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    Crepey Skin

    What exactly is ‘crepey’ skin?

    Your skin becomes ‘crepey’ when it appears so thin and almost translucent that it starts to wrinkle-up like crepe paper. This skin can be incredibly delicate and fragile, making it even more sensitive to light, touch and usual skincare products. 

    ‘Crepey’ skin has the tendency to develop anywhere on your body. Most prominently, they appear around your eyes, mouth, arms and legs!

    Most often, ‘crepey’ skin is also accompanied by skin that looks saggy and loose

    And this might make you wonder... 

    How does 'crepey’ skin occur? 

    The outer surface of the skin contains two types of distinctive proteins called collagen and elastin. Now, these might be words that you have heard before, but did you ever wonder how they work exactly? 

    While collagen is a tough extracellular protein that gives strength to the tissues of your skin, elastin is a different kind of protein, almost ‘stretchy’ in nature. Collagen provides rigidity, and elastin allows the skin to stretch when we speak or make facial expressions.  

    These two proteins work together to help your skin retain its shape, texture and firmness

    When your body starts to slow down the production of these two protein components (more on that below), it leads to skin that looks ‘crepey’. 

    Young skin vs Aged skin

    Did you know? 

    The outer layer of your skin acts as a mirror since it indicates whether your physiology as a whole is balanced and healthy or not. This is an indication of your inner health too. Ayurveda sees healthy skin as a sign of inner health.

    How does Ayurveda see ‘crepey’ skin? 

    Ayurveda suggests that the outermost layer of our skin (Avabhasini) reflects the skin’s complexion and the quality of the nutrient fluids (Rasa Dhatu). It also mirrors the skin’s health and the balance of its physiology.

    The innermost layer (Mamsadhara), on the other hand, is a platform for skin’s firmness and stability.

    Various factors can trigger an imbalance in the rasa dhatu which makes the skin lose its elasticity, leading to the appearance of fine wrinkles or what we call 'crepey' skin.

    Because the skin’s firmness also depends on the inner layer, Ayurveda works on the innermost layer to improve the outermost. The outer changes happen from within.

    So what are these factors that cause ‘crepey’ skin, according to Ayurveda?

    ‘Achara’ + ‘Ahara’ or routine and diet

    ‘Prakruti’ or biological constitution



    ‘Achara’ + ‘Ahara’ or routine and diet

    The improper operation of your body with respect to your natural circadian rhythm, along with irregular diet-exercise-sleep cycles, are some of the most important contributing factors that cause skin to look saggy, dull and ‘crepey’.

    Ayurveda maintains that you should honor your body’s innate need to rest and recuperate, eat well and sleep well ("beauty sleep"!) for healthy functioning.  


    ‘Prakruti’ or biological constitution

    This refers to the biological makeup of an individual that extends to anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics. This unique setup is defined by the specific combination of three qualities known as Doshas

    Ayurvedic philosophy holds that the 5 natural elements of nature come together to form the 3 doshas, each of which has a distinct influence on body processes:

    Vata Dosha: Space +Air

    Pitta Dosha: Fire + Water

    Kapha Dosha: Water + Earth

    Vata dosha governs all life functions and biological activities and is the energy of movement. Because it’s signified by the space and air elements, it’s also the dosha that gets frequently aggravated as you age. An imbalance of Vata dosha causes skin to age faster and also makes it look saggy and ‘crepey’. 

    Balance Vata dosha by eating nourishing, warm, cooked foods at fixed times, adding warming spices (pepper, ginger, cardamom, cumin), eating foods that are naturally sweet, sour or salty in taste, and sticking to a daily routine. Avoid cold, dry foods, processed foods or too much raw food. 


    External factors

    Environmental factors like exposure to UV rays, usage of tanning products and pollution can greatly increase the skin’s oxidation process which will trigger the signs of aging, drying and even cause skin to look saggy and ‘crepey’.  

    Another more common factor seen in a lot of people with ‘crepey’ skin is sudden or extreme weight loss.  

    Even changes in hormones, especially when women approach menopause, can cause changes in skin and lead to crepey skin.

    While chemical treatments like face peels, botox and fillers might give you temporary support and help your skin look better, these are neither sustainable nor healthy for your skin or your body in the long run.  

