Ayuttva, The Ayurveda Experience’s very own Ayurvedic Foods, Beverages and Supplements brand, finds its genesis in 2 words:

“Ayu” = Life and “Tattva” = Element, referring to the 5 elements of ‘Ayurveda’
or the ‘Science of Life’ 

Ayuttva signifies balance of five elements (Air, Water, Fire, Wind and Space) which directly balances the three doshas (Kapha, Pitta, Vata). According to Ayurveda, it is this balance of doshas that rids the body of ailments. Once this alignment is achieved, the mind, body and spirit are able to thrive, optimise and reach their true potential. 

Interestingly, “Ayuttva” can also be interpreted as ‘Ayurveda-ism’ - a way of life where all choices go back to syncing with nature and being in line with the principles of Ayurveda!  

Ayuttva presents unique consumables based on ancient, time-tested Ayurvedic principles that bring traditional Ayurvedic recipes of foods, beverages and supplements in convenient, modern, easy to consume formats, helping weave more authentic Ayurveda more deeply into your daily routine!  

Ayuttva aims to make Ayurveda an unmissable part of your daily life, where it is not just something you don’t want to miss, but is something you look forward to, every day! Be it quick-healthy snacking or comfort-giving foods or warm, nourishing beverages, Ayuttva offers a whole new spectrum of modern but authentic, healthy Ayurvedic foods, beverages and supplements.  

Ayuttva’s eye-catching packaging is special – each hand-drawn artwork tells a story, makes health a subject of visual and mental engagement and draws one and all into the world of Ayurveda with excitement! 

Ayuttva foods are inspiring 

Ayuttva supplements are not like others that make you feel like you’re unwell. Yes! Look at some supplement bottles around you – don't you feel like you’re ill and need to eat those as medicines to become well?! But not so with Ayuttva – Ayuttva supplements celebrate health, celebrate you, celebrate life with their bright colours and engaging, hand-made artwork that make you enjoy the effort one needs to put in to be healthy!  

Ayuttva brings forth the element of surprise in Ayurvedic healthcare, bringing together the authenticity of the past and the convenience of the present in a truly artistic way. The bright, colourful, engaging, hand-made artwork on Ayuttva packages appeal to one and all and call out to all generations to embrace Ayurveda evermore readily! 

Quality you won’t find anywhere else!

Through every stage of processing, all Ayuttva products undergo rigorous testing to ensure all quality parameters are met. Be it testing for purity, strength and integrity or standardizing ingredients, all our assessments are conducted at independent labs to ensure nonbiased and reliable testing.

10 steps that make Ayuttva products the best in quality!

  • GMP Manufacturing: All Ayuttva products are manufactured in GMP units which means every product is evaluated at multiple stages of production. This ensures standardized processing, consistent quality and high safety.
  • US FDA Registered Facility: There is no better tool to ensure quality than an independent audit, which is why we choose only US FDA registered manufacturers who come under the audit purview of FDA.
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested: All Ayuttva products are tested by the manufacturer as well as individual 3rd party labs to ensure that the manufacturer’s practices are not dropping any lower than exemplary.
  • Gluten-Free: Even products with all gluten-free ingredients are tested for gluten presence by 3rd party labs.
  • Non-GMO: Non-GMO presence is tested by accredited third party labs, independent of what raw material suppliers declare. Our products are always non-GMO.
  • Heavy Metals: Heavy metal contamination is a safety concern when dealing with botanicals and herbs as contamination can seep in from soil, water and chemicals. We adhere to the highest safety standards and run all our products through heavy metal contamination testing for lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and arsenic as per USP limits. If a batch contains a higher amount than legally allowed, we do not pass it.
  • Impurities (Pesticide & Aflatoxins): Ayuttva products are tested for pesticide and aflatoxin presence as per USP limits. Even though this is not a mandatory requirement by food regulation authorities, we choose to test our products because we believe in delivering only the very best to you.
  • Safety (Microbes, Pathogens and Shelf life): Microbial growth and contamination may occur at source or in process stage or during the shelf life of the product. We ensure all ingredients are tested for microbial load and the finished product is independently verified to be within microbial limits as prescribed by USP in the final product as well as under stress conditions of temperature and humidity.
  • Standardized extracts for better potency: The basic premise of all Ayuttva products is efficacy, which can be quantified by the number of active compounds derived from the herb. Along with herbs, we also use standardized herbal extracts to ensure higher & consistent concentration of active compounds.
  • 3-Stage Testing: At all stages of the product, from initial raw materials to manufacturing to the finished product, Ayuttva products are tested for quality, consistency, efficacy and many other parameters.

These stringent tests ensure Ayuttva brings to you only the safest, cleanest, purest, most effective products – as per The Ayurveda Experience’s high standards!

