Black Gram Face & Body Duo - Best Ayurvedic Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Black Gram Face & Body Duo - Best Ayurvedic Moisturizers for Dry Skin


Product Details

This is an expertly curated collection of two Ayurvedic Oils which are specifically designed to reduce the appearance of crepey, saggy skin on the face and body while also being exceedingly nourishing.  

The duo consists of an intensely moisturizing body oil and a nourishing face oil, both of which contain the powers of an Ayurvedic genius for saggy, crepey or droopy skin: Black Gram!  

Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring : The one to make you throw those anti-wrinkle, anti-aging serums out of your dresser! 

Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring is an age-defying Ayurvedic face oil, meticulously concocted with Ayurvedic herbs (along with Black Gram), that target the appearance of signs of aging on the face, neck and décolleté. 

Not only this, Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring serves to be the best moisturizing face oil for mature, aging skin as it: 

  1. Tightens and tones the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, neck wrinkles, saggy neck, saggy cheeks, wrinkles on the cheeks, laughing lines, etc.  
  2. Plumps up the appearance of saggy and crepey skin  
  3. Makes skin supple, glow-y and ‘bouncy’ 
  4. Adds juicy moisture to the skin 

Unique features:  

  1. It is a perfect natural replacement for moisturizing face creams, serums, and anti-aging chemicals 
  2. It has a light, easy-on-the-skin texture and is non-pore-clogging 
  3. It has a divine, unique aroma of Frankincense, Neroli and Lime 
  4. It can be used in the morning and evening
  5. It is a 100% natural Ayurvedic Magnum Opus of Youthful Vitality in a bottle! 

So, stop googling random questions about sagging of neck” or “turkey neck” or “removal of wrinkles”, you don’t need to worry about these! Just get Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring and witness the nourishment and goodness of this master oil that’s made with much Ayurvedic expertise for you! 


Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster : The one to render every other body moisturizer in your dresser inconsequential! 

Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster is a skin firming Ayurvedic body oil (colloquially called a ‘Black Gold Body Oil’), consciously made with 8 Ayurvedic herbs (along with Black Gram) to tighten the look of crepey, saggy skin on the body and intensely moisturize it. 

From Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster, not only can you expect to get elegantly soft, velvety, firmed, perfectly moisturized, and hydrated skin that warrants compliments, but also feel strong, supported, luxurious and cared for! 

Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster serves to be the best moisturizing body oil for dry, aging skin because it: 

  1. Evidently reduces the appearance of saggy, crepey skin, especially on the arms and legs 
  2. Balances the effects of dryness and aging 
  3. Balances Vata Dosha: which again makes it the best body oil moisturizer for dry, aging skin 
  4. Has a spiritual after-scent: Meditative frankincense and warming vanilla in Balaayah’s formulation leave behind an intoxicating aroma! 

Extra Insight into the making of these oils: 

Both Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring and Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster share a common Hero Ingredient called Black Gram, which is a lentil, majorly used for cooking in Indian households. Its skin firming and toning abilities have been unknown to the west, while Ayurveda had discovered it centuries ago! 

Despite sharing a common hero ingredient, what makes one oil in this duo perfect for the face and the other for the body is their unique formulations and mix of appropriate amounts of all ingredients to give targeted, age-defying benefits to each body part!  

So, in this duo, you get two specialized oils, one for the face and the other for the body!

      No Mineral Oil, Parabens, or Chemicals| 100% Natural Ayurvedic Products| Vegan

      Not Tested On Animals| 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee | Free shipping


      Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring

       Common Name Sanskrit Name Scientific Name
      Sesame Seed Oil Tila Taila Sesamum Indicum
      Rice Bran Oil Oryza Sativa
      Black Gram Udida Vigna Mungo
      Touch-Me-Not Plant Varahanaman Mimosa Pudica
      Nut Grass Mustaka Cyperus Rotundus
      Black Creeper Syamlata Ichnocarpus Frutescens
      Vetiver Ushir Vetiveria Zizanioides
      Turmeric Haridra Curcuma Longa
      Stone Apple Bilva Aegle Marmelos
      Black Plum Jambu Eugenia Jambolana
      Mango Aamram Mangiifera Indica
      Ginger Aadrakam Zingiber Officinale
      Black Pepper Maricha Piper Nigrum
      Long Pepper Pippali Piper Longum
      Essential Oil of Frankincense Gajabhakshya Boswellia Serrata
      Essential Oil of Neroli Nagaranj Citrus Aurantium
      Essential Oil of Lime Nimbuka Citrus Aurantifolia


      Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

       Common Name Sanskrit Name Scientific Name
      Country Mallow Atibala Abutilon Indicum
      Sesame Seed Oil Tila Taila Sesamum Indicum
      Black Gram Udida Vigna Mungo
      Nutgrass Mustaka Cyperus Rotundus
      Castor Kanana Eranda Ricinus Communis
      Pluchea Rasna Pluchea Lanceolata
      Velvet Bean Kapikacchu Mucuna Pruriens
      Dill Seeds Shatpushpa Anethum Sowa
      Himalayan Rock Salt Saindhavlavan
      Frankincense Essential Oil Gajabhakshya Boswellia Serrata
      Vanilla Essential Oil Madhuvāsa-prajāti Vanilla Planifolia


      Caution: For external use only. Test for allergy. Do not apply to wounds, cuts or rashes. This product does not offer any sun or UV protection. This product is not meant to treat, heal or cure any disease. Use within 24 months from date of mfg.