    Now, are you thinking if not these, then are there any natural wonders that you can easily whip up to prevent the look of saggy or ‘crepey’ skin besides eating right? 

    Yep! Ayurveda has heard your prayers...

    Switch to time-tested Ayurvedic solutions! 


    Non-invasive, natural and authentically Ayurvedic Massage Tool

    Kansa Massage wand

    If you go through some popular beauty and skin-care magazines, you’ll find a whole new range of products that promise a great face life, ones thoe promise to help with crepey-looking skin, a lot of which would contain copper.

    One of the latest trends in the beauty industry is the use of Copper Peptides in skin creams - and you’ll be able to find copper pillows, copper infused skin creams and even hair care products abound in popular stores.

    While this is a relatively new discovery for modern science, traditionally, this special alloy of Copper and Tin has been used for thousands of years!

    For years, this metal has been used in traditional Ayurveda to deliver massages for detoxification, relaxation and cooling, healing effects in the form of a Kansa bowl known as the Kansa Vataki bowl.

    The Ayurveda Experience's Kansa Wand is a modern version of the Kansa Vataki bowl, giving it an appealing design and making it much easier to use.

    The Kansa wand has a broad convex base made with an alloy of pure Copper & Tin in a specified ratio with a natural wood handle to make it comfortable to hold.

    The smooth finishing of the Kansa wand ensues undeterred contact with the surface of the skin while massaging with it.

    The power of this Ayurvedic massage tool lies in the metal, renowned as the 'healing metal in India' since ages and in the relaxing massage movements which touch the Vital Points or 'Marma Points'.

    kansa massage

    What does a Kansa Wand really do for crepey skin?

    • Helps move lymph and improve circulation so the skin is better cleansed and nourished
    • Tightens your skin and makes it look toned and firmed for young and more mature people alike
    • Works with the marmas so it helps with reducing crepiness, puffiness, fine lines and redness and around the eyes by moving extra Pitta out of the body
    • Helps in dealing with congestion in the skin
    • Gently mobilizes toxins, calms inflammation, redness and heat, normalizes skin tones and helps the skin to become fresh and clear

    Wondering if you could get your hands on this uber-amazing Ayurvedic solution to crepey skin right away? The answer is a big YES!

    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda

    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand

    The Kansa Wand is an indispensable tool for every Ayurvedic skincare user! Use at night before going to bed or just once a week on a relaxing Sunday.


    30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    & Free Shipping

    Confused how this wand has to be used on your face, if Ayurveda prescribed any specific steps that can help get even more benefits from a regular massage, apart from the obvious ones?

    Watch this video:

    Pro Tip: Massaging with Ayurvedic herbal oils not only restores your skin’s firmness, but also enhances your complexion by clearing blemishes and smoothens the appearance of wrinkled-up skin and greatly helps in making your skin look younger. 

    Not really sure how to use the Kansa Wand for a perfect massage? 

    Follow these simple steps and you can enjoy a calming, relaxed and easy massage session, in the comfort of your home with no one’s help: 

    Make sure that you use enough oil (about 2 pumps) to let the wand slide and glide smoothly over your skin.  

    Rub it on your hands and gently press it onto your face to transfer the oil. 

    Next, start massaging from the center of your forehead using a slow circular motion for about 1 minute.

    You can also do this while lying down so that your shoulder and back muscles are automatically relaxed.

    Now, gently move back and forth across the forehead in a horizontal direction using the wand.   

    Start on forehead
    The top of your forehead

    Use a small circular motion in clockwise direction at the temples and then towards the nose completing a circle around each eye in both directions so you can feel your cheek bones and brow bone.  

    Around the temples
    Around the nose

    Then, slowly move down to make a similar circle but around your cheeks, from where the nose joins the face to the highest point of your cheekbones near your ears.  

    Circle right in the middle of the upper lip and then move up and out of the face gently.

    Gently use this movement to move to the jaws tracing your jawbone in a similar style. 

    Again on the temples

    Watch this video to see how you can use the Kansa Wand:

    Kansa wand massage provides several benefits by reducing stress and removing the accumulation of toxins (digestive and environmental) from your skin. The accumulation of toxins is one of the primary reasons for the appearance of signs of premature aging.  

