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  • Sense Therapy: More than Meets the Eye

    Sense Therapy: More than Meets the Eye

    The Ayurveda Experience January 22, 2017

    In the Ancient Tradition of Ayurveda, it is said that “the Primordial Cause of Disease is Forgetting your True Nature as Spirit”.

    Over my years of practice and self-discovering, this complicated term has become my teaching mantra. I have begun to see vast transformations in both my own life and the life of my students and clients as we hone in on the essence of this vast concept and create a tangible daily practice.

    This root cause of Dis-Ease or Imbalance can be broken down into three main points:

    1. Misuse of the Senses
    2. Time
    3. Failure of the Intellect

    We are going to focus here on the first main point. Misuse of the Senses.

    I find this a fantastic starting point in a shift of awareness as the 5 senses are our main modes of individual expression and greatly shape our experience as Humans.

    I am an alchemist, both in the physical and etheric realms. I have a deep love for the elements in their true nature as well as respect for them in their intricate dance that shapes the very world we live in and every one of our experiences.

    To begin to understand our own true nature we need to understand the elements in us. The easiest way to do this is monitoring our sensory experiences and impressions. What we taste, smell, hear, see and touch has a profound and life changing effect on how we view our life. It can promote harmony and happiness or bring us to a state of imbalance and disease.

    Tuning in to sensory impressions is the most basic building block to holistic healing. With students and clients I often encourage to look at one sense at a time and make a day of observation. Watch the subtle shifts that occur and then the greatness of the change in experience when we start to work with our senses for balance instead of letting life’s experiences quietly pass you by.

    A few key points:

    Sight- For sight healing look at beautiful things. Nature, water, peaceful movies, and artwork.

    Smell- Aromatherapy, natural scents, herbs and flowers all promote healing.

    Taste- Pay attention to the taste of your food. Chewing slowly and choosing natural food choices without additives or preservatives.

    Hearing- Sound Therapy can be natural sounds, calming music, gentle speech and positive words.

    Touch- Healing touch and loving touch may be the most essential part of your day. This can be self-massage, partner massage, giving hugs to loved ones and even feeling the physical attributes nature has to offer.

    Tuning into these key aspects of the senses will not only give greater awareness to the experience but may also re-align you with the qualities of the 5 Elements and their expression within you.

    Try it!


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