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    A course to learn Ayurvedic and Tibetan Protocols that make for a unique, unheard-of "Psycho-Spiritual" Massage experience!

    About the Course

    Experience an Unparalleled Journey into a Peaceful and Profoundly Deep State of Relaxed Awareness through this mind-clearing and awakening process that has become a standard in many spas and among individual therapists throughout the world!

    Learn Ayurvedic and Tibetan Protocols that make for a unique, unheard-of "Psycho-Spiritual" Massage experience

    Imagine if you could:

    • Offer Ayurveda’s most sought-after treatment in the Spa and Beauty Industry
    • 'Defrag' the mind, create more space for peace and creativity
    • Reduce stress caused by nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue
    • Balance all the subtle energies and the doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha- of the body
    • Help body and mind discover the healing it needs by systematic mental purification
    • Achieve a peaceful and profoundly deep state of relaxed awareness
    • Synchronize and slow brain waves, making them more coherent
    • Balance Vata dosha in the mind

    Incredible, wouldn't that be? Ayurveda gifts you all these benefits in the form of one procedure- the divine treatment of Shirodhara.

    What is Shirodhara?
    In Sanskrit, the ancient vibrational language that is used in all the root texts of Ayurveda, SHIRO refers to the head and DHARA refers to the idea of a fine continuous stream.
    So a warm liquid flows from a vessel onto the forehead of the recipient, through their hair and into a catching bowl on the floor.

    Of all the body treatments offered in Ayurveda, both, the Spa and Beauty industries as well as the general public is especially fascinated by Shirodhara.

    Shirodhara is a very profound treatment. If you are familiar with chakras, it is, in fact, a chakra treatment, which means it has a powerful impact on our mind and emotions.

    Tibetan physicians classify Shirodhara as a “psycho-spiritual” massage.

    Serious meditators and yogis use shirodhara to prepare their minds for entering into retreats. Shirodhara is for everyone, though. In modern, techy language for the average spa goer, we say that Shirodhara “defrags” the mind. It sorts out all the boxes, puts them in a better order and creates more space for creativity and peace.

    Tibetan Shirodhara goes a step further and combines four Tibetan massage protocols (including Shirodhara) in a seamless rhythm, with each step being a stand-alone process which, when combined, yields amazing results. Designed to help balance all the subtle energies of the body or doshas as they are known in Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the process crescendos into the actual Shirodhara technique.

    From their experience and training in the bodywork methods of Tibetan Ayurveda, Melanie and Robert have formulated this profoundly relaxing, yet mind-clearing and awakening process that has become a standard in many spas and with individual therapists throughout the world. Melanie and Robert have offered this specific protocol for 20 years in their practice and have seen many wonderful results. And now, they're sharing it with you - so you can share your newfound skills and knowledge with the world.

    Especially beneficial for licensed massage therapists, estheticians, spa owners, and any health care professionals, this course will teach you how to practice this unique Tibetan Shirodhara protocol with your clients.

    The four-part treatment sequence, making this therapeutic treatment so special, includes:

    1. Psychological Stress Sequence: Involves the gentle anointing of twelve marmas (vital energy points) with essential oils to calm the mind and help relax

    2. Abdominal Massage: Redirects Vata dosha back to its seat in the colon

    3. Tibetan Eye Treatment: Contrary to what the name indicates, the primary place of action in this treatment is the feet – yet surprisingly, the eyes feel amazingly bright, clear, and well hydrated afterward, helping direct even more Vata energy from the head

    4. Shirodhara: A continuous fine stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead for 10-20 minutes. The touch of the oil opens marmas on the head that allows the body to sink into a deep relaxation

    Melanie and Robert will teach you each of these steps in detail in their newest course: Tibetan Shirodhara.

    Here’s a list of benefits that you gain from this program:

    • An opportunity to be not just a Shirodhara therapist but an expert
    • An opportunity to Fast-track your career as a therapist or practitioner
    • An opportunity to Boost your List of Gratified Clients
    • An opportunity to learn and practice Risk-free, Reliable, Completely Natural Healing Therapy
    • An opportunity to ‘Heal’ the community

    In Melanie's words,

    "From our experience and training in the bodywork methods of Tibetan Ayurveda, we formulated a profoundly relaxing, yet mind-clearing and awakening process that has become a standard in many spas and individual therapists throughout the world. Tibetan Shirodhara, like all our treatments, is a modular sequence, with each portion being a stand-alone process which, when combined, yields amazing results. "

    By ordering the program now, you get to 3 Bonus videos with 3 Highly Powerful Techniques asbolutely FREE!