    Doing this simple massage on a daily basis or a few times a week will markedly improve the texture and elasticity of your skin. Some newer studies also indicate that massaging your face can be immensely beneficial to slow down the rate at which your collagen fibers are broken down and may even help boost its production, and therefore immensely help prevent ‘crepey’ skin. 

    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda
    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand Massage Tools Experience Ayurveda

    Kansa Wand - Personal Face Wand

    The Kansa Wand is an indispensable tool for every Ayurvedic skincare user! Use at night before going to bed or just once a week on a relaxing Sunday.


    30 Days Money Back Guarantee & Free Shipping

    Wondering which oil would work the best to aid your Kansa Massage, if you have crepey-looking skin?

    This time, we want first want to introduce you to an herb that's known in Ayurveda for benefitting the look of crepiness!


    Touch-me-not plant or Mimosa pudica 

    Touch me not plant

    That sensitive plant that droops and closes its leaves on the slightest touch? Just checking... Yes, it’s the same one!

    This sensitive plant is, in fact, not so delicate at all. Turns out, it actually helps protect and strengthen your skin barrier. It works as an excellent ‘Sheeta’ or a coolant that balances the Kapha and Pitta Dosha, thereby helping skin remain hydrated and soothed throughout the day. 

    In Ayurveda, Mimosa pudica is traditionally employed in wound healing and other related treatments. Ayurveda also classifies this plant as a ‘Sandhaniya’, which is a class of of herbs known for their excellent restorative properties. These herbs unite discontinued tissues along with restoring your skin’s functioning, which in turn repair the look of adverse effects of skin aging itself. 

    Can’t find this plant anywhere near your house but still crave for the benefits it provides?

    Try iYURA Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring, enriched with today's star ingredient – the touch-me-not plant! 

    Perfect for skin that's dry or mature and especially prepared keeping in mind skin that appears saggy and crepey, this power-packed natural protein-rich serum-like face oil will help wage your worst wars for you. Cooked in a combination of 3 base oils, Yauvari helps your skin be more smooth, supple and dewy so that it rightly glows and looks more youthful, rejuvenated and lively from the inside! 

    iYURA Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring


    "I have to report, my skin on my neck and face have softened, look a bit less like crepe paper, and glows."
    - France W.

    To get the best effect possible, use the Kansa Massage wand along with Yauvari for a perfectly toned, firmed and defined appearance.

    Kansa Wand makes for a perfect upgrade to your usual abhyanga or self-massage session. This all-natural, non-electronic (no batteries, no wires) massage wand alleviates Pitta Dosha and gives a smooth and tightened look. Combined with the powers of Yauvari, this crepey skin-customized massage routine will help reduce the appearance of saggy or ‘crepey’ skin and prevent it from advancing further. 

    What's more? You get this combo set at an exclusive discount!

    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience
    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring Beauty The Ayurveda Experience

    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring

    Get this exclusive combo set of iYURA's bestseller for dry, mature skin Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring and Kansa Personal Face Wand, at a special discount now!

    This particular Kansa wand is light and small in size and is suitable for use on the face and neck.


    30 Days Money Back Guarantee & Free Shipping

    Now that we have a fool-proof solution from Ayurveda for crepey skin on the face, is there anything Ayurveda can do about crepey skin on the rest of the body, especially places like your hands, legs and feet? Again, it's a YES!


    Himalayan Rock Salt

    Himalayan Rock Salt

    Familiar with the Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals at Trader Joe’s? Well, let's say this ingredient is its cousin! The only difference between the two is in their mineral make up. In fact, Himalayan rock salt is considered gold in potency, in Ayurveda, due to its innate quality to provide the dual effect of both hydration and moisturization for your skin.

    Yep. These two functions are significantly different. While hydration refers to the rate at which your skin absorbs moisture and infuses it into your skin cells, moisturization is the act of trapping and sealing in that moisture in the deeper layers of the skin to build a healthy skin barrier.