      Quantity of Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring: 50 ml (1.69 fl oz)

      Quantity of Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster: 100 ml (3.38 fl oz)


      No Mineral Oil, Parabens, or Chemicals| 100% Natural Ayurvedic Products| Vegan

      Not Tested On Animals| 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee | Free shipping

      Features of the Oil

      Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring


      Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

      100% satisfaction | 30-day money-back guarantee | Free shipping

      How to Use

      Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring

      Step 1 - After cleansing the face in the morning and/or evening, take 1 pump of oil in your palm 

      Step 2 - Dab on the face and neck and spread evenly 

      Step 3 - Massage the face and neck in upwards and outwards strokes and forehead in circular strokes until the oil gets fully absorbed 

      Step 4 - Adjust the quantity as per your moisturization needs. Leave applied. 


      Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

      Step 1 - Pump as many drops of the oil as you need to fulfill your moisturization needs 

      Step 2 - Massage it in a downward motion all over the body until the oil is absorbed 

      Step 3 - You can use this as a pre-shower body mask, or as a leave-on body moisturizer after showering 


      For traditional Ayurvedic self-massage or 'Abhyanga' 


      Step 1 - Take some oil in a bowl and warm it to a comfortable temperature 

      Step 2 - Apply all over the body and massage. Use downward strokes on limbs, clockwise strokes on the abdomen, follow the direction of muscles on the chest & back. 

      Step 3– You can leave it applied or shower after leaving it on for 25-30 minutes. 

      100% satisfaction | 30-day money-back guarantee | Free shipping


      1. Which skin type are these oils best suited for? 

      These oils are perfect for dry, aging, mature, undernourished skin. The ingredients with which these oils are made are traditionally known in Ayurveda for being highly effective on mature skin. Also, these oils have unparalleled moisturizing abilities too, so basically anyone of any gender or age can use it to moisturize their face and body and enjoy its luxurious feel! 

       2. Can I use these oils if I have sensitive skin? 

      Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring and Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster - both are made with 100% natural and Ayurvedic ingredients. We’ve received many positive reviews from customers with sensitive skin. However, we always recommend doing a patch test before use. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you decide to try it and your skin doesn’t like it, we’ll simply refund you! 

      3. How soon will I see results? 

      You will see positive changes, more softness or moisturization, after the very first use. 

      Results may vary from person to person, and it will depend on your skin type, age, the climate you live in etc. – but many of our customers see more beneficial results as soon as after 2 weeks of consistent use. For extremely dry and crepey skin, keep in mind that Ayurvedic products are completely natural and may take longer to show results, but will be more beneficial for your skin in the long run. 

      4. Can I use makeup after using Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring?  

      Many women who have used Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring have reported that they do not wish to wear any coverage makeup anymore, because the glow, softness and moisturization that Yauvari imparts are unparalleled! However, if you enjoy wearing coverage makeup like foundation and concealer, then surely Yauvari can be used. It can be used as a base before applying any makeup. Makeup won’t cake up and concealers and foundations won’t collect in the fine lines of your skin if you use Yauvari as a base before applying makeup. 

       5. Do these oils stain? 

      Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring is a colorless formulation, so it does not stain. Balaayah also does not color-stain, and when massaged into the skin properly (till it’s absorbed, which essentially takes 4-5 minutes), it does not leave oil stains on clothing or linen. 

       6Do I need to shower after using this body oil? 

      There are a couple of different ways the oil can be used. When we talk about washing it off we are talking about the Ayurvedic practice of Abhyanga (self massage) where you would massage the oil into your skin, allow it to sit for 15-30 min while you practice pranayama, meditation, or just go about other things you need to accomplish (ideally what you do should be relaxing). Then you rinse off any excess oil (no, or very little soap is needed as oils have cleansing properties themselves) and you should find you don’t have a need for moisturizer. Alternatively, you can apply the body oil after your shower much like you would a moisturizer or lotion. Because we are an Ayurvedic company, we do present the option of Abhyanga. 

      7. Do these products contain fragrance? 

      Our products do not contain any added artificial fragrances. They contain the natural aroma of essential oils of Frankincense and Neroli Orange in Yauvari and Frankincense and Vanilla in Balaayah.  

      8. Are these products gluten free? 

      The ingredients used in Yauvari and Balaayah do not contain any gluten, however gluten free tests haven’t been conducted on the final product.  

      9. Are these products tested on animals? 

      No, they are not. In fact, iYURA products are never tested on animals. 

      10. Can I use it if I have allergy-prone skin?  

      This oil is 100% natural and Ayurvedic. But sometimes even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions, which is why we always recommend doing a patch test before use, or simply checking the ingredients list.

      No Mineral Oil, Parabens, or Chemicals. 100% Natural Ayurvedic Products. Not Tested On Animals.

      100% satisfaction | 30-day money-back guarantee | Free shipping

      Why iYURA

      Why iYURA

      Here’s something that differentiates iYURA - All iYURA products, while remaining authentic to the classical formulations, cater to the modern, western user.

      We at iYURA, ensure that we stay abreast with time and meet your contemporary needs in a way that’s preferable for you.

      We’re also known to introduce innovation to Ayurvedic products without compromising on the authenticity of the formulation or the original idea behind the product.

      At the same time, we take care of the fact that getting the best, most premium, authentic and effective Ayurvedic products does not get overwhelming for you.

      All iYURA products are absolutely clean, free of any additives, chemicals, binders etc. We do not even think of testing on animals.

      No Mineral Oil, Parabens, or Chemicals. 100% Natural Ayurvedic Products. Not Tested On Animals. 100% satisfaction | 30-day money-back guarantee | Free shipping