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  • Ayurveda & Metabolic Syndrome - Diagnosis, Risk Factors & Recovery (Herbs and Diet)

    An eye-opening program to tackle and steer clear from the many diseases and ailments associated with Metabolic Syndrome!

    About the Course

    An eye-opening program that shows you how to tackle and steer clear from the many diseases and ailments associated with Metabolic Syndrome. By grasping the origin and nutritional value of the foods you eat and shouldn’t be eating, you keep diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and many more at bay.

    Uncover mysterious ‘X’ syndrome – the hidden metabolic condition behind most common lifestyle diseases, Break the vicious metabolic circle lowering your immunity, Rebuild your metabolic pathways with Ayurvedic changes in food and lifestyle and also Debunk some of the biggest myths about the 'healthy food' you may be consuming!

    • Debunk the biggest nutritional myths behind the rise of Metabolic Syndrome and over 20 related lifestyle conditions! 
    • ‘Get’ how ONE HORMONAL PATHOLOGY is behind this syndrome 
    • Decode how to eat to beat Metabolic Syndrome 
    • Synergize your lifestyle to nature’s rhythms to rest your metabolism 
    • Uncover the real culprit foods causing Metabolic Syndrome  
    • Build your metabolic fire with botanicals drawn from three medicinal traditions 
    • Heal your gut ecology and STOP inflammation in its tracks 
    • Prevent Pre-diabetes from turning into Diabetes through lifestyle changes 
    • Get maximum gains from grains through proper cooking methods 
    • Change your relationship with food, up energy levels and decongest your pathways of energy 

    And this revelatory course, which is packed with practical “HOW TO” tips on healing your metabolism, is authored by one of the most exciting names in natural and multi-disciplinary healing in the entire Western hemisphere today(Read more about in the second tab 'About the Author')

    Whether you have diabetes or any of the over 20 conditions linked with Metabolic Syndrome, whether you feel you may be predisposed to this cluster of conditions, or if you wisely want to take charge of your health and prevent these diseases that modern living makes all of us susceptible to.

    What you eat at your next meal and the one after that and all meals to follow has the power to transform your metabolism for the better! Why wouldn’t you want to use this power to heal in a natural, balanced, holistic way?

    This program empowers you to take charge of your inner fire, no exaggeration.

    You have read some takeaways about this program, but here are more:

    • You can show your children a healthier eating model and provide them protection against the increasing risk of Metabolic Conditions
    • You can clear your congested channels of fluid and energy, such as your lymphatic system
    • Through improving digestion, you can prevent toxins or Ama from accumulating in your system
    • You can cultivate body positivity, because this course focuses more on fat distribution rather than focusing on BMI and other punishing standards 
    • Improve your relationship with food, as it promotes eating more 'satisfying' foods
    • Simplify your life in a back-to-basics approach
    • Empower yourself to make better, more conscious eating choices
    • Help your kidneys and liver be healthy too
    • Calm your parasympathetic nervous system and 'stress' hormones
    • Enhance longevity and delay the pathologies associated with growing older!

    If you would like to enhance your family’s health naturally and holistically, if you’d like to learn a more targeted, effective way of healing your entire system, wake up each day with renewed energy, mental clarity and a sense of well-being, come and join Todd in strengthening your metabolic fire and changing your life. 

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    About the Author

    Todd Caldecott, Dip.Cl.H., RH (AHG), CAP (NAMA)

    Todd is an Ayurvedic practitioner, a teacher, a nutritionist, an herbal medicine specialist, the author of bestselling books such as Food as Medicine, and the executive director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Apart from teaching Ayurveda – the Indian science of life - and other wellness modules via conferences and workshops, Todd practices as a clinician in Vancouver and has used his unique interdisciplinary approach to help hundreds manage conditions like arthritis, polycystic ovaries, insomnia and heart disease. Todd’s composite healing methods blend Ayurveda with modern scientific concepts and herbal medicine to achieve wellness by teaching you to listen to your body’s wisdom!