    And having a strong skin barrier is equivalent to fading away the appearance of saggy or ‘crepey’ skin! Himalayan Rock Salt is also known to boost skin health in general and add a lustrous, healthy glow. It makes your skin look more supple, radiant and smooth all over. That’s exactly why it’s one of the most sought-after ingredients in polyherbal formulations.

    Pro Tip: Try this 3-ingredients-only scrub to wipe away dead skin cells, rejuvenate your skin from the inside and fight the looks of saggy and ‘crepey’ skin with ease.

    All you need is:

    • 1 cup Himalayan rock salt
    • ¼ cup pure, cold-pressed coconut oil
    • 5-7 drops of essential oil of your choice.
    Himalayan Rock Salt and coconut

    To prepare this scrub,

    • Gently heat the coconut oil on the stove if it’s too solid to mix (this step isn’t necessary if yours is already in the liquid state).
    • When the oil is cooled to room temperature, add all the ingredients to a glass jar, mix and store well. 
    • Use weekly by massaging onto your cleansed body after a shower and then rinse.

    Remember to use this scrub only on your body, and not on your face. Also, prepare this scrub in small batches that last you a few weeks at a time.

    Or, if you’d like to experience the wonders of Himalayan Rock Salt in a polyherbal body oil formulation, try iYURA Balaayah Black-Gram Body Booster, the ultimate ultra-rich body oil that helps erase skin that appears saggy and ‘crepey’ and enriches your skin with an extraordinary glow!

    Balaayah’s unique formulation is a traditional pure Ayurvedic oil brew that gives you instant and intense day-long moisturization, especially for targeted areas like rough elbows and knees and inner arms and thighs where skin tends to look ‘crepey’.

    Now, experience better nourished, softer and more robust-looking skin, complete with the goodness of 7 other potent Ayurvedic herbs along with Himalayan Rock Salt.

    iYURA Balaayah Black-Gram Body Booster


    "this product has changed the way I feel about my aging skin. It makes my skin look & feel younger, more supple & less crepey"
    - Debra L.


    "My skin is softer and less [prominent] crepe on my legs."
    - Fran G.


    "A Miracle for Older Skin"
    "My skin has been extremely dry for years now, but the last year or so, it has also become crepey. Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster has solved the problem. ... I highly recommend this oil for those of you with dry, older skin. It’s wonderful!"
    - Perri A.

    "this oil nourishes my skin making it look less crepey"
    - Beverly G.

    "The best compliment was when my husband noticed the floppy, crepey skin of my arms had changed.."
    - Lorna L.



    Application of ‘Mukha Lepas’ or face packs that turn into herbal paste when mixed with water, is also a helpful way to combat the appearance of ‘crepey’ skin. Lepas produce a transient tightening effect and impart a clarifying feel to skin without drying the skin at all. Different kinds of Mukha Lepas help nourish and rejuvenate your skin and also enhance youthfulness and make skin look vibrant by boosting blood circulation within the veins of the face. 

    Mukha lepas, have for so long, been used to prevent the appearance of wrinkled-up skin, fine lines, age spots and sagginess. They enhance beauty and make skin radiate with a naturally youthful glow while also smoothening the surface of skin and pacifying the look of pigmentation. 

    And the best Ayurvedic herb to help support the look of ‘crepey’ skin is Sandalwood.  

    Sandalwood possesses the specific property to relax and help cool down skin due to its ‘sheeta’ properties. It’s also mildly fragrant in nature and is infused with a pleasant-smelling aroma. 

    Also called 'Chandan' in the native tongue, sandalwood is particularly good when it comes to toning down the look of signs of aging, especially ‘crepey’ skin that appears baggy and dotted with age spots. Sandalwood also has the power to brighten the appearance of your skin, helping it look its natural best. It also removes the look of dullness and tiredness that resides on the skin due to the outside environment and pollution, thus clearing away unwanted particles and dead skin cells too. 


    Pro Tip: To make your own sandalwood facemask, use about 5 teaspoons of sandalwood powder and slowly mix in water until you have a thick paste. If you have a tendency toward acne or blemishes, add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder.  

