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  • THIS is why no matter what you did, you weren't able to get rid of those stubborn age spots!
    You didn't know...

    The REAL Reason why you got those Age Spots in the first place!

    Oh, are you wondering if it's even possible to get rid of Age Spots 100% Naturally? 

    Keep reading to find out!

    Hi! You have now landed in the realm of True, Authentic, and most importantly, Effective Ayurveda. In this realm, you will only experience real Ayurveda that is scientifically nurtured by an accurate synthesis of herbs and botanicals, as mentioned in the ancient scriptures. 

    You kept searching for the reason behind age spots and never were told the Ayurvedic rationale and logic. Well, here you go!

    In this realm, we'll understand the REAL reason why one gets Age Spots, and then learn about a highly effective, time-tested, 100% Natural and Scientifically made solution!


    Why do Age-Spots occur & can they be reduced or avoided?

    Age Spots

    Age spots are pigments that are caused due to your body's response to sun or UV exposure which results in the collection of darker pigmentation in certain parts of the body. The color-giving substance called ‘melanin’ made by skin-cells is produced as a response to damage to the skin-cells.

    After years of exposure to UV light, melanin builds up in certain areas and is produced in high concentrations. This results in age spots that start showing up as you age.

    So while aging is natural, pigmented spots or age spots CAN BE AVOIDED OR REDUCED!

    Often people try hydroquinone creams with retinoids or ‘bleaching’ creams to try to fade age spots externally. This can make your skin MORE sensitive to UV damage, so you’re full circle (and for some body parts it’s not even convenient to use those creams)

    Common OTCs have the following ingredients, which again, end up making the skin sensitive on the surface.



    Glycolic acid

    Alpha hydroxy acid

    Kojic acid

    • steroids
    • deoxyarbutin
    • glycolic acid
    • alpha hydroxy acid
    • kojic acid

    These creams can be harsh and damage your skin in the long run and in the short term they make your skin MORE sensitive to the sun. They can cause:

    Skin rashes, irritation and sores

    Skin rashes, irritation and sores



    Acne which further leaves behind scars

    Acne which further leaves behind scars

    Thin skin



    Extreme dryness or the condition of xeroderma

    Contact dermatitis

    • skin rashes, irritation and sores
    • stinging/burning/inflammation
    • acne which further leaves behind scars
    • thin skin
    • redness
    • extreme dryness or the condition of xeroderma
    • contact dermatitis

    And we don't even need to talk about the innumberable risks you expose yourself to by even considering pulse-light therapies and chemical peels!
    what if there was something 100% Natural, Herbal and Effective, with NO known side-effects that you could use to help you with the appearance of Age Spots and Pigmentation?

    This is where Ayurveda presents its dual excellence and comes to your rescue – not just by working on your skin's appearance, but also by holistically taking care of it!

    This is how Holistically and Healthily Ayurveda works on Age Spots

    • steroids
    • deoxyarbutin
    • glycolic acid
    • alpha hydroxy acid
    • kojic acid
    • skin rashes, irritation and sores
    • stinging/burning/inflammation
    • acne which further leaves behind scars
    • thin skin
    • redness
    • extreme dryness or the condition of xeroderma
    • contact dermatitis

    "Varnya" - according to the 17th century Charaka Samhita, is the Sanskrit term for that which enhances your skin's complexion and adds a beautiful radiance. 
    It refers to the substances, therapies, or practices that promote the complexion and overall vitality of the skin.

    It refers to the substances, therapies, or practices that promote the complexion and overall vitality of the skin.

    Varnya herbs are believed to enhance the natural beauty of the skin, reduce any appearance pigmentation, and improve its radiance. The concept of Varnya is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic principles, particularly in relation to the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in these doshas can manifest in various skin issues, including age spots.

    So, if Age Spots are a result of 'Pitta' aggrevation, the solution needs to be 'Pitta' calming. 

