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  • Free Giveaway: Freida’s Pantry, Postpartum Nutrition Bars

    Free Giveaway: Freida’s Pantry, Postpartum Nutrition Bars

    The Ayurveda Experience November 04, 2016

    We’re super excited to share that Freida’s Pantry, a postpartum nutrition bar is now available in the U.S. Freida’s Pantry bars are inspired by Ayurvedic principles and formulated to meet the needs of new moms.

    “Freida’s Pantry was born from necessity after the difficult birth of my third son,” said Sharon Kaur, founder of Freida’s Pantry. “I quickly realized that a lot of moms were in need of a nutrient-rich, quick and easy option after giving birth, and I’m excited to share these traditional recipes with U.S. moms.”

    Freida’s Pantry uses high quality ingredients, no GMOs, no additives and no preservatives. Each bar retails for $2.60 and can also be purchased in a box of 12 for $31.20 from FreidasPantry.com and from Amazon Prime.

    Enter the giveaway below to win one box of 12 bars. The winner will select from one of three options.

    Freida’s Feeding Food
    Freida’s Supercharged Food (Maca + Chia)
    Freida’s Supercharged Food (Goji + Hint Of Fennel)

    About Freida’s Pantry

    Sharon Kaur founded Freida’s Pantry in February 2015 after a traumatic birth with her youngest child. While Sharon recovered in the hospital, her mother made her traditional bars from their native country of India – based on Ayurvedic principles – to encourage a speedy recovery and ensure that her daughter could breastfeed while getting the nutrients she needed.

    After experiencing great success in the United Kingdom, Freida’s Pantry entered the U.S. market in September 2016. For more information on Freida’s Pantry, please visit www.freidapantry.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    What People Are Saying

    Here’s what people are saying about Freida’s Pantry postpartum bars.

    “Our mums really find these bars help their milk.”

    Neighbour Midwives, UK Birth Centres

    “Your bars certainly do what it says on the wrapper. Definitely helped with my milk flow and I will recommend to my breastfeeding friends”

    Sarah G, Ireland

    “I had a very difficult labour and a few health issues after giving birth to my baby, as a result I was on a very limited diet of mostly fruit and veg so was only consuming 800-900 calories a day which is not enough for breastfeeding, however I was eating  Freida’s Feeding Food which helped with the additional calories and fibre as I needed to be on a high fibre diet and I didn’t have a problem with my milk supply. I think the bars definitely helped me.”

    SB, London

    Enter To Win

    This giveaway ends on Thursday, November 10 at 12am EST. Enter now!

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