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  • Nectar of Love – Supreme Ojas Building Recipe

    Nectar of Love – Supreme Ojas Building Recipe

    The Ayurveda Experience April 10, 2016

    Ojas building recipe? What’s Ojas? 

    You could say that Ojas is the biology of love. Soma is the principle of love in the world, and Bhakti is the nectar of divine love in the heart.

    But then, it just sounds like more distraction. Better, I think, to translate the words into a feeling, to offer an experience – a food experience, for example.

    And that, dear friends, is this…Ojas Building Recipe.

    A Coconut Cream you can have for dessert or serve with dessert, or enjoy for breakfast, or even make up as a tonic

    a sleep tonic, an anti-anxiety tonic, or even a peace tonic. It’s so good my husband calls it “the Nectar of Love.”

    It seems the medicinal benefits of love’s nectar is much needed in our world today. I prefer this Coconut Cream as it is more sattvic. Try it for yourself to see which gives you more of the biology of love.

    The Nectar of Love: Coconut Cream + Rose, Saffron, Nutmeg, Lime

    A Potion for Cultivating Bliss

    • 1 c Coconut Water
    • 1 c Coconut Meat
    • 1 T Coconut Manna
    • 1 t Coconut Oil
    • 1-2 t Rose Water
    • 1 Medjool Date
    • 4-5 strands of Saffron
    • a pinch of Nutmeg, freshly grated
    • a light dusting of Cinnamon, Cardamom
    • 1 Lime

    Once you have your coconut water and meat, or your two cups of cream, put all the ingredients in a high speed blender and mix on high for a minute or two. Taste and adjust spices. If you would like it thinner so it is more of a tonic to sip, add purified water or more coconut water to desired consistency. Pour into your serving glass, and garnish with a slice of lime. It will serve 2-4, if you don’t tuck in first.

    For more of a dessert, let it rest in your refrigerator an hour or so where it will thicken up. My friend, Wendy, gifted us kumquats from her citrus garden, so I added those for winter color. First I cut them open by scoring top to bottom and then marinating them overnight in honey. I added the lime slices to that too, as it makes the rind edible and the honey runny.

    It is best served within 12 hours of making, so if you have any left over, enjoy it for breakfast in the morning. It is great with blueberries, and probably also with raspberries, bananas, or peaches.



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