Ayurveda All Access - Subscription to All Ayurveda Video Courses

Ayurveda All Access - Subscription to All Ayurveda Video Courses

The Ayurveda Experience



The Ayurveda Experience Presents: 


A unique subscription plan with access to 17+ courses, with over 70+ hours of HD video-based courses, authored by the most eminent instructors and experts in the world in the field of Ayurveda and holistic health!

  • Over 70+ hours of video -based guided explanations
  • Authored by topmost experts including Integrative Medicine Physicians from Harvard to Gold Medalist Ayurvedic PhD from India
  • Unique topics such as autoimmune conditions, pulse reading, women's health, metabolic conditions and more covered
  • 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee assured
  • On-the-go, convenient video format 

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to care for yourself based on your specific dosha type 
  • Understand the idea behind an ideal food-exercise-sleep cycle and incorporate it through practical means 
  • Be better equipped to make informed choices when it comes to your needs- be it for body or mind 
  • Create your own beauty routines and regimes that are solely based on nature and natural ingredients 
  • Unearth the Ayurvedic perspective behind disease and wellness that the West hasn’t delved into yet 
  • Include simple tips and tricks for a more focused and mindful living 
  • Discover the Ayurvedic secret behind peaceful and harmonious living 

Plus, get access to new content every month! 

What's unique about these courses?

  • Fan favorites - Trusted, liked and appreciated by users from 150+ countries already!
  • Expert Practitioner-backed Curriculum - With a combined experience of over 50 years!
  • Instant online access - Start watching within minutes of subscribing to the plan. 
  • Research-based Knowledge - For real and practical uses in everyday life
  • Original content - Exclusive library with impressive variety of courses

  • On-the-go Learning - On-demand content from the comforts of your device at your pace


    Now, get access to 15+ courses worth $1000 for just $8.25 a month, billed annually!

    With FREE PDF Text Companions and INSTANT digital access! 

    60-day money back guarantee