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Charlene, 35, Relieved Of Neurological Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

Charlene, 35, Relieved Of Neurological Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

The Ayurveda Experience August 26, 2017

So I told you about Jeff, 65, who improved his Mild Cognitive Impairment, Leaky Gut and Leaky Brain with Ayurveda. I also told you about Barbara, 72, whose early onset Alzeimher’s and dementia was relieved after utilizing my method. Finally, I want to tell you about Charlene.

Charlene, 35, Relieved Of Neurological Autoimmune Disease

Charlene was only in her mid-30s when she started getting symptoms of severe brain dysfunction. She was unable to focus or concentrateat work, got tired easily while reading or using the computer, had severe brain fog, anxietywhich she had never felt before, and lost her motivation and drive. In fact, it became so bad that she had to go on disability because she couldn’t continue working.

She saw many specialists who did extensive testing, but couldn’t identify any particular disease or illness. They suggested anti-depressants but she knew that that wasn’t the main problem. She only felt depressed because her brain wasn’t working for her, and the symptoms of brain dysfunction were taking over her life. Finally, she came to me as a last resort. Her Ayurvedic work-up revealed severe imbalance in Vatadosha, resulting from her diet, lack of sleep and stressful lifestyle.

We began a strict Vata balancing diet and lifestyle program, with spices and herbs to help regulate her excess Vata. Her case was quite complex, because in addition to restoring Vata dosha, we had to address heavy metal toxicity from eating the wrong kind of fish and other causes. Food intolerancesincluding gluten sensitivity, key nutrient deficiencies that were affecting her neurotransmitter production, a hidden chronic infection from a virus that was difficult to diagnose, and neurological autoimmune diseasewhere her body was making anti-bodies against and attacking her own nervous system.

Now, these are all topics that I cover in my Brain Health course but the bottom line is that all of these factors had to be addressed with Charlene, in order to get her brain functioning optimally again.

After about six months of working with me, she reported that her brain fog was finally lifting, and at nine months she was able to return to work full-time. Because she had such extensive issues, it took one year of therapies and treatments to get her feeling completely normal. And the good news is that she’s back to working full-time, and has preserved her optimal brain functionnow for a number of years.


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