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  • My Daily Routine: Chelynn Tetreault

    My Daily Routine: Chelynn Tetreault

    The Ayurveda Experience January 04, 2015

    Chelynn Tetreault, AHP, LMT is a busy mom who knows how to balance life. As a wife, mother, and successful business owner for over ten years,  Chelynn is well experienced in juggling the needs of family, daughter, and self while maintaining a hand in business and a healthy lifestyle.

    My Daily Routine: Chelynn Tetreault

    Chelynn is a professional sculptor and photographer as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner. She currently sees 5 clients a week at her Northampton, MA location. She teaches classes online, enjoys occasional photography gigs (weddings and location portraits) and makes gorgeous handmade copper shirodhara stands.

    We spoke with Chelynn last week to find out the 5 Ayurveda practices she does every day without fail. What impressed us the most was just how she pared down her self-care routine to keep up with her 8-month-old.


    My Daily Routine: Chelynn Tetreault

    Here’s her list of daily practices:

    1. Tongue Scraping

    According to Chelynn, tongue scraping is a super easy Ayurvedic practice that any busy working professional can quickly and easily integrate into their life. A tongue cleaner removes bacteria and ama from the mouth and assists in stimulating digestion and cleansing the digestive tract. One simple act, many benefits.

    2. Abhyanga

    A daily abhyanga or self-massage is nourishing and protecting for both mom and baby. Every day before bathing, Chelynn puts her daughter in a bouncy seat and enjoys some self-care. Abhyanga keeps the skin soft and the doshas in balance. Strong immunity is just one result.

    3. Warm Water In The Morning

    A glass of warm water in the morning is hydrating, cleansing and simple to do. Add a little lemon to gently wake the liver. Avoid cold water as it shocks and disrupts the digestive system and doshas.

    4. Fresh Foods Daily

    Chelynn made the intention to prepare fresh foods for her family on a daily basis. Confession: It actually doesn’t take long and gives a little extra physical activity.

    If you’re a stay-at-home parent, then cooking is definitely something you can do. Chelynn uses a carrier for her daughter while cooking to keep her safe and snug. She prepares simple meals with fresh foods – vegetables, whole grains, organic chicken, and just a few spices.

    5. Daily Exercise

    Chelynn keeps an active schedule with her little one in tow. Four times a week she does ten minutes of asana practice. Five days a week she runs pushing her daughter in a stroller. She also enjoys walking with her on the trails behind her house.

    Join Chelynn and Mary Thompson, CAS online Saturday, May 14th for Pregnancy Preparation & Postpartum Support For Mothers.

    Photos: Chelynn Tetreault
    Ayurveda Next Door receives affiliate commission from Banyan Botanicals.

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