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  • In Nepal, An Ayurvedic Practitioner Seeks Support

    In Nepal, An Ayurvedic Practitioner Seeks Support

    We came across this heartfelt message on Facebook. Kay (Savita) Brownfield, director of the non-profit The Growing Edge circulated a letter seeking support for earthquake survivors in Nepal.

    The Growing Edge financially supports the Devi Ma Kunja Ayurveda Hospital in Sidapole, Nepal (pictured right). The hospital is operated by a selfless Nepalese Ayurvedic Doctor Savita Shrestha, MD (Ayurveda).

    In Nepal, An Ayurvedic Practitioner Seeks Support

    Dr. Shrestha is a compassionate, dedicated, and experienced Ayurvedic physician known internationally as a ‘mother of Ayurveda’. Her work in Nepal is moving, to say the least.

    She has received numerous prestigious awards for outstanding service and is renowned as Nepal’s first Ayurvedic OB/GYN, specializing in Ayurvedic women’s healthcare.

    The status of her clinics is unknown. Dr. Shrestha seeks monetary donations for medicines and relief for the earthquake survivors.

    Here’s Kay (Savita) Brownfield’s letter.

    Dear Friends of Sarita Shrestha, MD Ayurveda

    On behalf of Dr. Shrestha, I want to first thank everyone for the immense love and support expressed for her personally, and for her beloved ancient city and country, as the Nepalese population now faces the deep and painful challenges in their recovery from such a devastating earthquake.

    Sarita’s heart is full of both grief and gratitude. A week prior to her arrival at MMC last Wednesday (2 days before the quake), she was in rural villages giving healthcare to 300 villagers a day, in the very area at the epicenter of the 7.9 quakes. You cannot imagine how this feels for her to know those villages have likely been completely destroyed. And, we do not yet know if her other clinics are still standing.

    The Growing Edge is a 501(C)3 California non-profit organization I founded in 1993. We have been supporting her work and clinics since 2000. One hundred percent of the funds that we raise from her programs in the US go directly to The Devi Ma Kunja, her NGO in Nepal. Those funds have been supporting her clinics in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, the development of a small rural out-patient hospital in Sipadole, and the many “health camps” in a variety of rural villages she continues to trek into each year. Without these funds, she would be unable to do 70% of what she does!

    The Growing Edge is mobilizing an effort to raise whatever money we can for her to take back to Nepal, as soon as she is able, to help with medicines and relief for survivors of the quake. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

    If you are able, please be generous. Though all the major aid agencies are also mobilizing funds to help, she will personally and directly oversee whatever money we can raise and be able to determine how best it can be utilized. Right now, money for medicines and food is most on her mind.

    We can use other kinds of help too! Please pass this message along to the many others whom you know care and appreciate Dr. Shrestha’s contribution to the Mount Madonna and Bay area communities as well as the Ayurveda community around the world. We are a hands-on, low-tech organization and appreciate all the support you can offer.

    Checks must be made out to The Growing Edge and are fully tax refundable with a receipt.
    100% of donations go to Devi Ma Kunja to help support earthquake survivors.

    Please mail to:
    The Growing Edge
    445 Summit Road
    Watsonville, CA 95076

    With deepest gratitude,
    Kay (Savita) Brownfield
    Director, The Growing Edge

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