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    The Ayurveda Experience Presents: 


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    • Video -based guided explanations on diet, yoga, detox, disease management, massage, etc.
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    What will you learn?

    • Reinstate the ‘Mind-Body balance’ with easy-to-follow Ayurvedic Advice
    • 100% Online knowledge made for every unique body – based on your dosha type
    • Incorporate the easiest and most natural habits into your routine for your holistic well-being
    • Unearth the Ayurvedic perspective behind disease and wellness that the West hasn’t delved into yet
    • Create your own beauty routines and regimes that are solely based on nature and natural ingredients 
    • Discover the Ayurvedic secret behind peaceful and harmonious living 

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    Upcoming course: Ayurveda on Diabetes by Dr. Akil Palanisamy 

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