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  • Sattvic Mind - Ayurvedic Secret to Mental Health & Emotional Bliss

    An Ayurvedic self-improvement model designed to help you achieve a strong sense of self and complete peace of mind - the essentials to aptly respond to your modern day life's stress and negativity with equanimity!


    The Ayurvedic Secret to Mental Health & Emotional Bliss - The Sattvic Mind is an Ayurvedic self-improvement model designed to help you achieve a strong sense of self and complete peace of mind - the essentials to aptly respond to your modern day life's stress and negativity with equanimity.

    This course will show you practical, actionable plans for your modern day life, how to identify your Red Light, Yellow Light and Green light behaviors and arrest dangerous behaviors at the nascent stage itself. You will learn day-to-day techniques designed to help you cope with the particular stresses of modern living – like learning how to say “no” more often at work or even planning fun – yes, planning fun - to build a buffer against anxiety. This course is full of targeted tricks that are deceptively simple, but can potentially change the way you live! 


    Evolved and holistic, Ayurveda tells us the mind is an infinite, complex organism, which is bound with our bodies, actions and behaviors. Every thought impacts our body. And every bodily action echoes in the mind.  But understanding the mind-body connect is just one-half of the equation, the other is using this connect to rewire neural pathways! In other words, change our physical, emotional and mental habits to become truly, kinetically healthy. 

    To help you find this model of health and well-being, the Ayurveda Experience is proud to bring to you a unique, exciting course: The Ayurvedic Secret to Mental Health & Emotional Bliss - The Sattvic Mind

    Through this course, you will understand the complex Ayurvedic model of the mind in a fun, relatable format and how to apply that knowledge to change your habits and your life in the NOW. From the critical and little-known importance of the environment in which you partake food, spices and herbs to balance your energies, the right breathing exercises and meditation techniques for your particular emotional issues, to the detailed management of extremely common conditions like depression and ADHD, this course covers a wide range of topics that can transform your life!

    Here's your takeaway - among many more things, you will learn:

    • How to stay calm even through life-altering events such as loss of livelihood, divorce or caring for an elderly parent 
    • How to naturally amplify levels of happy hormones such as dopamine 
    • How to rewire your brain with techniques that replace negative thoughts and habits with positive counterparts 
    • A stepwise management of conditions like depression, lethargy and ADHD 
    • Unearth the doshic imbalances driving your emotional issues 
    • Why you persist with negative behaviors despite knowing that they are harmful 
    • How to boost your immunity to seasonal illnesses and viral infections by strengthening the body’s stress response 
    • Recipes to balance your doshas 
    • And so, so much more!

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      Mary Thompson, C.A.S., P.K.S

      A founding member and former Secretary of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, Mary graduated from the first graduating class of the California College of Ayurveda in 1997 and now is a senior teacher there.

      She is a Certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist and has also studied in India in 1999 at the International Academy of Ayurveda, spending time on field trips to Ayurvedic schools, clinics, and hospitals.

      In 2008, she received the Charaka Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching and was given the title "Ayurvedacharya" (respected teacher of Ayurveda).

      Before finding Ayurveda, Mary was an elementary school teacher and a child-care director. As a child-care director for school-aged children, she was concerned about the rate of diagnosis of ADD/ADHD among this population. One program that she worked with had about 10% of the children on medication for ADD/ADHD. She thought that medicating this age group was a frightening trend. When she looked at their lives and into their lunchboxes, she thought that there had to be a solution in diet and lifestyle, but didn’t know exactly what that solution was.

      This is what initially spurred her into the study of Ayurveda with the intention of working with this population. Mary saw this condition as being a family condition, as everyone in the family was stressed and trying to manage their stresses with a typical American diet. She felt that Ayurveda would give her a greater insight into the cause of this imbalance and a template for its treatment. 

      In this course, Mary explains in-depth how to help ADHD/ADD with Ayurveda.

        1. Content Overview 

        2. How Ayurveda Defines Health 

        • 2.1. The Subtler Aspects of Physical Health 
        • 2.2. Why Yogis Say Mental Health Is the Key to Wellness 
        • 2.3. What Exactly Do We Experience When We Are Not Experiencing Mental Health? 
        • 2.4. How Straying From the Present Aggravates Emotionally Unhealthy Behaviors 
        • 2.5. Strategic Use of Timely, Conscious Action to Counter Anxiety 
        • 2.6. The Big Picture That Western Psychology Misses Versus An Ayurvedic Approach 

        3. Uncovering Why Your Mind Displays Particular Patterns 

        • Discover Your Unconscious State of Mind Through Techniques Such As: 
        • Detached Observation 
        • The Tally Sheet Method 
        • Tell-tale Signs in Body and Breath 

