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The Ayurveda Experience February 09, 2016

Modern Aspect:

Modern sciences relate the early onset of osteoporosis to these factors:
1.  Age
Family history/genetics
3.  Female sex
4.  Poor exercise
5.  Low body weight/anorexia
6.  Smoking
7.  Alcohol
8.  Low sun exposure
9.  Estrogen deficiency
10.  Testosterone deficiency
11.  Low calcium/vitamin D intake
12.  Hyperthyroidism
13.  Hyperparathyroidism
14.  Prednisolone use
15.  Liver and renal disease (think about vit d synthesis)
16.  Medications (antiepileptics, heparin)
17.  Malignancies (metastatic disease; multiple myeloma can present as osteopenia!)
18.  Hemiplegia s/p CVA/ immobility

Ayurvedic Aspect:

    1.   All causes due to which bones are not nourished or formed
    2.  Less diet containing Prithvi (Earth) and Aap (Water) Mahabhuta
    3.  Less physical activity
    4.  Less sweet diet
    5.  More consumption of fatty diet
    6.  Alcohol, (Alcohol increases fat deposition and less bone formation by Ayurvedic principle)

Causes due to which Vata Dosha are increased in body:

Age, Vata Dosha increasing diet, Insomnia or improper sleep, loss of sperm in sexual course, multiple sexual courses, Improper menstrual periods in women, (obstruction to flow increases Vata Dosha)

Differential Diagnosis:

  • It is very important to diagnose the patient.
  • According to Ayurveda every case of osteoporosis is not treated under the heading of osteoporosis.
  • So there is no unique protocol to cure.
  • We make our diagnosis according to etiology, symptoms and pathology.
  • Most of the time osteoporosis is associated with many other diseases or conditions like obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases, etc. So at that time line of treatment is changed and that is the reason why Ayurveda cure disease from its root.


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