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  • Holistic Nutrition - Ayurveda on Diet and Nutrition for Vata, Pitta, Kapha

    A course to unveil the healing power of food, revive the lost traditional food wisdom missing in your life and to help you make the right, definitive food choices for your and your family!

    About the Course

    Unlock the hidden, healing wisdom of food -- the biggest medicine out there – and use it to fight lifestyle disease, shed excess kilos and boost health, happiness and immunity, all without going on a “diet”!  

    SynopsisDiscover the treasure trove that is food and nutrition and transform your health and immunity. Learn the vital difference between empty calories and real nutrition, and adopt a dietary routine that actually works. Learn Ayurvedic perspective on components of diet including but not limited to Water, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Meat, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Dairy, Fats and Oil, Sweeteners, Tea, Chocolate, Yerba Mate, Coffee and Alcohol.

    Get off the painful cycle of fad diets, binges and cravings and learn traditional food wisdom that will leave you not just healthier, but also satisfied after every meal!  To unveil the healing power of food, revive the lost traditional food wisdom missing in your life and to help you make the right, definitive food choices for you and your family, we at the Ayurveda Experience are very excited and proud to present the course: Ayurveda and Holistic Nutrition.

    The answer to your food dilemma is finally here.


    • If you should replace sugar with splenda?
    • Why do you gain weight despite counting calories?
    • You don’t have celiac disease or insulin resistance, should you still stop eating all carbs?
    • What should you eat to heal aggravated symptoms and dosha imbalances?
    • What is the best cookware?
    • How can you incorporate more traditional methods of cooking?
    • Is veganism right for you?
    • What are the pros and cons of all the diets out there – from keto to DASH to Atkins?
    • Are raw carrots better than cooked carrots?
    • Which is the healthiest way to eat red meat?
    • What are some healthy alternatives to potatoes?
    • How can you ferment foods at home?
    • How can you incorporate more spices and herbs in the standard American diet?
    • How much fruit should you really be eating every day?
    • Why does Ayurveda say moderation is the key to wholesome eating?
    • How should you eat to tackle common disorders, from anxiety to chronic coughs to diabetes and heart disease? 

    This program is so rich with useful information, exhaustive in its scope and easy to practice.

    The program is also packed with reveals, tips and tricks that can clear all your nutrition-related confusion. You will learn the safest, best way to cook and consume red meat and the healthiest way to prepare French fries. You will learn the meal of the day you should never skip if you have a tendency to worry. And the cookware you can start boxing away as soon as you finish reading this. 

    And that’s looking at just some of the gems you will unearth in Holistic Nutrition. But that’s still not the best bit about the program. The best bit is that all this transformative knowledge and exciting concepts are being shared with you by a very wise, grounded and internationally renowned teacher. A bestselling author, an Ayurveda practitioner and an expert in interdisciplinary medicine, whose video you have watched, and seen how lucidly he traces connections between food and health most people miss…  

    Here are the key takeaways to this program:

    • How to get your entire family to eat healthy! 
    • How to give your kids foundational food habits that protect them from lifestyle disease in their future 
    • Holistic nutrition across the generations – from your parents to you to your children 
    • Make the kitchen the busy, bustling “hearth” of our ancestors! 
    • How to create the ideal breakfast 
    • Exciting recipe ideas  
    • How to eat in sync with the seasons 
    • How to increase longevity through conscious food choices 
    • How to balance your mind and emotion through eating healthy 
    • And how to let food fill you up with energy so your daily tasks are a breeze!  


     This program is a genuine, unmissable opportunity to change your life now.

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    About the Author

    Todd Caldecott, Dip.Cl.H., RH (AHG), CAP (NAMA)

    Todd is an Ayurvedic practitioner, a teacher, a nutritionist, an herbal medicine specialist, the author of bestselling books such as Food as Medicine, and the executive director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Apart from teaching Ayurveda – the Indian science of life - and other wellness modules via conferences and workshops, Todd practices as a clinician in Vancouver and has used his unique interdisciplinary approach to help hundreds manage conditions like arthritis, polycystic ovaries, insomnia and heart disease. Todd’s composite healing methods blend Ayurveda with modern scientific concepts and herbal medicine to achieve wellness by teaching you to listen to your body’s wisdom!

    Todd has been practicing medicine for 20 years. In addition to that, he: 

    • Has a degree in Western Herbal Medicine from the Coastal Mountain College in Vancouver 
    • Has studied Ayurvedic medicine in Coimbatore, India 
    • Is a certified herbalist 
    • Is a certified panchakarma practitioner 
    • Is a yoga practitioner 
    • Has extensively researched Chinese Medicine 
    • Has authored Ayurveda: The Divine Science of Life as well as co-edited Ayurveda in Nepal: The Teachings of Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya 

    And in 2012, Todd founded the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, which offers distance learning programs and a gurukula-style mentorship training program for aspiring practitioners. 

    Todd also maintains an extensive website containing free content on natural health and wellness including a blog where he posts regularly. 

    Humble and empathetic, Todd has healed and taught literally hundreds. In his own words: 

    “My only motivation is to get you to a place where you become more empowered.”

    Course Contents

    This 12 hour and 17-minute long course is divided into separate modules, covering topics like:

    1. The Quality and Nature of food

    • Water
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Cereals
    • Meat
    • Legumes
    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Dairy
    • Fats and Oil
    • Sweeteners
    • Tea
    • Chocolate
    • Yerba Mate
    • Coffee
    • Alcohol

    2. The preparation of food

    • Cookware
    • Raw Food
    • Germinated food
    • Steaming and Poaching
    • Boiling, Stewing and Braising
    • Baking and Roasting
    • Frying
    • Grilling
    • Fermentation
    • Curing Meat

    3. Herbs and Spices

    • American Ginseng Root
    • Amla Fruit
    • Asafetida Resin
    • Ashwagandha Root
    • Asparagus Root
    • Astragalus Root
    • Basil Leaf
    • Black Mustard Seed
    • Black Pepper Fruit
    • Calendula Flower
    • Caraway Seed
    • Cardamom Seed
    • Chickweed Herb
    • Chili Fruit
    • Chinese Angelica Root
    • Chinese Red Date
    • Chinese Yam Rhizome
    • Cinnamon Bark
    • Clove Flower
    • Codonopsis Root
    • Coriander Seed
    • Cumin Seed
    • Curry Leaf
    • Dandelion Root
    • Dill Seed
    • Epazote
    • Fennel
    • Fenugreek
    • Garlic Bulb
    • Ginger Rhizome
    • Goji Fruit
    • Gotukola Herb
    • Hemp Seed
    • Holy Basil
    • Juniper Fruit
    • Lavender Flower
    • Lemon balm Leaf
    • Licorice Root
    • Lily Bulb
    • Long Pepper
    • Mint Leaf
    • Orange Peel
    • Oregano Leaf
    • Peony Root
    • Pink Salt
    • Polygonum Root
    • Poria Fungus
    • Prickly Ash Fruit
    • Rehmannia Root
    • Rose Blossom
    • Rosemary Leaf
    • Sage Leaf
    • Sea Salt
    • Seaweed
    • Slippery Elm Bark
    • Solomon's Seal Root
    • Tamarind Fruit
    • Tarragon Leaf
    • Thyme Leaf
    • Turmeric
    • Wild Celery Seed
    • Nutmeg Fruit

    4. Diet and Dietary Therapy

    • The Origin of the Human Diet
    • Paleolithic Diet
    • Ayurvedic Diet
    • Diets
    • Vikriti: Concept of Disease
    • Food Sensitivities and Allergies
    • Different Types of Diet to Tackle