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Ayurvedic Psychological Pressure Remedy

Ayurvedic Psychological Pressure Remedy

The Ayurveda Experience May 24, 2016

Ayurvedic Psychological Pressure Remedy

With the increase of neurological and psychological pressure and the constant responsibilities to fulfil, we all need to get rid of psychological tensions. These pressures often lead to the fragmentation of the mind and constant straying, which affect the course of our daily lives.

Treatment methods have varied for psychological pressure, mental dispersion, and nerve diseases with the development of science and medicine as well as the development of sedative and anti-depressant drugs. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian system of medicine, has won great recognition for its ability to heal psychological diseases and started a new spiritual therapy revolution.

How Ayurvedic medicine works?

Ayurvedic science supports the theory of the  five great elements of the universe (earth, fire, water, air, space). It also depends on the seven basic components of the body (blood, muscle, fat, bone, marrow, plasma, nerve). According to the rules of Ayurvedic medicine, all of the previous components must be balanced in order to stabilize the psychological state and keeping our vitality fresh.

Ayurvedic Psychological Pressure Remedy:

This recipe relies on herbal medicine primarily and consists of natural oils, a prefect psychological pressure remedy.

  1. Heat a little bit of coconut oil, sesame oil or almond oil. Add a few drops of lavender oil. Pour the mixture in a glass cup that has a pierced lid.
  2. Lay down on a couch, or bed, and place your head at the edge. Draw your hair back away from your forehead and close your eyes.
  3. Let one of your family members, or friends, pour the oil slowly while massaging the entire forehead. Do not worry about oil incursion into the hair, because it will only make it stronger and healthier*.

Apply this magic recipe from 20 – 30 minutes and you’ll be surprised with the psychological impact on your nerves and mood. Enjoy a pure mind and high concentration using only natural elements that can balance our fast paced environments.

That’s it!

Hope this psychological pressure remedy zaps nervousness and stress for you

What are some specific conditions you guys would like to read about in the near future?

*Ayurveda Tip- the best way to wash the oil out of your hair is to shampoo dry, this breaks down the oils quickly. Then rinse under water, follow with a second shampoo if necessary. Ideally one leaves the oil in the hair for a bit to soak in and tend to dry or brittle ends.



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