    This is the best route to take to reduce the appearance of Age Spots naturally also because the other solutions you go for, all cause horrible side-effects that are due to 'Pitta' aggrevation. 'Pitta' is associated with fire and heat in the body. And inflammation, burning sensation, acne breakouts and redness are all results of 'Pitta' aggravation in the body - which now we know are also the excruciating side-effects of common OTCs like Steroids, Deoxyarbutin and other acids that promise reduction in age spots!

    How do you reduce the appearance of age spots?  

    There is a 100% Natural way of doing that. But first things first, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind: 

    a) Age spots are harmless. Age spots do not hurt, or have any health implications. If you see brownish or even blue-ish/purple-ish spots on your face, then don’t be immediately alarmed, they’re not always indicative of some disease. 

    b) You do NOT have to be conscious about them. If you want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons, then don’t go for extremes like applying chemical peels, or getting laser and intense pulse light therapies. You don’t need to subject your skin to the many negative, skin-health deteriorating risks (like redness, scabbing and swelling) of such therapies and solutions. Instead, try a wholesome, holistic, 100% natural method that’s so potent and good for you, that the reduction of the appearance of age spots becomes the easiest thing and a result of true self-care! 

    But what is this wholesome, holistic, 100% natural method?

    You will find it here – in the texts of Ayurveda. 

    Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old ‘Science of Life’ that recommends specific herbal concoctions for specific ailments that show targeted results to ensure healthy and holistic skincare, haircare and overall optimal wellbeing.   

    Why trust an ancient Science? 

    • steroids
    • deoxyarbutin
    • glycolic acid
    • alpha hydroxy acid
    • kojic acid
    • skin rashes, irritation and sores
    • stinging/burning/inflammation
    • acne which further leaves behind scars
    • thin skin
    • redness
    • extreme dryness or the condition of xeroderma
    • contact dermatitis

    Despite having been in existence since 5000 years ago, Ayurveda has a a whole repository of time-tested, some even clinically tested herbs, plants and fruits that can have transformative effects on beauty and wellness. These herbs have very specific properties that work on various conditions in a targeted fashion.

    That is how Ayurveda works, it doesn't just work on the surface of a bodily indisposition, but it looks into the root cause of it and then tries to fix it. 

    Which is why authentic Ayurveda is the best route. If the stem of what's causing a particular ailment was worked on in a natural and healthy way, then that wouldn't loop you in the vicious cycle of chemicals and their side-effects. Instead, it'd make your body naturally self-dependent, ensuring any positive changes you see, actually last. 

    That is how Ayurveda operates. It operates on the notion that self-care and self-love combined with the nature's own science of wellness and beauty can give targeted results, and not just results that go 'poof' after a day or two but STAY. 

    But that is not all, Ayurveda doesn't operate on just beliefs, ancient Ayurvedic texts have documented certain specific herbs that help with these brownish, bluish and purplish age spots that we just talked about.   


    To find the right answer to this question, one can't simply rely on google searches.

    A simple google search will tell you that Ayurveda recommends a basic DIY solution like a turmeric mask, or aloe vera or something like that to get rid of age spots. 

    And that’s what happens when there’s a lack of understanding of Ayurvedic texts. Did you know that turmeric is a renowned herb in Ayurveda not because it has a plethora of benefits (because that's true and a given), but because it’s a bioavailability enhancer – which means that its own goodness, and the goodness of other herbs you use with turmeric is exacerbated, and makes it easier for the nutrition of the herbs to penetrate your skin thoroughly to give targeted results? So, alone, turmeric isn’t the best solution for age spots.  

    Hence the emphasis on “good understanding of Ayurvedic texts and its prescription of herbs for problems”.  Which is why we're going to tell you about not one, but the right combination of herbs that will target age spots specifically and brighten your skin, by effectively giving you the benefits of Turmeric.

    With Turmeric, Ayurveda specifies the use of another type of Turmeric.  

