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  • Ayurvedic Oil Massage for Busy People

    No time to do a full body massage? Check out this easy Ayurvedic massage technique, that takes just 1-2 minutes!

    The Ayurveda Experience January 18, 2017

    “Oil Massage for Busy People?!” Yessssss.  

    Great. Now, raise your hands if you are thinking, “Yeah awesome for the people who have time for luxury but pssshhht, there’s no WAY I can do that daily! I’m so busy!  

    And that’s why our Ayurvedic practitioners have carefully put together a few tips, here, that gives you a chance to experience this luxurious spa-like session that you can easily squeeze into your tight schedules too! 


    • For Vata type skin (dry, delicate and thin in texture) - Use a rich, intensely moisturizing oil like iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster, which also brings in its signature effect of strengthening and fortifying your skin barrier with intensely hydrating effects. 
    • For Pitta type skin (fair, usually sensitive skin that flares up easily) - Use a cooling, soothing and calming oil like iYURA Sandalumi Sensitive Skin Sheath, that pacifies sensitive skin, soothes bumpy or blemished-looking skin and allows your tender skin to rest easy. 
    • For Kapha type skin (oily, thick in texture and usually dull-looking) - Use an oil that energizes Kapha’s inherent lethargy for a rejuvenative feel like iYURA Ashwaro Body Oleator, that’s enriched with Ashwagandha, the Ayurvedic herb for strengthening the body and for enhancing stamina. 


    • 1 small plastic squeezy bottle. Like a travel-size shampoo bottle or a mini ketchup bottle with a tiny cap 
    • 1 towel you don’t care about 

      HERE WE GO… 

      1. Put your oil in the squeezy bottle.
      2. Keep the oil in the bathroom near your shower.

        3. Stand on a spare towel that you wouldn’t mind getting soiled. (We recommend that you keep aside an old one specifically for these quick massage sessions). 
        4. Apply the oil from toe to head. Remember that you’re aiming for absorption, not an oil slick, but also to not tug on the skin. It should take about three minutes. 

      Start with your feet and legs. Use long strokes on the bones with some pressure up toward the heart, then go back down with less pressure, then back UP toward the heart. 

      Clockwise circles around the joints. Clockwise circles around the belly and bellybutton with some pressure. Don’t forget your booty. 

      Get your back the best you can, upward toward the shoulders. Long strokes on arms up and toward the heart/shoulders. Get hands starting from the base and clockwise again around joints. Upwards on the neck. And don’t forget your face. 

      1. Get in a nice warm (not scalding*) shower. Wash your hair (optional), pits, bits and feet. Don’t scrub anything!
      2. Get out and DAB yourself off. The oil will be absorbed into your skin, leaving it super soft!

      The takeaway. 

      Abhyanga sessions are supposed to make you feel really smooth and warm, and you’ll be calm in the mind! It will set the tone for your whole day, we promise! Even if you are super busy, you will really benefit from this simple practice, as it tells our entire being that we CARE enough to nourish it, daily. Try it for a week, this holiday season, and we bet you’ll LOVE it so much that you’ll continue all through the years to come! 

      *Scalding water is very drying to the skin. 

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