        4. Learn the Dosha Or Element – Vata, Pitta Or Kapha - Driving Your Unconscious Triggers 

        • 4.1. Discover Crucial Linkages Such As What Your Anxiety Has To Do With Vata 
        • 4.2. How A Pitta Imbalance In The Mind Manifests 
        • 4.3. What Is Your State Of Depression Telling You About the Balance Of Your Kapha And the Answer To More Such Interesting Connections 

        5. Where’s Your Mind at Today? 

        • 5.1. Identify If Your Mind Is In A Sattvic, Rajasic Or Tamasic State, And What That Means For Your Healing 
        • Learn How Your Doshas Interact With Your Current State Of Mind

        6. Identify Your Negative Patterns 

        • 6.1. What Are “Crimes Against Wisdom” And Why We Commit Them Every Day 
        • Unearth Why You Keep Up With Habits Such As Smoking Even When You Know They Are Bad For You 
        • How To Mute “Negative Self-Talk”, One Of The Biggest Roadblocks To Mental Health 

        7. You Matter: Why You Need To Commit To Self-Care Today 

        • Begin Self-Care By Bringing Balance To Your Body 
        • Apply Ayurveda’s Fascinating Three-Body Model To Pacifying Your System 
        • The Doshas In The Body – Explore Your Unique Physiology 

        8. Tools To Generate Health 

        • 8.1. Balance Your Physiology through Tips For Eating, Sleeping And Even Working Right
        • 8.2. Why The Breath Or Prana Is A Bridge Between Body And Mind 
        • 8.3. Why Self-Awareness Is The Springboard To Change 
        • Habits To Generate “Quiet-Time” For Self-Awareness 
        • 8.4. Cultivating Sattwa Or Mental Clarity 
        • 8.5. Learn The Importance Of Staying In The Present

        9. Discover The Practical Steps That Can Help You Balance Body, Breath And Mind  

        • 9.1. Why Yogis Say Eating Right Is Over Half The Battle Won 
        • What the Ancient, Wise Medical Text The Charak Samhita Tells Us On Guidelines For Healthy Eating 
        • The Crucial Reason Eating A Big Mac Consciously Is Better Than Eating Quinoa Without Awareness! 
        • How Your Food Choices Impact Mental Health 
        • Learn How To Eat Food To Calm The Senses 
        • Unearth Hidden Links Between The Way You Chew Your Food And Your Depression! 
        • How To Sync Your Food Habits With The Seasons 
        • 9.2. Why Rishis Considered Sleep to Be One Of the Pillars Of Good Health 
        • An Actionable, Stepwise Plan to Solve Your Insomnia And Sleep Apnea 
        • Learn The Tools For The Right Sleep Hygiene And Discipline According To Your Dosha 
        • How To Calm Brain Wave Patterns So You Don’t Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night 
        • 9.3. The Tie In Of Energy, Sexuality And Mental Health 
        • What Conventional Medicine Never Told You: Why A Channelized Sexuality Or “Brahmacharya” Is Vital To Mental Health 
        • Discover Routines and Habits That Channelize Powerful Sexual Energy Positively 
        • 9.4. How To Build An Optimal Daily Schedule To Unblock Your Energy 
        • Planning The Correct Dinacharya Or Daily Routine To Conserve Energy 
        • Learn Effective Time-Management For Eating, Sleeping, Working, Sex And More 
        • Tips and Tricks to Sync Your Dinacharya with Your Dominant Dosha 
        • 9.5. A Primer on Exercising Right To Decongest Dhatus Or Tissues And Get the Lymph Flowing 

        10. Why Rishis Insist You Must Take Control Of the Breath To Take Control Of the Body  

        • 10.1. How To Use Your Abdominal Muscles For Optimal Breathing 
        • 10.2. How To Take Your Pulse To Calm Your Breath And Cope With Anxiety 

        11. How To Bring Balance To The Mind, Through Invaluable Tools Like 

        • 11.1. Stream Of Consciousness Journaling 
        • 11.2. Talk to Friends 
        • 11.3. Keeping A Tally Sheet 
        • 11.4. Pointers On Identifying And Restraining Yamas - Or Your Negative Instincts And Thought Patterns And 
        • 11.5. Niyamas, The Healthy, Clean Qualities Of The Mind You Want To Foster Further 
        • 11.6. How To Begin The Work Of Rewiring Your Brain 
        • Tips To Replace Unwanted Thought Patterns With Desired Thought Patterns 
        • 11.7. Explore the Mind-Body Connect Through Meditation 
        • Learn and Practice the Right Meditation Type For You, Whether It Be: 
        • Yoga Nidra 
        • Breath Meditation 
        • Mantra Meditation 
        • Insight Meditation 
        • Walking Meditation 
        • Mindfulness Meditation 

