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Become Energized by Tapping into a Source of Long-Lasting Vitality!

Become Energized by Tapping into a Source of Long-Lasting Vitality!

The Ayurveda Experience January 14, 2017

Do you feel run down, exhausted and wiped out by the end of the day?

While a healthy, real food diet, non-toxic lifestyle choices, adequate sleep and a balanced exercise routine can all contribute to a healthy body and daily drive, there are further considerations for cultivating long-lasting vitality that carries you through life!

Our lives are so busy and filled with noise and distractions. Between racing to your next meeting, cleaning out your inbox, keeping up with social media and spending time with your family and friends, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. You may get caught up in a reactionary state, constantly chasing your to-do list yet never feeling truly satisfied.

The Sattvic Mind

Each moment you have a choice to create energy in your life with your thoughts, words and actions.

Are you passionate about what you do every day?

Each of us possesses unique talents which help us contribute to the world. When you are using these talents and are passionate about what you are doing, you are more engaged, energized and rejuvenated. You decide where and how to direct your energy, so it is crucial to be mindful of these choices.

Amongst the busyness of life, it is important to be able to slow down, find stillness and truly listen.

Whether through a consistent meditation practice, yoga or mindfulness in many aspects of life, you can learn to find a space where you can listen to your inner knowing. This empowers you to tap into authentic enthusiasm and cultivate vitality to create a life you truly love.

Living in this type of alignment also cultivates energy. When you live from a place of passionate enthusiasm, you cultivate a positive energy. Passion is energy. As you embrace who you really are instead of trying to be someone or something you are not, you tap into the natural flow of your life.

From this state of flow, you become more focused and experience greater joy and a more complete immersion into your life. The energy that you cultivate with this alignment does not wane with one bad day or from missing one yoga practice. Instead it gives you a sustained source of vigor which radiates out from you into the world.

The Sattvic Mind

The simple act of slowing down, quieting the mind and going inward can help you develop your ability to be present.

In turn, this can strengthen your connection to your authentic purpose and give you a clearer sense of passionate devotion. As you open up the space to hear and trust your inner guidance, you will naturally act in greater alignment with your true purpose. And in turn, you will create positivity, passion, creativity, flow and ease in your life!

What are you passionate about? What ignites your true vitality?


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