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  • My Daily Routine: Stephanie Rodriguez Krishnan, LMT Boston, MA USA

    My Daily Routine: Stephanie Rodriguez Krishnan, LMT Boston, MA USA

    The Ayurveda Experience December 15, 2014

    Ayurvedic bodyworker Stephanie Rodriguez Krishnan is passionate about doing good for other people. She’s an LMT with a big heart and big ambitions.

    Stephanie is super busy at her Back Bay treatment room in Boston, MA. Samsaraa Massage Therapy & Ayurveda is located on Boylston Street above Back Bay Yoga, not too far from the Boston Public Gardens.

    She offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments that was learned near her in-laws in Kerala, India.

    Stephanie Rodriguez Krishnan & Murali Krishnan

    Stephanie’s husband Murali (pronounced ‘mur-lee’) is a huge support and a big influence. They remind each other to keep Ayurvedic traditions going at home and Murali, a marketer by profession lends a hand with the business at Samsaraa.

    Stephanie’s looking forward to expanding her education and becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner. She plans to study in India where she’ll be near her family, immersed in the knowledge and practices of the ancient sages.

    Her credo:

    Participate and be present in service activities. Social service is a personal offering to others that best shows your love and gratitude. Live a life of service, may you always be fulfilled.

    Stephanie Rodrguez Krishnan

    We asked Stephanie what 5 Ayurveda practices she did every day without fail. Here’s her list:

    1. Cumin-seed water

    Traditional Ayurvedic practice with tons of benefits for the digestive system and beyond.

    2. Morning Asana

    Stephanie’s ashtanga practice includes 10 cycles of surya namasakar every morning, a wonderful way to start the day. Surya namaskar balances the energies in the body and purifies the system.

    3. Nasya

    Stephanie loves Anu Thailam from AVP Pharmacy in Coimbatore, India. She does nasya all year long to lubricate the sinuses and nasal passages and keep the doshas in balance.

    4. Evening Abhyanga

    A night-time oil massage is balancing to vata dosha and promotes good sleep. Stephanie uses plain sesame oil (not toasted) which you can purchase at your local grocery store.

    5. A Regular Wake/Sleep Routine

    Stephanie keeps a regular routine of sleeping by 10pm at the latest, and rising by 4:30 or 5am. It is well known in Ayurveda that a regular routine in harmony with the sun’s rise and fall establishes good health.

    Photos: Stephanie Rodriguez Krishnan


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