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  • How I Got Into Ayurveda #MyAyurvedaExperience

    How I Got Into Ayurveda #MyAyurvedaExperience

    How did you find and fall in love with Ayurveda? When and where did it all make sense to you? These are the questions we ask each other when we meet like-minded Ayurveda lovers from around the world. We know how deeply meaningful and individual the Ayurveda Experience is, because it’s been just that for us too- life changing and profound.

    So we compiled these Ayurveda experiences from our growing community of students, health counselors and practitioners who wanted to share ‘how I got into Ayurveda’. Would you like to share yours? Leave a comment below or send a 300-word submission to jennifer@TheAyurvedaExperience.com.

    How I Got Into Ayurveda: Asya

    Asya Aruna Rachitsky

    I got into Ayurveda when I was 19. I joined the work/study karma yoga program at the Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz. I was amazed that people contextualized each other’s personalities based on doshas. For example if someone was angry they might liken that to being in the sun too much. I felt loved and forgiven in deep ways to include awareness of nature in my personality.  I also felt more in control of my actions – to eat cooling foods if i’m too heated.

    I’ve been an intern at the Ayurvedic College for Wellbeing. I fell in love with my connection to nature and the realization that no one person has all the answers for me.

    Name: Asya Aruna Rachitsky
    Hometown: Los Angeles
    School: Ayurvedic College for Wellbeing, 2018

    How I Got Into Ayurveda: Christian

    Christian de Mattia

    Sometimes things come into your life without even planning. My friend Antonio, who lives in Spain and is an Ayurveda practitioner, introduced me to this fascinating world. I always say that he was like my “light house” to lead the way. I don’t know why he decided to give me a book while I was in Madrid. It was called “Ayurveda and Marma Therapy”. From that moment on I have changed. I read it, even though everything was so foreign to me, and I remembered half of the strange words (Sanskrit) that I read, even less than half I could say. I was in love with the fascinating world that finally made sense to me. After that I wanted to learn more.

    Time went by and my dear friend Yelitza who is an oncologist in Puerto Rico, told me that she started an Ayurveda class with my professor Dr. Light Miller. It was too late for me to register at that moment and with all my work schedule was impossible to do it. But I really wanted to do it.

    The following year Dr. Light moved to Puerto Rico, and I was able to start my classes. Things are not the same for me and my world around me. I thank Ayurveda for making me feel fulfilled in this world and also make me understand how things work from the inside out.

    My life is not the same thanks to Antonio. He saw in me someone who could be part of this fascinating world of Ayurveda. He is still my mentor and guide whenever I have questions and always gives me advice on how to do things for my practice.

    Name: Cristian De Mattia
    Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    School: Ayurvedic Center for Wellbeing, 2017

    How I Got Into Ayurveda: Marissa

    Marissa Mele, How I Got Into Ayurveda

    I began practicing yoga at the age of 13. After that first class, I was hooked. At 15, I began Yoga Teacher Training where I was first introduced to Ayurveda.

    Throughout my life there were moments that I should have turned to Ayurveda for healing; however, it wasn’t until I visited Sedona, Arizona that I finally heeded the call. The healing energy of the Red Rocks inspired me to begin to study Ayurveda. As I read my first Ayurveda book, a lightbulb went off. Everything I read made so much sense. I was hooked. I started shopping at Indian markets to find ingredients like jaggary, daal, and ghee. I began making my own massage oils and ubtans. I read every book I could find. I felt as if I had found my Dharma, my life’s purpose. I wanted to learn everything I could and to share that knowledge with others.

    The next step on my Ayurvedic journey took me to the Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island for a certification program in Ayurvedic Body Therapies like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana and Nasya. I was also taught how to assess Prakruti and Vikruti; how to formulate oils; and the daily rituals of Dinacharya.

    When I returned home, I created a sattvic space for my Ayurvedic treatments and started my next training. I completed my Ayurvedic Health Counselor certification in December 2016 at the Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Dr. Lina Thakar.

    Once I met Dr. Lina, I knew she was supposed to be my mentor. I knew Dhanvantari brought us together. As I am building my own Ayurveda business, Five Prana, I know I am apart of the lineage of this ancient and healing science. I know the wisdom of Ayurveda works through me to create healing in my clients.

    Name: Marissa Mele
    Location: Cleveland, OH
    School: Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute, 2016

    Would you like to share your Ayurveda experience? Leave a comment below or send a 300-word submission to jennifer@TheAyurvedaExperience.com.




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