    Remember the talks we had about 'varnya' herbs? Turmeric is a 'varnya' herb in Ayurveda. Turmeric is known for its skin brightening and complexion enhancing properties, making it a super effective ingredient to reduce the appearance of age spots. 

    But you already knew about the goodness of Turmeirc, didn't you?

    But then, did the DIY Turmeric masks also fail you like they failed your cream-colored flooring and your white marble countertop and the beautiful floor tiles in your shower?

    Or did those expensive Turmeric - 'enriched' creams do nothing extraordinary for you?

    The thing is, the masks and the creams got something wrong that keeps them ordinary...

    Reading the 3 ‘Turmeric-Truths’ below will tell you what it was...



    Turmeric Truth


    Drinking Turmeric ‘Water’ is a waste.

    It will pass right through you, unless there’s an unguent substance carrying it due to the bioavailability challenge of turmeric. This is a serious Ayurvedic herb, don’t treat it like a fad.

    There is no benefit in drinking water infused with turmeric. Unless you use an unguent substance to carry the turmeric and enable it to dispel its healing properties, you’re basically drinking colored (and strangely-flavored) water.

    How much turmeric can be absorbed by the body for active use depends on what it is absorbed through. And water is not it. In fact, turmeric is a potent herb and used in a range of deep healing recipes in Ayurveda. Treating it like an influence fad for instant results is inefficient and possibly harmful.

    Turmeric Truth


    Using Turmeric as a powder on your face directly is not a good idea.

    Excessive turmeric powder directly on the face, without the right ‘vehicle’ (more on that below) can be counter-productive to looking beautiful! It can be too strong on light, sensitive skin when used without proper methods and make matters worse. Besides, there’s a difference between looking ill and getting a glow. You can only get the amount of Turmeric right with practice. The paste also washes off and makes a messy ritual and does not enable long-term benefit of turmeric for the skin.

    Turmeric Truth


    There’s more to Turmeric than ‘Curcumin’

    Note, while the west has quickly picked up on Curcumin, for over 5000 years Ayurveda has valued, celebrated and extensively used the whole herb Turmeric, and not just one of its constituents Curcumin. Turmeric is not only curcumin, a class of curcuminoides present in turmeric. It has many other compounds like Turmerones and other aromatic compounds (above 80) present in the whole turmeric that can help fight the appearance of aging in many different ways. Curcumin is, in fact, poorly absorbed by the human body while it does have multiple known wellness benefits. A study has also proved that the bioavailability of curcuminoids is greater when raw or powdered dried turmeric is consumed as compared to isolated curcumin.

    Picking up 1 piece of a science as deep, vast and dynamic as Ayurveda and exploiting it elsewhere is like going to medical school for a week and behaving like a doctor!

    So many other phytoconstituents beneficial for health are missed if only curcumin is consumed in place of raw or powdered turmeric or when turmeric is consumed without an unctuous base!

    So what’s it about Turmeric other than Curcumin that makes it so special in Ayurveda?

    There’s a reason why this compound, Curcumin, is a PART of the 80+ compounds in Turmeric.

    The reason is synergy.

    Ayurveda is all about synergy, harmony and balance.

    When working in conjunction with the several other compounds in Turmeric that nature intended, Curcumin does indeed make Turmeric formidable.

    Isolating it will not necessarily give the same results as using Turmeric as a whole.

    In Ayurveda, the whole is always greater than the sum of parts and by using it with the ‘right vehicle’, Turmeric can boost your complexion in more ways than one!

    Keeping the same principle in mind, while Turmeric does form a significant part of the formula, it also works in synergy with other Ayurvedic herbs that balance, accentuate and support it!

    Turmeric with Licorice, Manjishtha, Daruharidra and Saffron

    Where do I find a Turmeric formulation that works in synergy with Ayurvedic herbs that support it?




    100% 5-STAR RATING!