    If you tend to have dry skin, you can add some castor or almond oil to the paste. Apply the mask for 10-15 minutes, just until the paste starts to dry, on a weekly basis for regular skin care and for a deep skin cleaning. 

    iYURA Pure’s Cold-Pressed Castor OiliYURA Pure’s Cold-Pressed Almond Oil

    While using the sandalwood DIY mask, always make sure that you use only natural, pure and cold-pressed oil of the highest quality otherwise it could interfere with the result you’re anticipating. To get the best out of this skincare tip, use iYURA Pure’s Cold-Pressed Castor Oil or Almond Oil, for the perfect moisturizing, balancing and refreshing effect. 

    Made from premium quality almond and castor, these oils are paraben and GMO free and are prepared in a GMP certified facility. These 100% vegan concoctions can also be used on their own on skin and hair, in natural DIY skincare mixtures like above or be mixed with other natural oils to augment their effectiveness. 

    Or, for an Ayurvedic-backed/prepared, easy-to-use solution, try iYURA AM/PM Face Masque Lepa Duo that comes with round-the-clock care for your skin with iYURA Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Morning Face Lepa in the morning and iYURA Skinshanti Soothe & Brighten Evening Face Masque in the evening. 

    These two lepas naturally come enriched with Sandalwood and Indian Blue Water Lily to ensure that your face is glowing and ready to thrive for the day and essential ingredients like Mango and Neem to help revive at night. 

    Together, this power-packed duo delivers an instant surge of moisture.

    iYURA AM/PM Face Masque Lepa Duo

    Or, for an Ayurvedic-backed/prepared, easy-to-use solution, try Nicumin Even Toning and Brightening face Mask that comes with the synergistic combination of Turmeric, Black Seed along with 4 more Ayurvedic Seeds, 2 traditional oils and the gentlest form of AHA to give the triple benefits of even-toning, exfoliating and brightening together. The mask has a purging effect for skin troubled by acne spots, blemishes and breakouts, all while deeply nourishing it from within.

    Try this Ayurvedically formulated and scientifically enhanced face mask now!

    Nicumin Brightening and Even Toning Face Mask with Turmeric


    Rose and Grapefruit 

    Rose and grapefruit

    Rose petals and Grapefruit might possibly be the oldest known flower/fruits used in history to manage ‘crepey’ skin and provide an instant tightening effect along with a youthful and vibrant glow

    In Ayurveda, these two are put under a category of herbs called ‘Tvachya’ that is known to provide deep nourishment and rejuvenation for the skin cells, in particular. It also supports your skin’s ability to retain moisture and maintain optimum hydration levels consistently so that your skin can also retain its firm, smooth and supple appearance. 

    To get the best of rose petals in a more nuanced way, to help with your ‘crepey’ skin, try iYURA Kesaradi Oil, a one-pot solution not just to fight the appearance of premature signs of aging but also to help brighten, smoothen and polish your look with an illuminating glow!

    Enriched with the world’s costliest spice, Saffron, Kesaradi’s formulation helps your skin retain its natural youthful appearance for a brightened, revitalized and uber-nourished look. All you need is as little as 3 precious drops a day in the morning and you’ll notice the change in your appearance within a week! 

    iYURA Kesaradi Oil
    iYURA Shamanri Young-Energy Body oil

    To soak in the goodness of grapefruit, try iYURA Shamanri Young-Energy Body oil, a natural oil to uplift the look of aged skin and strengthen it from the inside. This super lightweight oil will help smoothen the look of wrinkles, lines and spots along with preventing the appearance of saggy and ‘crepey’ skin. 

    With this oil in your skincare routine, not only would you ever not want to wear coverage makeup but also be able to flaunt younger-looking skin all day every day. Just be ready to accept those compliments coming your way! 

    Pro Tip: Make your own anti-’crepey’ skin cream at home using fresh rose petals and grapefruit to combat them now! 

    To prepare this, you’ll need: 

    • ½ cup raw shea butter 
    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil 
    • 1 teaspoon almond oil 
    • 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil 
    • 5 fresh rose petals 
    Shea butter

    And to make it, 

    • Soak the rose petals for 15-30 minutes in hot water until they start to look pale 
    • Mix raw shea butter with almond oil and coconut oil in a small mixing bowl 
    • Add grapefruit essential oil and whip again until the mixture is light and fluffy 
    • Finally, add the rose-water and mix well 

    Store in a cool, dry place. To use, scoop a little of the mixture and warm it slightly by rubbing it on your hands before applying. 

