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Online Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Online Ayurvedic Health Consultation

The Ayurveda Experience


An Online Ayurvedic Health Consultation with a qualified professional can determine your unique body type or dosha, your current state of health according to Ayurveda, the state of your metabolism or agni and the foods and activities that will naturally help you to reestablish a feeling of health. 

What will you learn with an Ayurvedic Health Consultation?

  1. The contributing causes to your current state of discomfort
  2. Steps you can take to support your health naturally
  3. Dietary adjustments that may help improve your quality of life
  4. The best foods for you at this time
  5. Foods or other substances that may be aggravating you
  6. The best activities for your health at this time
  7. Activities to avoid temporarily
  8. Remedies that you can use throughout all of your life

Ayurvedic Health Consultations are Live and Online.

  • 50 Minutes of Live, Online Consultation with a Qualified Professional using Video Conferencing Technology
  • 100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

*Ayurvedic Health Consultations are only available to residents of California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Idaho, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Maine.