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  • How To Make Your Workspace Ergonomic

    How To Make Your Workspace Ergonomic

    The Ayurveda Experience January 26, 2017

    Sitting for 8 hours a day can take a toll on your overall health. “Sitting Disease” is a term coined by the scientific community and commonly used when referring to the chronic health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The best way to prevent sitting disease is well, standing, but for most of us an 8 hour work day at our desk does not permit that. Here are a list of ways you can make your workspace ergonomic and prevent the health impact sitting disease can have on your body.

    1. Posture.

    Pretend a string is holding up the top of of your head. Shoulders back and down, chest slightly raised, and butt at the back of the chair. Sit close to your desk with elbows in a 90 degree angle. Check that your knees are also in a 90 degree angle. Make desk and chair adjustments to support this position.

    2. Support.

    Get support for your back like Bhoga’s Got Your Back dome-like cushion that decreases compression, pain, and prevents poor posture alignment. It is the quintessential ergonomic piece that adds 90 degree support, giving your back the proper kind of support it needs.

    3. Check in.

    Constantly check in on your posture and alignment during the work day. Take your gaze off the screen for a few minutes. Sit up properly, take a few deep breaths, and push your bottom and back close to the chair. Feel free to add in a walk to get water or speak with a coworker.

    4. Adjust.

    Make adjustments to your desk and keyboard to ensure the screen is eye level, not too close but also so that your eyes are not straining. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and your body is in an upright position. The ideal placement is easily reaching your keyboard and mouse without much effort.

    Make your workspace ergonomic and your body will thank you. No more awkward positions or cramped up bones at the end of the workday. Allow the body to sit in its natural posture and receive the benefits of proper oxygen flow to easily move through your work day.

    Written by Miranda Aponte.
    Image: Unsplash.com


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