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  • 3 Ayurvedic Tips To Process Grief + Heart Healing Tea Recipe

    3 Ayurvedic Tips To Process Grief + Heart Healing Tea Recipe

    The Ayurveda Experience June 27, 2017

    We will all go through many losses in our lifetime — from the loss of a relationship, a beloved pet or a job, to the loss of a loved one or to a life you once knew due to financial changes or declining health.

    How we move through these life events depends on how we process grief. Grief is a natural response to major loss that has shaken our core and leaves us feeling sad, depressed or lonely.

    The Sattvic Mind

    What I learned about my own healing process is that healing occurs in the present. The present is where you can access your future again. At each step of the way, all you have to do is be here now.

    Supportive Practices To Process Grief

    1. Receive help from plants and nature.

    They’re here to support your wellbeing. Spend a lot of time in nature. Even a simple herbal tea inspires us to be in the present and if we’re aware, shares messages of comfort.

    2. Make time for self-care.

    Practice daily abhyanga, an act of self-nurturing with a warm oil massage. Keep life simple. Prepare 2-3 ingredient meals and establish yourself in a steady daily routine. Since grief disrupts your inner core, re-establish a routine to ground your energies and calm your nervous system.

    3. Talk about it.

    Talk to a caring friend who understands and listens to your story. Or seek outside support. Share you story. The energy is trying to get out and free itself. You can also write. This wakes up and releases emotions. Feel it and let the tears or anger express itself; you’re moving through the grief.

    The Sattvic Mind

    To soothe and strengthen the heart, make this delicious, heart-warming tea.

    Heart Healing Tea

    1 tsp hawthorn berries
    1/4 tsp red rose petals or Rose Petal Spread
    1/4 tsp motherwort
    1/4 tsp chamomile

    Place all herbs into a tea ball or cloth tea bag. Cover with hot water. Let steep 5 minutes. This medicinal dosage makes an average sized teapot, soothes the heart and calms the nerves.


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