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Mellow the Holiday Madness with Nutmeg

Mellow the Holiday Madness with Nutmeg

The Ayurveda Experience November 25, 2015

For some, just thinking about the holidays brings about stress.

I know for myself just the mere bombardment of ads, sales pitches , the push toward consumerism and to boot the traffic increase in the area are enough to make me want to retreat. Finding the simplicity within the holiday madness takes some self awareness and effort, like two wings of a bird!

First though, let’s celebrate Thanksgiving, which can be a beautiful entre’vous or doorway into the holiday season.

Giving thanks and experiencing gratitude holds the highest vibrational energy. When we are not living in the future or in the past we can seize the moment of gratitude.

It starts right at home. My husband and I left a gratitude list with each of our names on the dining room table, and each day we wrote down what we appreciate about each other.

It boosted and reminded us of how we love each other and why we have stayed connected for 32 years. You may try it yourself.  If you feel some resistance, all the more make the effort.

The essential oil of nutmeg can help mitigate or intercept some holiday challenges, which I feel is the best we can do.

Three Benefits of Nutmeg Essential Oil

  1. It reduces mental exhaustion and fatigue. Put 2 to 3 drops in some carrier oil, and apply it directly on adrenals (mid-back) before leaving the house.
  2. It aids digestion and reduces bloating and flatulence after a big meal. Apply 2 to 3 drops (in a carrier oil) on your stomach before or after a meal.
  3. Apply a few drops on the feet before bedtime for more restful sleep, which we need more of during busy times.

Remember, the sense of smell is the most powerful of the five senses according to Ayurveda. It affects the limbic part of the brain, which governs emotions and hormones. That’s enough to make a shift in how you feel right now, wherever you are!

And don’t forget to diffuse some in your home so that your guests can also benefit. It may even appease some of the more aggressive-thinking family members. Explore!


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