s stressors, such as anxiety, grief, depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalances and digestive and sleep issues by moving a person into a natural state of balance.

Health is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each person has a unique constitution or mind-body type they are born with, known in Ayurveda as doshas. Any movement away from that constitution creates health imbalances. If such imbalances are not addressed, then disease sets in.

When an Ayurvedic specialist looks at the tongue and pulse, these imbalances can be determined and corrected through specific herbs, essential oils, foods, gemstones and lifestyle.

As health is not a static state, Ayurveda can address the many changes and influences both inside and outside that affect our lives.

Where to start with Ayurveda

The first step on the Ayurvedic road to wellness is strengthening one’s digestive power. Digestion, as we know today, has a direct effect on our immune health, but Ayurveda has also understood that our digestive health also affects our mind, mood and way of thinking. At an initial visit with me, we will look at many aspects of your life, including digestive issues.

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need more to do in my daily life?”

My answer is: “You need to implement the best practices for your health profile that will give you the most long-lasting results over time.”

I can personally attest to that, as, at 60 years old, I feel more energy, fulfillment and purpose than I did in my younger chronological years. In fact, I feel ageless and at peace with myself.

Throughout a woman’s physiological and psychological stages, Ayurveda can provide nurturing, earth-based, sustainable gems that YOU can utilize on your health journey, allowing you to feel in alignment with your own unique nature and nature that surrounds you.

Some favorite practices of clients I work with are using essential oils, daily self-massage, deep belly breathing, joyously eating with the seasons and simply becoming more self-aware! I look forward to hearing what yours are.



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