Kansa Wand for Face & Body with Rujahari Oil

Kansa Wand for Face & Body with Rujahari Oil

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This Kansa Wand works wonders for giving you a youthful facestress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation! Whether used as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, this wand will give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience like never before!

All natural, involving no electronic gadgets or harmful radiations or even chemicals, this tool is made with the healing metal of India - Kansa.

This particular wand is a medium sized wand, most versatile and good to use on the face as well as the rest of the body. Use it on the face as a part of a facial, use it on your neck, head, back, arms, legs, chest, abdomen etc. to relax the area, improve blood circulation and energize the body.

You can also use this wand (like most people do) to get relief and relaxation frozen shoulders or painful backs etc.

Additional benefits of a Kansa Wand Massage are:

  • A pleasurable sensation that calms the entire nervous system
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Erases stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group
  • Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and both able to rest or go out there and shine in the world
  • Helps make it easier to fall into deep, relaxing sleep

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A polyherbal body oil that provides support in dealing with discomfort

Not only this, Rujahari Oil contains four other herbs, which in addition to the above five, consist the Dashmoola (the 10 herb collection with exception of just one herb.)

For those familiar with Ayurveda, this oil is Vata balancing, which means it balances the oils in skin.

  • Get natural, Ayurvedic support in dealing with discomfort

  • Massage tired muscles and joints

  • Promote longevity and attractiveness of the body

  • Treat your skin to nutritive gifts of nature - pure, natural Ayurvedic herbs comprising an ancient formula and no parabens, silicones, mineral oil, and other common chemicals

If you’re the discerning consumer who likes to know what they’re putting on their skin, you’ll be happy about the profound power of the ingredients of this oil and the fact that this oil contains no added fragrance, artificial binders, additives, mineral oil or any such thing that you wouldn’t want on your skin!

Suitable for all skin types, massage the oil gently preferably at nigh-time, leave it overnight and wash off with preferably lukewarm water. It has amazing soothing effects when used with the iYURA Kansa Wands.

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Full list of ingredients

Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Cow Milk, Shatavari [Asparagus Racemosus], Indian Mallow [Abutilon Indicum], Ashwagandha [Withania Somnifera], Spreading Hogweed [Boerhavia Diffusa], Stone Apple [Aegle Marmelos], Indian Nightshade [Solanum Indicum], Puncture Vine [Tribulus Terrestris], Broken Bones Tree [Oroxylum Indicum],
Indian Coral Tree [Erythrina Indica], Wild Egg Plant [Solanum Surattense], Indian Headache Tree [Premna Integrifolia], Skunk Vine [Paederia Foetida], Rose Flower Fragrant [Stereospermum Suaveolens], Indian Kudzu [Pueraria Tuberosa], Air Potato [Dioscorea Bulbifera], Indian Elecampane [Inula Racemosa], Nut Grass [Cyperus
Rotundus], Cinnamon Bark [Cinnamomum Zeylanicum], Pluchea [Pluchea Lanceolata], Himalayan Cedar [Cedrus Deodara], Vetiver Grass [Vetiveria Zizanioides], Shal Leafed Bush [Desmodium Gangeticum], Lagopoides [Uraria Picta], Wild Gram [Vigna Trilobata], Vogel Tephrosis [Teramnus Labialis], Indian Barberry [Berberis Aristata], Indian
Valerian [Valeriana Wallichii], Swamp Mallow [Pavonia Odorata], Flame of the Forest [Butea Monosperma], Indian Silver Fir [Abies Webbiana], Dill [Anethum Sowa], Indian Rose Chestnut [Mesua Ferrea], Himalayan Rock Salt, Turmeric [Curcuma Longa], Stone Flower [Parmelia Perlata], Cardamom [Elettaria Cardamomum], Manjistha [Rubia Cordifolia], Licorice [Glycyrrhiza Glabra], Indian Bay Leaf [Cinnamomum Tamala], Sweet Flag [Acorus Calamus], Nutmeg [Myristica Fragrans], Camphor [Cinnamomum Camphora], Saffron [Crocus Sativus].

No mineral oil, parabens or chemicals.
100% natural Ayurvedic product.
Not tested on animals.

Cautions: For external use only. Test for allergy. Contains cow milk. Not tested on animals. Do not apply to wounds and rashes. This product is not meant to treat, mitigate, prevent, heal or cure any disease. Use within 24 months from date of mfg.

Quantity: 100 ml (3.38 fl oz)

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