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Free Gift: Mom's Ayurvedic Soup - With Yellow Lentils and Ashwagandha

Free Gift: Mom's Ayurvedic Soup - With Yellow Lentils and Ashwagandha


Product Details

Immerse in the savory goodness of a scrumptious Vegan Ayurvedic Soup that will remind you of mom’s warm comfort food.
Introducing: Mom's Ayurvedic Soup
Vegan, Protein-rich, heartwarming lentil soup with Ayurvedic Ashwagandha for added energy
So filling that you won’t believe it has only 70 calories!
So wholesome that you won’t believe it takes less than 60 seconds to make!

  • Quick, Wholesome Soup made with Yellow Lentils and energizing Ashwagandha 
  • Rich in protein, Vitamins, Iron, Calcium, & Potassium 
  • Low on Calories, Free of Preservatives, sugar, and Trans fats 
  • Nourishing, filling, and easy-to-digest as it has natural fibers 
  • No boiling or cooking required, even a 5-year-old can make this

Quantity: 0.71 oz (20 g)

    This Ayurvedic Goodness is
    Vegan | Gluten-Free | Free of Preservatives, Corn-starch, Sugar, Trans-fats and Artificial Flavors and Colors


    Full list of ingredients:

    • Yellow Lentil Flour (Mung Dal) 
    • Pea Protein Concentrate
    • lodized Salt
    • Refined Sunflower Oil
    • Ashwagandha Extract (Withania Somnifera)
    • Onion Powder
    • Spices and Condiments: Turmeric, Chili, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Cumin, Celery
    • Dehydrated Garlic
    • Yeast Extract
    • Natural Flavor
    • Dehydrated Fenugreek Leaves
    • Dehydrated Parsley
    • Flavor Enhancers: Disodium S-guanylate, Disodium 5-inosinate

    Quantity: 0.71 oz (20 g)

    Best before: 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

    How to Consume

    Comforting, Caring, Homely, Heartwarming and Loving Feeling in under 60 seconds!

    1. Pour contents in a Bowl 
    2. Add 150 ml (5 oz) Hot Water 
    3. Mix well and enjoy its rich flavor

    No cooking needed!

    About Ayuttva

    About Ayuttva

    The latest addition to The Ayurveda Experience’s Range of Authentic Ayurvedic Brands, AYUTTVA brings the thoughtfulness of Ayurveda’s holistic outlook to your daily life
    through a range of uniquely prepared Ayurvedic Foods, Beverages, and Supplements in convenient, modern, easy-to-consume formats, helping weave more authentic Ayurveda more deeply into your daily routine!

    The brand name finds its genesis in two Sanskrit words - 'Ayu' meaning Life and 'Tattva' meaning Element, referring to the 5 elements of Nature - Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Space - which are crucial in maintaining the balance of our bodily composition or 'Doshas'!

    An eye-catching brand with a unique identity that brings forth the element of surprise in Ayurvedic healthcare, bringing together the authenticity of the past and the convenience of the present in a truly artistic way.

    The bright, colorful, engaging, hand-made artwork on Ayuttva packages appeals to one and all and calls out to all generations to embrace Ayurveda evermore readily!

    Ayuttva aims to make Ayurveda an unmissable part of your daily life, where it is not just something you don’t want to miss, but is something you look forward to every day!