    Also, remember that since all these ingredients are natural and made at home, they tend to go “bad” after a while so it’s better to make them in small batches that last only a few weeks. 

    What else do I do to prevent the appearance of 'Crepey Skin'? 

    In Ayurveda, saggy and ‘crepey’ skin along with other signs of premature aging like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are seen as visible appearance of ‘Akalaja Vriddhavastha’ or pathological aging as opposed to ‘Sukhayu Vriddhavastha’ or healthy aging.  

    These factors are extremely necessary to lower the levels of ‘ama’ or toxins that get accumulated in the body, which adversely affect the health of your skin too, and lead to the appearance of premature signs of aging. 


    Youthful skin tea

    Premature aging of the skin can be caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, which ultimately deposit in the skin. This is a result of undigested food that accumulates in the stomach overnight due to poor digestion or excessive stress. The key to maintaining a youthful complexion is the regular removal of these digestive impurities before they damage the DNA in the skin cells.  

    For this, Ayurveda prescribes a simple tea that removes digestive toxins. 

    Pro Tip: Boil 4-5 cups of water in the morning. Add the following ingredients to the water and continue to let it boil for about 5 minutes or more, with the lid on. 

    • ½ teaspoon of whole cumin seeds 
    • ½ teaspoon of whole coriander seeds 
    • ½ teaspoon of whole fennel seeds 

    Strain out the seeds and pour the tea into a thermal flask. Drink small sips of the tea throughout the day. If the tea is too strong, reduce the quantity of seeds to a quarter teaspoon for two weeks and then increase it back to a half teaspoon gradually. 

    Make your own tea

    Or, if you cannot find these spices in your local grocery store or if you want to escape the slightly bitter taste of the tea, try Ayuttva Ayurvedic Wheat Thins, a delicious, super-healthy way to include the best of these spices in a crunchy snack! These come in the form of delectable crackers that are toasted, not fried, so you maintain your healthy self and at the same time engage in some nutritious munching – as a convenient alternative to usual crisps, pizzas or even break them down for a flavorful addition to your salads! 

    Ayuttva Ayurvedic Wheat Thins
    Ayuttva Ayurvedic Wheat Thins

    Strictly following the science of Ayurvedic diet combinations, these wheat thins act like a great health supplement in itself but in an easy-to-consume, healthier format. These 100% vegetarian wheat thins also contain no artificial colors and are made using high-quality traditional Ayurvedic spices, to make sure that you receive only the best of best – not just for healthy-looking skin but also for making sure your body health is taken care of, even while you snack! 

    What’s even more interesting is that these crunchy, toasted crackers come naturally enriched with the goodness of cumin along with 3 other flavors – to give your palate a different experience each time.   


    Holy Basil or Tulsi Tonic

    Tulsi or Holy Basil

    If there’s one fool-proof way to alleviate the look of ‘crepey’ skin, fatigue and to fortify your immune system all together, then Holy Basil or Tulsi will not disappoint you. Also revered as ‘The Incomparable One’, Tulsi is one important herb in Ayurveda that comes with benefits galore for the whole body. 

    When it comes to skin that looks youthful, Tulsi’s benefits have for so long been relied upon in Ayurveda. Some newer studies also show that Tulsi is protective against oxidative damage and reduces free radicals, while it balances antioxidant enzymes and helps rejuvenate skin that appears saggy and ‘crepey’.  

    Its intense calming and relaxing properties help heal the body, lower stress responses and even aid the body’s natural detoxification process. All in all, a gold mine of pure, essential goodness for your body! 

    To use this herb for achieving skin that appears youthful, the best way is to prepare ‘Kadha’ or a traditional Ayurvedic herbal tea also commonly used as a tonic for health

    From helping you combat seasonal flu to boosting natural immunity and fortifying your health, if you decide to use only one tip from this article, this has got to be your best choice! 

