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  • Round-the-Eye and Body Skin Firming Duo

    The ultimate duo for radiant, nourished eyes and deeply moisturized, toned, and tighter looking skin on the body!

    Product Details

    What does your aging skin really ask for when it turns all dry, dehydrated and start to look wrinkly?
    Moisturization? No.

    Any ordinary creams and lotions can offer general moisturization.
    As you age, your body's requirements to sustain and remain at its healthiest best, increase.

    What your aging skin needs is CUSTOMIZED CARE for every part, especially the skin around your eyes, arms and legs, that can not only moisturize but also lend its 5,000-year-old firming and toning action, with time-tested efficacy.


    The Round-the-Eye and Body Skin Firming Duo

    At Flat 10% OFF! 

    This Kit Contains:

    1. A. Modernica Naturalis's Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

    Rufolia is here to dispel the look of darkness under the eyes + give the eye area a brightened and firmed appearance!
    A targeted periorbital eye cream, Rufolia works round the eye with the Ayurvedic 3-C Technique to reduce the dependency on concealers!

    • An astounding, one-of-a-kind formula to bring traditional Ayurvedic powerhouse Manjistha together with Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to deliver breakthrough performance
    • Instant toning, soothing and moisturizing effect with brightened, firmed skin over time
    • A moisturizing emulsion that spreads and melts into your skin without pulling or tugging and leaves no shine behind – no one will be able to guess you have anything on – not even you!
    • A creamy but non-oily, velvet-matte finish that does not feel sticky and oily, and does not collect under makeup or make makeup dry and crepey
    • Unique colored cream that blends into any skin tone WITHOUT any white cast or darkened color tone!
    • This specially designed ‘Periorbital’ Eyemulsion is applied in a C-Pattern going from your under eyes, covering the crow’s feet area, to your entire eye-lid for a brightened, firmed look for the entire eye area and not just the under eyes!
    • Deeply moisturizing without any oiliness – a really luxurious, nurturing experience for your over-stressed eye-area that brings the benefits of brightening and tightening Ayurvedic Mega-Herb Manjistha as well as cooling, soothing and moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel Extract
    • Fortified by the brightening and firming properties of Niacinamide and hydrating and plumping properties of Hyaluronic Acid
    • Specially formulated for delicate periorbital skin that’s first to reveal signs of aging

    • Vegan
    • Dermatologically Tested
    • Not Tested on Animals
    • No Harmful Chemicals
    • No Artificial Fragrance
    • No Dyes or Added Color
    • No Sulfates
    • No Parabens

      2. iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

      Balaayah is a rich body massage oil for robust, velvety skin that balances vata dosha.

      Bala’ in Sanskrit means strength, vitality, ability and sheer ability! 

      Using iYURA's Balaayah Body Oil gives you: 

      A rich, balm-like sensation that calms the constant anxious tick-tock-tick going on in your mind and assures your heart everything is alright. 

      Meditative frankincense and warming vanilla create an intoxicating medley that leaves behind a spiritual after-scent and ultra-moisturized yet non-sticky skin. 

      You feel strong, supported, cared for and luxurious through the day! 

      Your dry skin won’t find itself thirsty anymore, it will not feel weak and emaciated, it will not feel ignored or uncared for because it will be doused in love, pure Ayurvedic herbs in a rich oleating base that will take care of your skin’s every need without shrouding it with chemicals!  

      • Vegan
      • Not Tested on Animals
      • No Harmful Chemicals
      • No Artificial Fragrance
      • No Dyes or Added Color
      • No Sulfates
      • No Parabens

      Get this duo at Flat 10% OFF!

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      1. A. Modernica Naturalis's Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

      Full and complete list of ingredients:

      Aqua (Water)
      Sesame (Sesamum Indicum) Seed Oil
      Cetearyl Olivate
      Sorbitan Olivate
      Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Wax
      Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)
      Indian Madder (Rubia Cordifolia) Stem Extract
      Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) Seed Extract
      Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Gel Extract
      Hyaluronic Acid
      Dehydroacetic Acid
      Rose (Rosa Damascena) Flower Oil
      Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens) Flower Oil
      Benzyl Alcohol

      2. iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

      Full and complete list of ingredients:

      Country Mallow [Abutilon Indicum]
      Sesame Seed Oil [Sesamum Indicum]
      Black Gram [Vigna Mungo]
      Nutgrass [Cyperus Rotundus]
      Castor [Ricinus Communis]
      Pluchea [Pluchea Lanceolata]
      Velvet Bean [Mucuna Pruriens]
      Dill Seeds [Anethum Sowa]
      Himalayan Rock Salt
      Frankincense Essential Oil [Boswellia Serrata]
      Vanilla Essential Oil [Vanilla Planifolia]

      Vegan. No harmful chemicals. No sulfates. No parabens. No dyes or added color. No artificial fragrance. Not tested on animals.

      Caution: For external use only. Test for allergy. Do not expose the facial kit to sunlight or moisture. Apply away from eyes. Do not apply to wounds, cuts or rashes. This product does not offer any sun or UV protection. This product is not meant to treat, heal or cure any disease. 


      Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion: 1 tube of 0.53 oz (15 g)

      Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster: 3.38 fl oz (100 ml)

      Get this duo at Flat 10% OFF!

      100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee
      Free Shipping

      How to Use

      1. A. Modernica Naturalis's Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

      Dab 3 small dots of the emulsion and spread gently on the under-eye area, the crow's feet area, and the eyelids. Massage until fully absorbed and leave applied.
      Use at night, daily.

        2. iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

        Take enough oil for your moisturization needs and massage in a downward motion all over the body until the oil is well absorbed. Work on one area for at least 2-3 minutes. Wash off before wearing any clothing. You can use this oil both as a pre-shower deep-moisturization body mask, or as a leave-on moisturizer after showering. 

        100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee
        Free Shipping

        Why A.Modernica Naturalis?

        Why A Modernica Naturalis?

        #1 92-100% Natural with NO Harmful Chemicals, NO Artificial Fragrance 

        All A. Modernica products comprise mostly of natural origin ingredients with only 0-8% processed ingredients used to stabilize the formula and to keep it bacteria-free/prevent it from spoiling - not like other natural products that contain a small amount of natural extracts and a large amount of chemicals and label themselves as natural!

        Pick up and read the label of any other product of any other brand that offers creams, lotions etc. And note their natural content and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

        We also do not use harmful chemicals, sulfates, parabens and follow a strict no-nasties policy. For aroma, only 100% natural essential oils are used and not fragrances. 

        #2 The Best of Ancient Ayurveda and Modern Science, Together Tested for Stability and Performance 

        All A. Modernica products contain traditional Ayurvedic oils/ingredients which are then brought together with modern skin-science wonders such as Hyaluronic Acid or Niacinamide which are not harmful. These formulations have now taken shape after years of deliberation, improvisation and taking into account user feedback. 

        #3 Convenient, Modern, Affordable 

        All A. Modernica products are in easy-to-use formats – you no longer need to spend a long time cleaning up the mess! What’s more, these skin and environment friendly products made with high quality natural extracts, herbs and oils are reasonably priced, keeping in mind the powerful 92-100% natural composition.

        #4 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, The Ayurveda Experience backing

        The icing on the cake is our confidence in the brand – if you use the product and don’t like it, simply write to us within 30 days of purchase and get your money back! Now when was the last time a beauty company took its used/opened bottles back from you?! The Ayurveda Experience’s backing for this brand means we deliver quality to you and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance! 

        Get this duo at Flat 10% OFF!

        100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee
        Free Shipping