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    Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion

    By The Ayurveda Experience For All Hair Colours and Hair Types

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    Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion - More Shiny Hair On The Head, Not In The Comb





    100 ml (3.39 oz)

    100% NATURAL. VEGAN.
    0% Harmful Chemicals – no additives, binders,
    preservatives, mineral oils.


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    Menopause and Hair Loss

    Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs during the transition from the Pitta stage to the Vata stage of life. Hence, hair loss and thinning can often result from imbalances in Vata and Pitta during the time around menopause. Pitta and Vata doshas are involved in the hair root, causing hair to fall out. Then mucus builds up in the system, caused by Kapha dosha which obstructs the regeneration of hair, leading to hair loss.   

    During menopause, one of the most significant changes in our body is the loss of the liveliness of our locks to hair loss and hair thinning.
    We may not feel a sense of this loss all the time. But, such feelings do linger in the back of our minds when we look in the mirror to comb our hair. How often have we felt the same when we touch our hair strands or hold our hair in our hands?
    At such moments, having exuberant and dense-looking hair seems impossible. Medical solutions for hair loss such as micro-needling, hair transplant and steroid injections are unpleasant, complex and expensive. Undergoing such procedures does not seem practical in our modern lifestyles where we don many hats every single day. Besides, doesn’t thinking about going through such complicated procedures kinda take the fun out of getting your lovely hair back? 
    What if something non-invasive and much cheaper existed?

     But, do you know that the effects of a natural process such as menopause can be pacified by using natural solutions?

    Ayurveda has the Solution

    Ayurveda proposes that there are three principle energies or ‘doshas’ that make up our bodies: Kapha, Pitta and Vata.

    Ayurveda is the “Science of Life” that originated in the land of India. It is a holistic system of wellness that focuses on the overall well-being that views your mind and your body as a part of ‘you’. Ayurveda does not see your body as separate from ‘you’. Our body does send us subtle messages at various times during the day. For instance, haven’t you noticed how you lose more hair when you are stressed out? It shows that one cannot address the issues related to hair without addressing oneself! Therefore, every effort at making your hair look healthier has to go through ‘you’. Your happiness is the most important piece of the puzzle that makes your hair thrive and flourish without any boundaries.

    Shiro Pichu



    If you want to go beyond the simple Ayurvedic massage and can spend around 30 minutes, then a highly effective massage for your hair is Shiro Pichu. Shiro Pichu is an Ayurvedic head massage that involves soaking your head region with a specialized Ayurvedic oil, such as Keranya hair oil', using a cotton cloth or pad. 
    Take a cotton ball and press it gently to make it flat and rectangular. Fold a length of gauze or muslin cloth (around 6-8 cm wide and 30 cm long) around the cotton wool until it is folded into a small square little smaller than the palm of your hand, creating a cotton pad. Pour some hot water into the bowl and place a small bottle of Ayurvedic oil into the water to warm. When the oil starts to feel warm but is not too hot, soak the cotton pad with oil until it becomes like a sponge (if you squeeze it the oil spills out) and place it on the top of your head. If you were to draw a line from ear to ear over the top of your head, it should be placed exactly mid-way along this line. Sit upright in a cosy place for 10-15 minutes and either put on some quiet, relaxing music or simply bring your attention to your breath. Remove the cotton pad and gently massage any excess oil into your scalp using your fingertips. If you are doing this procedure before going to bed, place the towel on your pillow to avoid staining it with oil and ensure your head does not get cold or exposed to any breeze during the night.Since Shiro Pichu allows for the oil to be in contact with the head for a longer time, it results in greater absorption of oil by the scalp and hair root. Besides making your hair look more luxurious, Shiro Pichu makes you feel more relaxed and connected with yourself. So, a great time for this massage would be in the morning before you begin your daily chores or at night after you wind up your day and want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

    Customer Reviews

    Word from our verified buyer...

    63-year-old Ryhana, concerned about dryness and aging, wrote the following after regaining her young-looking hair by using a simple method based on thousands of years of wisdom

    What our other customers have to say...

    “Keranya pure black seed potent hair potion ” I have used this product 3 times since it arrived. From the first use, I just fell in love with my hair again. It’s shiny and bouncy again. So sexy! Thank you! its shine and bounce! - Laura D.

    "Good product" This product makes my hair feel thicker and stronger. Will continue to use it. Pleased with purchase. I am 74 and my hair is over half way to my waist. - Claudia T.

    "Great non-oily oil" I love this hair oil. I have thinning hair and I like to use a pump on dry hair to give it a lift. It makes it look fuller and healthy. Of course, I also like to use it as a scalp massage before showering. - Carol

    “Love it!” I have super fine color treated hair. I use this once a week for about 30 minutes prior to showering. My hair is nice and shiny...and soft after use. - Mary T.

    “Big change in my hair ” I love this oil! I like to apply it before bed, then wash in the morning on shampoo days. Leaves my hair conditioned, shinier, feeling thicker and more manageable. Feel like it grows faster too! - Mary F.

    "Black Seed Potent Hair oil " This is a truly great product. I have long hair that isn’t in great health and is very frizzy and naturally curly. I have been using the black seed oil for an overnight treatment once a week for a month. I am so delighted to have hair that looks and acts like ‘normal’ hair again. Thanks for an oil that actually does as advertised. - Janet A.

    "Amazing oil!!! " I have oily hair and am in my 40s. This one's perfect for leaving it on overnight or for just 30 minutes and then shampooing! The hair is softer and has a healthy shine... - Sowmya P.

    "Volume and Shine" After using this once, it gave me more volume at my roots, which I wasn't expecting, and a nice healthy shine without any weighing down. It washes out well and doesn't leave the shower slippery! - Betheny W.

    "Keranya Black Seed potent hair potion " Have only used twice but I found it isn’t a heavy oil you can use it and still go about your daily activites and still have it nourishing your hair. I do it once a week half wat thru before my weekly wash. I have noticed it has been more east style without the dry frizz, my hair is very dry and damaged so I wasn’t expecting to be lush overnight. - Diane M.

    “Keranya Pure black Seed Potent Hair Potion ” My hair actually feels thicker and fuller. I have naturally curly hair and this product seems to enhance my curls. Very happy with this product. - Denise T.

    "Healthy Hair Potion " This hair oil is so nourishing. I havent been to the hairdresser for ages and my hair feels so much stronger. - Bec B.