    Pro Tip: To prepare Kadha, you need: 

    • 2 cups of water 
    • 1 inch of peeled ginger 
    • 4-5 cloves 
    • 5-6 black pepper 
    • 4-6 fresh Tulsi leaves 
    • ½ teaspoon honey, and 
    • 2-inch cinnamon stick 

    To make Kadha, 

    • Boil 2 cups of water 
    • In the meantime, crush ginger, cloves, black pepper and cinnamon 
    • Add the crushed leaves and the tulsi leaves once the water has begun to boil 
    • Allow the water to simmer in medium heat till the decoction is reduced to half 
    • Strain the water, add honey and enjoy! 

    For best results, drink lukewarm Kadha in the evening (for people with Pitta body type) or early in the morning (for people with Vata body type). 

    Or, if you do not want to go through the intense chore of preparing Kadha, and would like to consume Tulsi in a different, more modern but equally effective way, try Ayuttva’s USDA-Certified Organic Tulsi Caplets, nature’s own ‘incomparable’ secret to boost immunity and support natural metabolism all while imparting a youthful look to your skin!   

    Who knew the wonderous effects of this magic-like herb could now be available in easy-to-consume caplet format, that too with the USDA Organic seal?! Guess, when ancient sciences meet with modern technologies, there are indeed much benefits! 

    Ayuttva’s USDA-Certified Organic Tulsi Caplets
    Ajara Tulsi Mint Tonifying Eye Gel

    Wondering if this miracle herb (Tulsi) could also be used for external application, if it’s sooo good? You’re right! Try this Ajara Tulsi Mint Tonifying Eye Gel, a polyherbal blend of 11 distinctive Ayurvedic herbs along with Tulsi and Mint to help heal the look of crepey-ness around your eyes just as with your skin. 

    As they say, bright eyes bring out your skin’s youthful appearance even more, this gel is designed to give you exactly that very same effect! Now, feel the joy of naturally revitalized, nourished and refreshed-looking eyes to go with your radiant, non-’crepey’ skin, for a completely rejuvenated look. 

    Even if you do have ‘crepey’ skin now, don’t lose hope. These natural remedies and nutritious foods will surely help fade away the look of wrinkles and lines. All you got to do is wait it out. 

    Meanwhile, care for some BONUS TIPS to prevent the look of ‘crepey’ and saggy skin naturally other than skincare? 

    • Try sleeping on your back, and not on your stomach, especially if you have a habit of falling asleep face-down throughout the night. 
    • Use a good sunscreen with the required SPF levels, on your face, neck and on your ears too. 
    • Try to not overstress yourself and practice meditation or yoga if you do, to calm your system. 
    • Drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water a day. Count your bottles and make sure you stay hydrated. 
    • And finally, the one thing that you must have been tired of hearing but is actually true and works too – sleep for an average of 8 hours a night! 

    Ayurveda is a science that caters to the body in a holistic fashion and while it may recommend a plethora of remedies, therapies and treatment for rejuvenation and to maintain overall health, Ayurveda condemns the concept of ‘anti-aging’ simply because it’s not true. 

    Instead, what Ayurveda offers is to help you ease the effects of aging, in a steady manner so that you can maintain your health and enjoy life in the best way possible. 


    Black Gram Duo for Crepey Skin on Face & Body

    A heavenly face+body combo oil for deep, intense and long-lasting moisturization, to naturally fade away the look of wrinkles, fine lines and saggy or ‘crepey’ skin. 

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    Kansa Wand for Face with Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring

    For a crepe-proof face with intense miosturization with the essence of Touch-Me-Not plant and Black Gram. Combined with non-electric, all-natural wonders of the 'Healing Metal' - Kansa, it makes for a perfect combo for skin that's prone to crepiness!

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    Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

    A one-of-a-kind eyemulsion for the crepey skin ALL around the eyes. Rufolia brings together Manjistha, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to firm and brighten the delicate skin around eyes and reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines and crow's feet.


    Manjish Glow Elixir

    A super potent face oil to let mature skin glow with beauty, grace and an illumed complexion with reduced appearance of winkles and lines. 


    Ambhring Age Embrace Revitalizer and Hair Oil

    A pro-age hair oil to restore bounce, volume and shine after the very first use. Made with targeted, high-impact hair-herbs - Amla and Bhringraj.