    These videos will help you enhance the effects of Shirodhara and ensure a gratified clientele. The state of tranquility experienced by your clients would surely have them appreciating your expertise and revisiting you for further healing. The techniques taught in this video will help you not only achieve the best possible results with Shirodhara but also improve your overall proficiency as a therapist. Taught in a very simple, interesting manner, these Bonus video tutorials have Robert Sachs familiarizing you with some of the most fundamental but extremely significant part of a therapy.

    Bonus 1: Points of Diagnosis

    To proficiently treat and heal your clients and provide them with immediate relief from any discomfort, you need to customize your treatment.

    Bonus 2: Hand Exercises

    Your hands contain all the 5 elements and act as your primary instrument when you give those rejuvenating massages to your clients. However, incorrect use of your hands can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and threaten to cut short your career as a successful therapist. Even otherwise, if you have a job that entails long hours of typing or often complain of overworked hands and need to find a surefire fix to avoid that crippling hand pain, this video tutorial will surely benefit you.

    Bonus 3: Candle Gazing

    As mentioned earlier, ‘Shirodhara’ is also known as psycho-spiritual massage in Tibetan medicine. As a practitioner, you can lead your clients into a deep, meditative state, allowing their minds to be freer and more relaxed. However, to be able to do so successfully, YOU need to have a focused mind. The ancient meditation practice of Trataka taught in this video will help you to keep your eyes focused on the stream of oil when practicing Shirodhara and achieve a calm, focused state of mind to ensure optimum results.

    ADDITIONAL BONUS: Shirodhara Information and Advice Sheet

    Shirodhara is an unusual treatment so it is particularly important that your client knows more about what to expect and is fully aware of precautions and contra-indications. Be sure to get a signature. Melanie and Robert have had several clients thank them for being so diligent when afterward they indeed had a hard time finding words for how they felt.

    Are you ready to revitalize your health and well-being with full relaxation?

    Begin your journey on this path today!

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    About the Authors

    Melanie Sachs

    Melanie is internationally recognized as one of the most prominent authorites for the application of Ayurveda to the beauty world. Her articles have been featured in a number of nationally syndicated magazines, including Skin, Inc., Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, and Natural Health and is also the co-author of the only, best selling course on Kansa: Ayurveda's Best Kept Healing and Beauty Secret - a phenomenon that has now reached and spread awareness to over 11 Million people with our efforts.

    A certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Melanie Sachs' skill as a teacher and therapist have made her sought after by some of the world's leading spas and beauty schools.

    She has been a featured presenter at the International Esthetics and Cosmetics Conference in Las Vegas, The International Congress of Esthetics in Miami and Long Beach, the Face and Body Show in the California Bay Area. She is and has been a featured teacher and consultant for noted organizations like The Chopra Center, the Greenhouse Group, and The International Dermal Institute worldwide. Both Melanie and her husband Robert are also featured instructors at the Mahindra Institute and Primavera Life in Germany.

    Although Ayurvedic knowledge is at least 5000 years old, Ayurveda's principles and practical body care techniques still offer deep-reaching solutions to some of the most common present day problems. Melanie has developed many of these unique techniques into successful spa services that her students often say are just as soothing and healing to give as to receive. Melanie is committed to promoting these treatments in a manner that is in keeping with tradition, yet at the same time, being well-matched to modern needs and spa treatment settings.

    Robert Sachs

    Robert Sachs is a licensed Clinical Social Worker (Unversity of Kentucky), a certified LifeLine Practitioner, a licensed Massage Therapist (Central Ohio School of Massage) and an author, with a Masters in Social Work. Robert has long been a student of Tibetan Buddhist masters and is now an expert on a study of Asian healing systems. Robert is the co-author of the only, best selling course on Kansa: Ayurveda's Best Kept Healing and Beauty Secret - a phenomenon that has now reached and spread awareness to over 11 Million people with our efforts.


    • is also a guest instructor for the Chopra Center for Well-Being in San Diego and a lecturer in Tibetan Medicine for the Sino-American Rehabilitation Association College in Los Angeles
    • continues to study the practical preventative health care aspects of Tibetan medicine under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist master, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche
    • studied Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and Rex Lassalle at the Kushi Institute and completed Shiatsu training with Rex Lassalle
    • became certified as a Hatha Yoga instructor with the All India Board and Inner London Education Authority in 1978
    • has also been trained as a Mental Health Counselor with the Richmond Fellowship
    • was instrumental in starting the Community Health Foundation’s "Growing Family Center" in London.

