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    Premium skin, hair & body care, made with 100% natural herbs and ingredients, at a price that is tough to beat, tailored especially to contemporary needs.

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    "Amazing products!
    I have several of their oils! One for my arthritic knees, face, pitta body type and most recently one for my hair/scalp!! First off I have NEVER been disappointed by any of their products!! Their customer service and fast shipping is certainly awesome! Kudos to the customer service department for for always quick response and follow up. First rate products!"  

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    Sandy F. about The Ayurveda Experience 


    "What I love about this company is that every product I have purchased from them has worked the way they promised it would. I highly recommend using their products!!" 

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    Shelly D. about The Ayurveda Experience 


    "These products are game-changers! I look forward to my skincare routine knowing I am using products that are natural and powerful. They are everything I've ever wanted in a face oil and find they are all I need! No additional moisturizers required! Love!" 

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    Emily D. about The Ayurveda Experience


    With over 21,989 5-star reviews and an average store rating of 4.4, our products are loved and cherished by customers across the globe.


    Ayurveda Products Never Disappoint

    First of all I'm 70 years old and have been using these oil products for 5+ years. My face is proved to acne and wearing a face mask just made it worse. Using a regime from Ayurveda has been miraculous... and also made a huge difference on the appearance of my wrinkles...
    ...I live in Southern Ontario Canada during spring and summer. I don't put anything on my face that is laden with chemicals.... So using the amazing oils from Ayurveda for my face, body and hair is match made in heaven. You can't go wrong as these oils are soaked up by the skin in no time leaving no greasy film. I'm able to put on my sunscreen mixed with my BB cream right after with amazing results!

    Marie-Claire - Canada


    Love this body oil

    I have extreme dry skin. I would never have thought I could just use an oil to relieve my skin itchy and cracking skin until I used the Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster. At first, I would massage it on after my shower then add a lotion but as my skin kept improving I was able to only use the Booster!! It has made my skin so soft and smooth! It is so much healthier!

    Connie M. - United States


    Glowing skin

    First I purchased the night oil and found it be really lovely to massage in every night. I wake up with glowing skin, the dullness has gone and my overall complexion is more even. As it started to run low (after a couple of months as you only need a few drops) I decided to try the day oil aswell, to keep that glow going through the day. I love this product. Not greasy, works well under makeup but especially nice alone (with some sunscreen) . The packaging is really cute too, I'm getting my mum and sisters a box each of the iYURA Day & Night for Christmas.

    Kellie W. - Australia


    Eye Butter- I’m in love

    I’ve ordered 3 jars now, each one has lasted me about 5 months and I’m addicted! It’s a quick absorbing eye butter that smells warm and earthy...it glides on and is non-greasy. The skin around my eyes looks healthy and laugh lines are minimal! I’m 53, have always battled with oily skin and never thought I would add a product regimen that would involve using oils...since using this line I’m convinced that these (Ayurveda oils) are necessary to combat any of your skin type disorders...I dare you to try it for 30 days (100% satisfied) and...I’m worth it!

    Anita S. - United States


    Worth every penny! Even though I am a senior citizen and three-time grandmother, I awake with the glowing complexion I had in my 20's. I love it and have started using other products from this company . No garish perfume odor,either. The light scent is natural and pleasing.

    Nancy H. - United States


    I love it, smells delicious, my skin looks revitalized and radiant, it does not feel oily at all. It is incredible. I have added this serum to my list of must have products. Thank you.

    Ana L. - United States


    I love this stuff! I bought it as an adjunct to my natural deodorant and it works splendidly. The natural deodorant didn’t always do the trick but this oil is lovely. I use it all over too because it makes my skin feel luscious and rich.

    Natoma C. - United States


    I’ve never known love like this before! 

    Absolutely dreamy and rich, this exquisite serum has the most perfectly silky consistency, balanced fantastic fragrance, and I can’t get enough of how my skin feels after using it.
    This is going into my daily routine FOREVER. I’m in menopause and this makes my skin soooo soft and supple.
    Game changer as it protects my skin through the drying skin changes. Did I mention the scent is spectacular? It reminds me of roses...makes me so ZEN. I wish I knew about this sooner, but I’m hooked and now a customer for life.