    • UNLIKE ANY OTHER TURMERIC SKINCARE YOU’VE SEEN BEFORE, this contains whole, raw Turmeric COOKED using an ANCIENT METHOD into the oil – not just Turmeric Essential oil!
    • Exfoliates uber-GENTLY and clarifies the skin to reduce the look of sun-damage that too without causing dryness or flaking
    • Perfect upleveler for those looking for anti-aging skincare due to its aliveness-inducing & youth-promoting, firming abilities
    • Smooths over any look of age-spots or wrinkles for an enlivened, clear-looking face. 
    • Cleanses and visibly minimizes the appearance of pores
    • Brightens and illuminates instantly AND gives a long, sustained clear glow over-time
    • Purifies and clarifies blemish-prone, dull, acne-prone skin 
    • A formula so potent that it even intensifies the effects of other oils when blending or layering

    Have you come across a skincare product lately and felt like you struck gold?  

    Especially when your aesthetician asked you what you were using on your skin to make it look this good?

    Or when your partner stared at your face to figure out what’s different (in a good way)?

    Or when that 7-year old gave an innocent compliment to your face?



     ...Half way through my first bottle I ordered another to ensure I would not go without it. Does every single thing just as advertised and does it immediately. After only the first few days, I started seeing results and knew this one was special. I use it multiple ways - all highly effective! It exfoliates without causing dryness or flaking, cleanses and visibly minimizes my pores, and intensifies the affects of my other oils when blending or layering. This product is results oriented and truly something special!”

    - Maria S 

    Why Turmerisa, a Turmeric Moisturizer is the biggest win-win for your skin

    Turmeric, by itself is a ‘moisturizer’ per se. BUT. When used in iYURA’s Turmerisa, it delivers so much more than you’d expect.

    In this formula, Turmeric is paired with its bioavailability enhancers, subtle moisturizers and other synergistic herbs that compound individual performance manifolds to deliver superlative results.

    • Turmeric brings clarity and glow, repairs the look of your complexion from haggard to toned and radiant
    • The actives in the ingredient also clarify and brighten skin over time
    • Turmeric purifies and even-tones the appearance of rough and dull-looking skin!

    But not alone – in this formula, it works brilliantly with a selection of herbs that work well together, prepared using a traditional method that’s 5000 years old!

    Turmerisa, a Turmeric Moisturizer
    • Turmerisa is a wondrous, potent formula, just a few drops of which are enough to juice-up your skincare and your skin!
    • This oil is known for its amazing texture, with the softest after-feel.
    • Along with other clarity-boosting herbs, it helps get rid of the spot-ridden look on your face 
    • Smooths the aggressive look of lines and wrinkles 
    • It promotes a more even-toned complexion
    • It smells like the gentle memory of a forest of flowers

    Most companies sell Turmeric ‘Essential oil’ which is NOT the same as this – they do not come close!

    In Turmerisa, Turmeric’s army comprises of:

    • Licorice that brightens and soothes
    • Manjistha that combats the look of pigmentation
    • Daruharidra that calms the look of angry skin
    • Saffron that imbues the skin with an instant glow

    Why do ‘Turmeric’ oils available elsewhere not match Turmerisa’s standards and why is Turmerisa a better choice?

    • Turmeric is new to the western world and western skin science is still discovering more and more of its benefits whereas Ayurveda, has known about Turmeric and has used it in dozens of ways for beauty and wellness for FIVE-THOUSAND-YEARS. 5, not 1 but FIVE THOUSAND YEARS!
    • Other ‘Turmeric’ products lack ‘Ayurvedic wisdom’ and are bereft of the synergy with which Ayurvedic herbs help one another to perform better and give more powerful, long term results.
    • These modern ‘Turmeric’ oils or serums have just ‘picked up’ turmeric as a trending ingredient and add it on to the label mostly to hop on to a trend or use turmeric as just another skincare ingredient without the full context of its complete potential as described in Ayurveda.