Ayuttva products are currently only for sale in USA. We hope to make it available for other countries soon.



For Liver Protection

  • Clinically tested Triple-Action Supplement for improved digestion, regularity, and comfort
  • Improves hyperacidity-related digestive discomfort
  • Enhances energy  and vitality with a better appetite
  • Maintains bilirubin excretion and fat digestion.


For Strength, Stamina, Sleep and Digestion

  • Improve appetiter, regulates digestion and eliminates toxins.
  • Promotes healthy hormonal balance with 4 clinically tested adaptogens
  • Clinically tested.
  • Reboots your strength, stamina, sleeps, and digestion.


Ayurvedic Supplement for Healthy Eye Vision with Award-winning Lutemax2020

  • Protects your sparkling eyes from harmful exposures to UV & Blue light
  • Supports eye physiology and enhances collagen​ formation in the eyes*
  • Improves visual processing speed* and helps manages eye strain*

Nail n Mane

Ayurvedic Supplement with 7 Ayurvedic herbs & High-Strength Biotin for long & strong hair and nails 

  • Stimulates Keratin production to provide strength to hair, scalp and nails* 
  • Protects your locks against hair loss and shedding by stimulating the hair follicles*
  • Improves the health of your hair and nails and gives them gloss and luster 
  • Manages body stress and hormonal balance to keep your hair & nails strong*

Organic Tulsi 

For Calmness and Relaxation

Also known as Holy Basil, in easy-to-consume, USDA-Certified, Caplet form!

  • Holy Basil increases awareness, alertness and consciousness and helps make wise choices* 
  • Loaded with Vitamins A, C and K, and keeps the body fit and healthy
  • Help build an imperative shield around you to safeguard your body from environmental stressors 

Organic Amla

For Healthy Digestion

  • Loaded with Vitamin C and nutritious benefits for a youthful skin
  • Adds a dewy glow, reduces the look of signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles
  • Aids in digestion and proper elimination of toxins or ama
  • Supports optimal functioning of the body

Organic Shatavari 

Good for Women's Health

  • Good for women’s health and improves menstrual health
  • Assists in post-menopausal issues and reduces mil-bloating and irritability
  • Helps the body cope with stress and improves immunity and stamina
  • Rich in phytonutrients and essential fatty acids

Organic Triphala

For Healthy Digestion

  • Is extremely beneficial for the health of skin, hair and body
  • Helps with constipation and improves overall gut health
  • Enhances digestion and helps in smooth elimination
  • Provides essential nutrients and soothes the digestive tract

Organic Guduchi

Supports Immune Function

  • Helps strengthen the immune system and general health
  • Improves liver heath and digestion
  • Reduces discomfort in joints and muscles and enhances youthfulness
  • Has calming, and stress-reducing effects


For Thyroid Health and Metabolic Balance

  • Maintains healthy T3 levels and regulates thyroid hormones
  • Support healthy energy levels
  • Free from synthetic hormones
  • Scientifically tested formulation helps with healthy energy levels, metabolism, sleep, weight

Femma Fab

For Menopausal Support

  • Helps with  hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings
  • Promotes healthy hormonal balance with 4 clinically tested adaptogens
  • Supports uterine health and restores essential vitamins
  • Clinically tested dietary supplement


For Even-Toned and Glowing Skin

  • Clinically tested to down-regulate excess melanin by 75%,
  • Evens skin tone by acting on blemishes and hyperpigmentation.
  • Has 15+ herbs loaded with potent antioxidants.
  • Provides essential Ayurvedic phytonutrients.


For Improved Blood Sugar Levels

  • Optimizes glucose metabolism.
  • Promote healthy insulin production to ensure the body maintains insulin sensitivity and supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Maintains healthy lipid levels
  • Scientifically tested formulation for holistic support for cardiovascular health


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Digesto Thins

Toasted Wheat Crackers with Traditional Asafetida Churna

Made with the goodness of 8 Ayurvedic Herbs in Asafetida Churna, Digesto Thins are helpful in improving digestion. The herbs aid in improving the gut health, appetite, and waste elimination.

Cumin Thins

Toasted Wheat Crackers with the goodness of Cumin

Cumin Thins come with a galore of health benefits of Cumin. Cumin supports digestion, helps regulate cholesterol, is good for healthy skin and improves cognitive functions.



  • Single-Herb Supplements 
  • Extra-Strength Proprietary Supplements 
  • Pure, Organic Herbal Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  • Delicious and Healthy Ayurvedic Snacks  
  • Easy-to-eat Bars with authentic Ayurvedic herbs, churnas and traditional formulas  
  • Soul-Satisfying Soups 
  • Mind-Body Nourishing Ancient Vegan Protein Beverages