        12. The Dish on Doshas: Pacifying Vata Mental And Emotional Imbalance 

        • 12.1. Vital Insights Like How To Space Meals To Cure Your Vata-Induced Panic Disorder 
        • Learn The Food Groups That Suit Vata 
        • Learn How To Eat To Calm The Senses And Nervous System In Vata Imbalances 
        • Sensorial Inputs To Calm Vata Through Sound, Touch, Taste Feel And Smell 
        • A Comprehensive, Detailed Exercise Routine And Combo For Vata-Imbalanced Mental States 
        • 12.2. How To Pacify Vata Through Breath Exercises 
        • What Does the Way You Breathe Say About Your Mental State And Doshic Imbalance 
        • Learn The Best Pranayama And Best Posture (Mudra) For Vata-Imbalanced Minds 
        • 12.3. How to Stop Your Mind from Obsessing About “What If…”
        •  Practical Tips on Replacing Negative Thoughts With Healthy Thinking
        •  Learn The Best Herbs For The Vata Mind 
        • A Unique, Relaxing Tea Recipe to Calm the Vata Mind! 

        13. Pacifying Pitta Mental And Emotional Imbalance  

        • 13.1. Foods and Food Habits: How to Go Conscious Grocery-Shopping To Restore Your Pitta Imbalance 
        • How to Nourish the Five Senses to Cool the Pitta-Imbalanced Mind 
        • Specific Exercise Routines To Cool Pitta And Get The Energy Flowing 
        • 13.2. Tips to Exercise the Breath In Pitta 
        • The Pranayama Tailor-Made For Pitta
        • 13.3. How The Pitta Hothead Can Cool The Mind 
        • Discover Which Is the Natural Instinct For The Pitta Type 
        • Brain Training For Pitta: Steps To Replace Unhealthy Thoughts With Healthy Thoughts 
        • Learn the Herbs That Cool Pitta

        14. Pacifying Kapha Mental And Emotional Imbalance

        • 14.1. Learn the Tell-Tale Signs Of A Kapha Imbalance 
        • Which Foods and Food Habits Can Restore Kapha Imbalance 
        • The Special Role of Digestion In Kapha-Imbalanced Mental States 
        • How To Calm The Senses In Kapha 
        • Which Exercise Routine Should You Adopt For Kapha 
        • 14.2. Calming the Breath In Kapha 
        • • A Pranayama Primer For The Kapha-Imbalanced Mind 
        • How to Stimulate The Mind In Kapha Through Awareness, Training and Replacement 
        • Discover Kapha’s Natural Instinct And How To Align With It For Better Mental Health 
        • Tips For Pattern Replacement And Rewiring Your Brain’s Circuitry 
        • Explore the Spices and Herbs to Stimulate the Kapha Mind 
        • Brew This Tea To Energize The Kapha Imbalanced Mind 

        15. The Ayurvedic Approach To Specific Disease Conditions

        • 15.1. Depression
        • How to Treat Anxiety Driven Depression, Through Tools Like o Daily Sun Exposure 
        • o Keeping A Mood Journal 
        • o The Use Of Vitamins And Supplements And o Herbs Like Saffron And Shankhapushpi 
        • A Detailed Program To Address Clinical Depression Through 
        • o Meditation 
        • o Exercise 
        • o The Use Of Nervine Tonic Herbs Like Basil, And Many More Tips 
        • o A Planned Dinacharya 
        • Managing Situational Depression Through 
        • o Anger Management Techniques 
        • o The Use of Cooling Herbs And Beverages 
        • o Strategies to Decongest the Liver 
        • 15.2. Lethargy And Inaction 
        • How To Climb Out Of One’s “Doshic Rut” Or The Passivity Patterns To Which We Are Predisposed Through 
        • Steps To Stimulate The Body Through Shake-Ups In Daily Routine 
        • Stimulating The Mind Through Herbs And Mental Exercises And Discipline 
        • Stimulate The Brain Through Forging New Neural Patterns 
        • 15.3. Steps To Overcome Fear And Worry 
        • Why Stimulants Like Caffeine Are Not The Answer 
        • How To Align The Five Vayus Or Energies 
        • 15.4. ADD/ADHD 
        • Why ADHD Cases Are On The Rise 
        • How to Treat the Root Cause And Not Merely The Symptoms Of ADHD 
        • What Western Psychology And Chemical Stimulants Miss About ADHD 
        • Natural Techniques To Boost Dopamine And Norepinephrine – The Calming Hormones – In ADHD Cases 
        • A Detailed Dinacharya For ADHD 
        • How To Exercise Body And Breath To Heal ADHD

        16. Overview - Summary Of Treating Mental & Emotional Disorders

          • Become Aware Of The State Of The Mind 
          • o Identify The State Of Your Mind 
          • Become Aware Of The Causes Of Disease 
          • Identify The Positive Benefit Of The Behavior 
          • Begin To Make Changes In Your Daily Life
          • Exercise 
          • The Use Of Nervine Tonic Herbs Like Basil, And Many More Tips 
          • A Planned Dinacharya 
          • Managing Situational Depression Through
          • Food 
          • Sleep 
          • Energy 
          • Sexual Expression