      Most of these formulations are made with extracts/turmeric essential oils with small amounts as actives, they’re NOT made using the ancient ‘Taila-Paak’ method or the ‘oil-cooking’ method which utilizes a wholesome range of the benefits of the herbs and ensures potent delivery. 

    Yes, IF you've ever seen any other Turmeric oil available for sale here, we can be sure that most and maybe, it's safe to say all of them, are made with Turmeric Essential Oil or extracts - we can GUARANTEE that Turmerisa is a unique facial essence in the USA, Canada and Australia made in the authentic ‘Taila-Paak’ method – the 5000-year old way of cooking the whole herbs into the oils, that smells like heaven, feels like bliss and works like a power-machine!

    See what other forces do Turmerisa bring along with Turmeric

    Licorice’s illuminating capability

    Licorice’s illuminating capability

    Clinically proven to lighten the look of spots in the skin, licorice is the perfect natural brightener found in many Ayurvedic beauty formulas.

    Because it is even toning in nature, its regular use can effectively reduce the look of dark patches or spots on the skin.

    Licorice promotes clarity and enhances skin tone and is a very gentle alternative to harsh depigmentation actives.

    Manjistha’s Pigmentation-Combating, Even-Toning Benefits

    Manjistha’s Pigmentation-Combating,
    Even-Toning Benefits

    A celebrated rejuvenative and complexion enhancer, it helps in balancing the skin's temper-tantrums and uneven skin tone.

    It is often added to Ayurvedic skincare products to make the complexion even and tone down the appearance of uneven spots to give a relatively more even-looking complexion.

    It is known for its purifying and skin brightening effects, in particular, to give a gold-like glow!

    Sesame’s Bioavialability Delivery

    Sesame’s Bioavailability Delivery

    The base of Turmerisa is Sesame Oil, known for its natural bioavailability that makes it a good carrier for other herbs and ingredients, ensuring they absorb well into the skin. Being Ayurveda's oil of choice, it’s also the perfect carrier for Turmeric, and has a myriad of benefits when it comes to skincare:

    • Extremely moisturizing and zero-stickiness-gloss-giving
    • It effectively locks moisture inside so you stay hydrated longer
    • Rejuvenates skin and adds a glowing vitality to your face and body
    • It is a rich source of Vitamin A and E.

    Daruharidra's Clarifying Boost
    and Saffron's Radiating Glow

    Together, these power-herbs help you:

    • Flaunt a radiant glow from the Vitamin C in both these ingredients
    • Soothe the appearance of visible signs of aging
    • Impart clarity and smoothness to the skin

    Take a look at the complete list of ingredients:

    • Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum]
    • Indian Barberry [Berberis Aristata]
    • Turmeric [Curcuma Longa]
    • Licorice [Glycyrrhiza Glabra]
    • Sappan Wood [Caesalpinia Sappan]
    • Manjistha or Indian Madder [Rubia Cordifolia]
    • Lotus [Nelumbo Nucifera]
    • Wild Himalayan Cherry [Prunus Cerasoides]
    • Wood Apple [Feronia Limonia]
    • Indian Persimmon [Diospyros Peregrina]
    • Java Fig [Ficus Lacor]
    • Indian Banyan [Ficus Benghalensis]
    • Saffron [Crocus Sativus]
    • Essential Oil of Lavender [Lavandula Officinalis]
    • Essential Oil of Rose Indian [Rosa Damascena]
    Turmerisa Double-Turmeric Facial Essence

    Turmeric is one of the oldest spice plants grown in South-East Asia.

    Why is it so highly valued?

    Turmeric, one of the oldest spice

    Originally, Turmeric became a prized herb to homo sapiens when they discovered its ability to preserve food. Gradually, other benefits of Turmeric started unfolding, but in the beginning, it was Turmeric’s ability to keep things fresher for longer that made it sought after in South Asia. It was, in fact, valued more than gold and precious stones!