    For the last thirty-five years, Robert has worked with physicians, clinics, hospitals, and private individuals and organizations teaching stress management and preventive health care. He is sought after as a lecturer at holistic health care conferences nationally and has hosted his own talk radio show. He has written numerous articles for national and international health magazines and 7 books, all focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


    Course Contents

    Part 1

    Module 1: Introduction

    • What is Tibetan Shirodhara?
    • What does Shirodhara mean? Find out how this mind-clearing and awakening process of ‘Shirodhara’ got its name.
    • Discover the benefits that Shirodhara offers to the receiver

    Module 2: Shirodhara Expanded

    • What types of liquid to use and when True, warm oil is most commonly used when offering Shirodhara. Discover a couple more alternatives
    • The different types of oil that can be used for Shirodhara and the significance of each type
    • What is the ideal duration of oil flow? The duration of oil flow in a spa setting can differ from that in a traditional therapeutic setting. However, did you know that people with active minds seem to make the oil move faster, and more placid individuals experience a longer, slower experience?
    • In what sort of patterns does the oil flow? There’s so much more you can do with the stream by moving it and playing it over different points. Learn more about different patterns – besides the most common one that has the stream of oil playing on the ‘third eye’ area.
    • How does Shirodhara benefit the receiver?
    • How to correctly describe Shirodhara to friends or potential clients. Based on your clientele, learn ways of describing Shirodhara for your spa menu or for explaining it to friends and potential clients.
    • Whom does Shirodhara suit best? Who should have this wonderful treatment and what are the circumstances in which this treatment can be particularly beneficial?
    • What precautions to take and what contra-indications to consider when practicing Shirodhara

    Module 3: Tibetan Shirodhara

    • Get to know about the signature treatment of Tibetan Shirodhara
    • Discover what exactly is ‘Tibetan’ about this form of Shirodhara
    • The First Preliminary Step: Shirodhara Information and Advice Sheet (Shirodhara is an unusual treatment so it is particularly important that your client knows more about what to expect and is fully aware of precautions and contraindications).

    Module 4: Tibetan Shirodhara Explained

    • Learn in detail about the Second Preliminary step
    • Discover the components of the Four-Part Sequence that make this Tibetan Shirodhara protocol
    • What outer environmental factors to consider when offering Shirodhara (in terms of the room, lighting, candles, sound system and music)
    • What kind of personal environment to maintain when offering Shirodhara. Shirodhara is a highly specialized form of treatment - learn about the requisites that need to be considered before starting this treatment

    Module 5: Shirodhara - The Practice

    • How to prepare the treatment space Learn how to correctly position and organize essential things including the sheets, towels, lights, etc. before the treatment starts.
    • How to prepare oil and equipment to ensure best results
    • How to make the receiver aware in detail about the treatment process beforehand
    • How to determine the three diagnostic points Understanding the ‘Vikruti’ or the current imbalanced state of the receiver is very important deliver optimum results. Learn the right technique to determine the Vikruti of the receiver.
    • How to offer the Four-Part Sequence Learn how to efficiently offer Psychological Stress Sequence, Abdominal Massage, Tibetan Eye Treatment and Shirodhara
    • How to customize the stream based on the dosha – Vata/Pitta/Kapha - of the receiver.

    Module 6: The When, What and How of Shirodhara

    • What part of the treatment should Shirodhara be practiced in?
    • How often should one receive Shirodhara?
    • Quantity of oil to use for one treatment
    • Ideal temperature of the oil
    • The important Do's and Don’ts of heating the oil
    • Disposing of the used oil Oil is considered an environmental pollutant, so you can't pour it down the drain or toilet. Discover more sensible, eco-friendly ways to dispose of the used oil.

    Module 7: Types of Equipment

    • Get to know about the specific equipment and products used
    • Learn about the different types of Shirodhara systems - Electrical and Non-electrical
    • Discover the pros and cons of the two types of Shirodhara systems
    • Learn about the factors to consider when choosing the right system
    • Know the different types of pots that can be used for offering Shirodhara to people with different doshas

    Module 8: Nadi Swedan

    • Applying steam to particular parts of the body
    • Position and height of the steamer
    • Nadi Swedan as part of detoxification

    Module 9: Conclusion

    Shirodhara tends to engage one’s physiology, emotions and psyche in a very holistic way to produce a myriad of health benefits. Watch Melanie and Robert Sachs share their wisdom while summing up the remarkable effects of Shirodhara.