    Todd has been practicing medicine for 20 years. In addition to that, he: 

    • Has a degree in Western Herbal Medicine from the Coastal Mountain College in Vancouver 
    • Has studied Ayurvedic medicine in Coimbatore, India 
    • Is a certified herbalist 
    • Is a certified panchakarma practitioner 
    • Is a yoga practitioner 
    • Has extensively researched Chinese Medicine 
    • Has authored Ayurveda: The Divine Science of Life as well as co-edited Ayurveda in Nepal: The Teachings of Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya 

    And in 2012, Todd founded the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, which offers distance learning programs and a gurukula-style mentorship training program for aspiring practitioners. 

    Todd also maintains an extensive website containing free content on natural health and wellness including a blog where he posts regularly. 

    Humble and empathetic, Todd has healed and taught literally hundreds. In his own words: 

    “My only motivation is to get you to a place where you become more empowered.”

    Course Contents

    This 1 hour and 10-minute long course is divided into separate modules, covering topics like:

    1. What is Metabolic Syndrome?

    • The one hormonal pathology behind it 
    • Co-morbidities 
    • Which populations are ironically more affected, some of which are outwardly more conscious about health! 

    2. Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome  

    • The three criterion that tell you if you have metabolic syndrome 
    • Which populations are more susceptible 
    • 4 more new factors surprisingly linked with metabolic syndrome – you should be testing these levels regularly! 
    • The ratio that matters more than what you weigh 
    • The clinically most useful ratio you ought to know 
    • Why it is a far better predictor of health issues than your BMI or Body Mass Index  
    • The links between this ratio and longevity 
    • The health conditions that crop us when this ratio rises 

    3. Constitutional Risk Factors

    • Your individual constitution and Metabolic Syndrome
    • Why the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome differs according to your Prakruti
    • Why Kapha is easier to treat than Vata  

    4. Environmental Mechanisms

    • The hidden factors in your external and internal environment that could be leading to Metabolic Syndrome
    • Foods with a high glycemic load
    • The surprising foods that are hurting your liver and contributing to a disrupted metabolism
    • So you think fat is a villain? Think again. Why a low-fat diet may actually be CONTRIBUTING to your weight gain and metabolic disruption!
    • Nutrient deficiencies weakening your metabolism
    • The crucial Vitamins your body is not getting enough of
    • The trace minerals you are missing
    • The surprising elevated ratio that contributes to Metabolic Syndrome
    • The link between a sedentary lifestyle and metabolic breakdown
    • Listen to your gut – how disruptions in the gut ecosystem are the first signs of things going haywire
    • Environmental pollutants that throw off your metabolism 

    5. Molecular Mechanisms

    • The imbalance in which ONE digestive hormone is behind Metabolic Syndrome. The extremely common foods causing this imbalance to worsen...
    • The insulin-related vicious cycle that throws off your metabolism and real ways to break this cycle! 
    • You’ve heard of insulin, but the other “-in” that causes gut inflammation and which foods are contributing to its excess! 
    • Central obesity and the link to Metabolic Syndrome. Why it doesn’t matter how big you are but “where” you are big and which diet can easily improve hormonally-active abdominal weight! 

    6. Insulin Resistance as Evolutionary Trait 

    • The evolutionary trait that has recently become pathological and causes Metabolic Syndrome
    • Surprising facts on the rise of Metabolic Sydrome 
    • The links between ketosis and paleolithic diets
    • Why glucose can’t be your go-to source of energy at all times 
    • Practical steps to coax the body into getting its energy from fat and correcting metabolic syndrome!  

    7. Evolution of the Human Diet 

    8. Anthropology of Obesity 

    • Does eating fat really make you fat? 
    • Why were images of so-called “overweight” women worshipped in ancient cultures? 