    Turmeric has stood the test of time for over 5000 years and till today, newer studies keep coming up showcasing the power of this herb that not only enabled survival and sustainability, but also enabled people to thrive!

    There are numerous articles today to prove to the world what Ayurveda has been teaching for centuries – that Turmeric is one of THE most important and powerful herbs in the world!

    In the words of David Frawley:

    “If I had only a single herb to depend upon for all possible health and dietary needs, I would without much hesitation choose the Indian spice turmeric.”

    But what’s that got to do with skin? More than you can imagine. Yes, the grand Indian weddings that you may have heard of have popularized the Turmeric-Mask that’s put on brides and grooms, but then, there’s a reason for it. While that 1-time application of the mask is ceremonial and has ritualistic value, it does give a temporary glow.

    BUT – one cannot possibly apply that messy turmeric mask every day and spoil all your linen and the beautiful white stone on your bathroom countertop!

    Besides, if a wash-off mask could give a glow, wonder what a leave-on whole-turmeric oil treatment can do?!

    Turmeric, along with herbs like Manjistha can work wonders for those who want to get rid of those anti-aging serums that don’t work and do little to make you feel truly smoothed, brightened, firmed skin.


    Yes, Turmerisa is excellent for young women looking for clear, glowing skin, BUT, it is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE for older, more mature women who’re looking to revive the appearance of their skin, add some tone and life to it and make your skin firmer, appearing younger, taut and vibrant with vitality!

    Turmerisa for all skin
    • Works on Evening out the skin tone, making age spots appear less obvious
    • Tones and firms the skin to make it appear taut and juicy
    • Smoothes the surface to add bounce and plumpness to thinning skin
    • Imbues an instant dewy glow
    • Richly moisturizes the skin without feeling heavy – you won’t know you’ve put anything on your skin!
    • Works in just a few drops
    • Eliminates the need for many products like exfoliator, moisturizer and glow-giving highlighters in just one single use!


    Turmerisa: As a moisturizer or a Face-Oil by itself


    As a moisturizer or a Face-Oil by itself

    Turmerisa: As an activator-oil for natural creams and oils


    As an activator-oil for natural creams and oils - SUNNY SIDE UP FOR A SUN-KISSED GLOW

    Turmerisa: As a potent enhancer in masks


    As a potent enhancer in masks

    Turmerisa: As a spot-treatment serum


    As a spot-treatment serum

    Turmerisa: As an all-over natural highlighter


    As an all-over natural highlighter

    Sunshine Glow

    You know what your face looks like when evening sunshine falls on it and it just ‘glows-up’ your selfie? Imagine carrying that sunlight in a bottle?!

    Get your own ‘sunshine glow’ in a bottle NOW

    If there was one product that was a star, an unmatched winner, in an entire world of all the facial care products that have ever existed and will ever exist, it is this!

    If there was 1 product we have to choose, it would be Turmerisa - an oil that’s performed supersedingly well without fail – it is Turmerisa.

    The king of all oils, the mother of all skin-clarifiers and glow boosters! It truly is magical!

    Think of the ultimate lady-boss who walks in and everybody just sits up and bows their heads in respect.

    That’s Turmerisa for all the oils in the world!

    This skin-treasure is a masterpiece, no, truly, a masterpiece – not made by man, but by nature itself!

    Turmerisa, an Ayurvedic masterpiece

    When in doubt, give it a shot!



    I am so in love with this essence! I can't say enough about this. I just tried the Youth Spring oil and these two together..wow!!! Actually , I have tried this Tumerisa with the other oils in the line and they all work together very well. I'd say my two favs are the Youth Spring and the Kesaradi oil. These combinations work perfectly together. The essence is like this wonderful almost tinted color that goes completely into the skin almost like a base, so when you add your oil/oils of choice it absorbs the oils right in. My face is glowing and I have gotten many compliments. The oils alone are great but there is something about this elixir!! It is a game changer! believe me, I was thinking will I really benefit from adding the Tumerisa?? YES!! YES!! Do IT!

