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    The Ayurveda Experience February 07, 2016

    Modern View: Bone loss occurs without symptoms.

    • First sign may be a fracture due to weakened bones
    • A sudden strain or bump can break a bone

    Ayurvedic View: It is a peculiarity of Ayurveda that we can make early diagnosis and, this also means that we can gain maximum time to prevent further pathology.

    • Local pain in Bones
    • Lightness of bone
    • Fall of teeth, nails and hairs

    Let us consider some pre-symptoms:

    1. Lightness of bones
    2. Any symptoms of tooth that indicates degenerative changes like breakdown of teeth,
      sensitivity, cracked bones, knocked-out teeth in early age, etc
    3. Any symptoms of hair that indicate degenerative changes like fall & breakdown of hair, dryness, changing colour, splitting of hairs etc
    4. Changing shape of nails, reduced shining of nails, cracking of nails, etc
    5. Reduced growth of tooth, hair & nails
    6. Pain in legs due to walking or standing etc


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