    9. Anthropology of Diabetes

    • Why diabetes is an old disease 
    • And why has diabetes become increasingly common after the Middle Ages? Which changes in human diet are linked with the increased incidence of diabetes? 
    • Diabetes in non-Westernized hunter-gatherers 
    • Which surprising communities show a lower incidence of diabetes  
    • Takeaways from the eating habits of these communities and ways in which you can implement them easily in your life! 

    10. Agriculture & Modernity 

    • Why is Metabolic Syndrome linked with modern agricultural practices?
    • The traditional food prep methods you can use to get the maximum gains from grains! 
    • Gut Ecology and Metabolic Syndrome
    • Why some so-called 'underdeveloped' populations are treating their guts far better than the 'developed' world! 
    • Handy tips to strengthen your gut ecology
    • How to increase your count of “good bacteria” 
    • Which of your foods are wrecking your gut? 
    • Prepping methods to make food more digestible and 'easier' on your gastrointestinal tract 
    • Refined Cereals and Ayurveda 
    • When carbs are not the enemy! 
    • How to prepare cereals in their healthiest form
    • Follow these traditional, Ayurveda-recommended methods to prepare and cook cereals and reduce their potential to disturb your metabolism. Tip: Why does Ayurveda suggest soaking all cereals and lentils for a few hours before cooking?
    • The truth about Sweeteners and Ayurveda 
    • Why Ayurveda’s take on sweet foods needs to be placed in proper historic context
    • Links between sweets and Metabolic Syndrome
    • The ONE so-called “calorie-free” sweetening agent you ought to drop from your diet today! 
    • Busting the myths about Ayurveda and Vegetarianism 
    • Why Ayurveda does not always promote vegetarianism
    • Why eating meats may actually benefit some people 
    • Cranky on a low-fat diet? The hidden ways in which your “healthy” diet may be anything but! 
    • The secret compounds in even low glycemic index cereals that can be irritating your intestinal tract  

    11. Dietary Treatment 

    • How to heal Metabolic Syndrome simply by changing your diet
    • The foods you should drop NOW
    • Practical tips on changing your diet, as per your current dominant doshic imbalance. A customized diet plan for Vata, Pitta and Kapha in excess!
    • The one classic vegetarian diet you can follow safely to balance Metabolic Syndrome 
    • Healthy and easy-to-follow legume preparation methods

    12. Dinacharya

    • The right conditions to sustain your metabolic fire – Your dinacharya or lifestyle
    • The time of day you should be waking up if you have or are predisposed to Metabolic Syndrome 
    • The best, targeted kind of exercise for specifically improving your metabolic imbalances
    • Tiny things matter a lot! The exercise model that can help the small sized but power-packed mitochondria in your cells flourish. (Hint: mitochondrial health is essential to a healthy metabolism) 
    • Practical ways to reduce stress to beat inflammation and support metabolic function

    13. Botanical Treatment

    • Herbs for Metabolic Syndrome 
    • Which important herbs support digestion and strengthen your Agni. A detailed look at common botanicals like amla or Indian gooseberry and hidden champions like Astralus. 
    • Herbs drawn from Ayurveda, Chinese and Western Medicines to heal your liver
    • Heart-healthy herbs! Greens that you ought to be supplementing to improve circulatory health.
    • Mind-balancing herbs, such as Brahmi and many, many more to promote neural function, enhance concentration and feelings of well-being! 
    • Herbs for common urologic issues 

    14. Key Nutrients

    • The key nutrients you should be consuming to heal Metabolic Syndrome 
    • Minerals. Did you know a little-known-about element called VANADIUM is very important for your health? And that most of us are deficient in Vanadium? Herbs and leafy greens that are rich, natural sources of this element and many other metabolism-enhancers.
    • Vitamins. Tthe specific compound forms in which nutrients have to be consumed for optimal metabolism. 
    • Fats and other compounds, such as Coenzyme Q and many others...