    - Holly


    Love love

    Love the turmerisa double turmeric facial essence! It has really worked miracles for my brown spots and wrinkles on my face. My skin looks so much healthier and a beautiful glow! I’ve only been using a month now. This stuff is amazing!! Will definitely order again in the future!

    -Denise O.


    Game changer!

    I worried about breaking out or looking greasy but moisturizers just seemed to sit on the surface of my face not really helping achieve moisturized hydrated skin I was in search of. I came across an ad on social media for Ayurveda and started reading review comments and decided what did I have to lose. I’m so glad I did! My skin now looks younger, hydrated, and even a little glowy. I went makeup free to have my eyebrows done and the lady doing my brows asked what kind of face products I used because my skin looked so good. Like I said, Game changer!

    -Shannie E.


    30-Days Money-back guarantee


    on all orders above $28 USD


    100% NATURAL

    No additives or binders


    Turmerisa Double - Turmeric Facial Essence - Ayurvedic Activator
    Doubly-fortified with Power of 2 kinds of Turmeric
    Turmerisa - Natural Facial Essence By iYURA
    Facial essence by iYURA | Best for Dull skin & clogged pores
    Turmerisa Double - Turmeric Facial Essence - Ayurvedic Activator
    Doubly-fortified with Power of 2 kinds of Turmeric
    Turmerisa - Natural Facial Essence By iYURA
    Facial essence by iYURA | Best for Dull skin & clogged pores

    Turmerisa Double-Turmeric Facial Essence

    – For Glow Activation and Youth Boosting Effect

    0.5 fl oz (15 ml)





    • Soothes, clarifies and brightens skin to reduce the look of sun damage
    • Cleanses and minimizes the look of large pores
    • Offers gentle exfoliation and purification
    • Elevates the effects of other skincare when blended or mixed well!
    • Cooked with REAL turmeric that gives a sun-lit glow, all naturally (without having to go out into the sun!)

    100% NATURAL. VEGAN.
    0% Harmful Chemicals – no additives, binders,
    preservatives, mineral oils.


    If you buy today, you'll get a FREE Mini Youth Spring Face Oil - Dry, Aging Skin Face Moisturizer with Black Gram - with your order!
    The FREE Gift will get added to your cart automatically!






    Turmerisa Double-Turmeric Facial Essence is not just another 100% natural oil, but a rare Ayurvedic facial essence that has found its way into this bottle of iYURA after surviving through the 5000 years of Ayurvedic history and its ancient texts.

    Cauldrons, manual precision and laborious techniques, authenticity tests, quality checks, hand-picked Ayurvedic herbs – what has it not seen and what tests this potion has not taken before winning its place into this iYURA bottle!

    • Want to exfoliate your skin naturally, gently and without a downside? Spread 3-4 drops evenly over your face and neck, massage it well into the skin, leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with a light cleanser. The glow your skin emanates just after a few uses will be a sight to behold! Yes - Turmerisa Double-Turmeric Facial Essence doubles up as an activator for masks and other skincare as well as an all-over face clarity and glow oil!
    • While Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a versatile Ayurvedic herb and helps clean up the skin pretty well by unclogging pores and smoothing the skin, Tree Turmeric (Berberis aristata) boosts the complexion, wards off skin foes and activates its raw glow. The synergy of the two is fascinating!
    • Let Turmerisa hold the fort for your skin against harmful agents lurking in the environment. Just ONE drop of this potion every day can ‘build’ a healthier look. Mix a drop with any of the iYURA face oils and double-up its impact on your skin!
    • The age-old secret of rejuvenation with Turmeric dates to 5000 years ago. With this secret now in your hands in the form of this potion, leverage its power to smooth the look of your fine lines and wrinkles!
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