    Jennifer - United States


    I have been using the Ayurveda products for the last 3 years now and Absolutely Love them all but Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate is probably my Favourite!!! I only need to use a small amount because it is so rich but it blends into my skin easily and it feels so wonderful after it is absorbed and the glow I see daily makes me Love it even more!!! I have mature, fairly dry skin now but since using these products I have people always telling me I look about 10 years younger than I really am!!! Thank you for all the Great products, I have Very Sensitive skin and can’t use any creams with chemicals or perfumes but all these products have beautiful, light, natural scents and are making my skin feel SO much better and look Amazing!!!

    Elaine K. - Canada



    The thing I noticed with the first drop of Paraania was the clean ,exhilarating fragrance. It smells so fresh and natural, organic in a wonderful early morning meadow kind of way. I take a few moments just to enjoy the sense of renewal and refreshment that feeling brings. You need only a small amount, two drops, for full facial coverage. It absorbs easily and quickly as you massage it in. After using for only a few weeks, I have noticed a renewed clarity, tone and refinement to my skin which looks healthier and more vibrant than it has in a long time. I love it!

    Chris G. - United States


    I have been experiencing quite a bit of hair loss since turning 40. I have been using Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion 2x a week for about a month now and the results are amazing! There is a significant reduction in the shedding I notice in the shower and when combing my hair. I will be reordering

    Stacey M. - United States


    Love this facial cleanser

    This facial cleanser has tiny soft beads that gently clean and smooth you face. Not abrasive at all. Afterwards my face feels so hydrated. Not oily, just clean and soft. Nothing I’ve used compares. And it smells delicious. Almost like baked fresh bread.

    Rhonda B. - United States


    fantastic duo!

    I love the soothing, caring texture of the evening cream with ghee and the cooling, tightening effect of the morning gel. It goes a long was, only a very little amount of product is needed! I would absolutely recommend it.

    Simone C. - United States


    I absolutely LOVE this product!! I use it every morning, and it gives me such a natural glow. And I can use it with or without makeup. I can’t say enough about how it has improved my skin’s overall texture and reduced the dryness. Love it❣️

    Bobbie S. - United States


    Finally Healthy Hair!

    After having great results of the skincare line, I opted to try this for my hair. Over the years my hair had become dry, brittle, frizzy, with thinning strands. A BIG WOW after the first usage! I had to get used to applying oil to my hair, that was a new experience. But the results were GREAT! I didn't even need any hair products before drying, it's been awesome! It's been nearly 3 weeks of using this product, my hair is healthy again and I love it. I will definitely be ordering it again.

    Nora T. - United States


    I am a believer again

    I gave up on toners quite some time ago, but thought I would give this one a try and boy I am not disappointed. I am so over the top happy with every darn item that I have gotten from the ayurvedaexperience. This toner is so refreshing and my skin absolutely drinks it in. Thank you for this fabulous addition to help improve my skin in a beautiful clean, natural and absolutely lovely way 

    Maxine - Canada


    Great scrub, very versatile and gentle

    I really like this. It is unlike any other exfoliating scrub I've tried. It is dry so one may add as much water as desired to create the consistency of the scrub one is looking for. It leaves a nice, soft and moisturized feeling after the Coconut Rose wash.

    Karrie W. - United States


    Reverse aging

    Noticed results within 1st week. After 1 month someone asked if I was reverse aging! Another said my skin looks amazing. Will be 60 in aug and these products have made a huge improvement in my skin texture and tone.. i use coconut face wash, rose toner, tulsi repair cream, and neroli orange serum. Seeing more result every day. Love it. Also using Majish glow.

    Lori - United States


    Happy hair!

    I recently started using Brinili High Power Root Concentrate once a week. I have found that my hair seems to stay cleaner longer so there is no need to wash as often. What I really love is that there is less of my hair in my brush and in the bath tub drain. Very happy with the product. Thank you.

    Denise C. - United States


    Ayurveda gets A+ again in my book!

    The Ayurveda Dyumati Brilliant Face and Body Dew is just all that they Cain it to be, Brilliant! All the oils I have tried agree with me so well. This company actually changed my whole life. I love the night and day oils as well. Before I found Ayurveda Oils I was always so unhappy with my skin. I had acne and it left scars. I have spent a lot of money and had a lot of work done to my face because of the scaring. These oils changed my appearance so much! These particular oils impart a brilliant dewy shine, just like they claim. I am just so happy with all the products from this company!

    Lynn L. - United States


    Wonderful scent

    This body smoother is very nice. The oil is not greasy or think; and the scent is soft and soothing. I am 75 and my dry skin is now becoming crazed looking. The Moonseed smoothes and hydrates it, making skin look years younger. I use it after showering while my skin is still damp.

    R.M - United States