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Perfumes + Scents: Cooling Aromas For Pitta Dosha

Perfumes + Scents: Cooling Aromas For Pitta Dosha

The Ayurveda Experience September 08, 2017

Pitta dosha is generally governed by the elements Agni (fire) and Jala (water). An imbalance in Pitta dosha can make a person angry and aggressive. Pitta persons generally have sharp minds and high enthusiasm. When out of balance, they tend toward extra heat in the mind and body, which might show up as anger, excessive sweating, red rashes, eczema, blisters, hyperacidity or burning pain anywhere in the body. This is where aromatherapy can do wonders in Pitta predominant person. The most important quality for balancing Pitta is coolness.

Pleasant smells are known to lift mood swings, reduce anxiety and stress and improve memory and cognition. For Pitta people soothing, sweet and hydrating scents are ideal.

Which are the ideal mood oils for Pitta? Sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, lotus and mint all have soothing effects on the Pitta mind. You can also try a Pitta pacifying blend of oils to soothe Pitta dosha.

How can a Pitta person use aromatherapy? The benefits of aromatic oils can be introduced into your body through your sense of smell or by contact with your skin.

How To Use Aromatherapy For Pitta Imbalance

1. Enjoy Steam Therapy

Place a few drops of essential oil on a towel in a hot shower and spend a few minutes bathing your body in the aromatic steam.

2. Anoint Yourself

Place a drop of essential oil on the back of your hand or wrist and inhale the scent periodically.

3. Indulge In Daily Abhyanga (Self Massage)

Perform self massage with an oil base or carrier oil and add a few drops of essential oil to it. Sunflower oil is a good carrier oil for Pitta body types. This Soothing Massage Oil is also perfectly suited for Pitta types.

4. Plug In An Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

Infuse the room with a Pitta soothing scent. Use an electric diffuser to carry the scent far.

5. Enjoy Candles + Flowers

Pitta persons are very visual so it’s great to have real flowers on your desk or bedside table. Burn a naturally scented candle with Pitta-reducing aromas.

Carrier Oils

Which are the carrier oils ideal for a Pitta person?
Sunflower oil, coconut oil and olive oil.


The hot, sharp and intense nature of Pitta is balanced by using cooling, soothing and calming perfumes.

Ayurvedic Pitta Pacifying Blend For Anger Management

5 drops of Sandalwood oil + 5 drops of Lavender + 1 drop of Jasmine + 1 oz pure Jojoba oil base

This calming and cooling blend can pacify Pitta and reduce anger. You can also purchase a blend of oils that are tailored to soothe Pitta types.

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