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  • Did you know that a

    Socially Awkward Plant
    that “Died-and-Lived”

    can help make your skin look calm, pores look minimized and smile lines as well as smoker-lip-lines look smoothed and plumped-up???

    Yes, when this Socially Awkward Plant comes together with 9 other Ayurvedic botanicals and 4 Balancing Oils, it loses its shyness, and you get guaranteed results:

    Clinically tested to show statistically significant:

    • Reduction in the appearance of sebaceous pores 
    • Reduction in the appearance of open and closed comedons
    • Improvement in moisturization, firmness, tone and brightness

    97% of the Self-Evaluation Panel agreed that the product helps to provide skin calm & soothing effect after application


    Did you know that a

    Socially Awkward Plant
    that “Died-and-Lived”

    can help make your skin look calm, pores look minimized and
    smile lines as well as smoker-lip-lines look smoothed
    and plumped-up???

    Artboard 3.png__PID:ab7281b6-8e08-400f-93ac-389a290bee26

    pores look minimized

    Artboard 3 copy.png__PID:7281b68e-0800-4fd3-ac38-9a290bee261a

    smoker-lip-lines look
    smoothed and Plumped-up


    Did you know that a Socially Awkward Plant that


    can help make your skin look calm, pores look minimized and smile lines as well as

    smoker-lip-lines look smoothed and plumped-up???

    Yes, when this Socially Awkward Plant comes together with 
    9 other Ayurvedic botanicals and 4 Balancing Oils, it loses its shyness, and you get guaranteed results.

    Clinically tested to show statistically significant:

    Reduction in the appearance of sebaceous pores

    Reduction in the appearance of open and closed comedons

    Improvement in moisturization, firmness, tone and brightness

    97% of the Self-Evaluation Panel agreed that the product helps
    to provide skin calm and soothing effect after application

    blotchy-skin (1).jpg__PID:858b89dd-1d94-4123-8818-27944fd4d1e3

    Overturn the appearance of red, blotchy skin/ complexion to make it look soothed, balanced and evened-out

    Make your skin deeply moisturized and glossy and make it glow as if you put it on a detox diet!

    Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores for a smoothed, polished look

    Keep your skin looking young, clear and calm with a super-soft, ultra-smooth texture

    Flaunt a radiant, light-reflecting complexion with an all-natural face-gloss that doesn't feel sticky but feels ultra-silky instead!


    Prinourish Skin-Enriching Superfood Serum

    • VEGAN

    So, what is this Curious, Socially Awkward Plant that “Died-and-Lived" that can get you a GLOSSY GLOW and possibly help you throw primers, highlighters and color correctors out???

    A plant that has fascinated almost every child in history, is now becoming a botanical of interest to every person who is bothered by uneven skin tone, redness-prone complexion, dryness, enlarged pores, blemishes and many more skin concerns!

    Sensitive skin? Dryness-related itch?
    Aging, dead-looking skin?

    You want to read further about what this plant is and how it works with other compounds to give you the skin of your dreams!

    TMN (2).jpg__PID:a5b5ced9-3ca1-4a7f-8549-7a7ff16eb40b

    This plant, often called ‘Touch-Me-Not’ can help make your skin ultra-touchable!

    Its scientific name is Mimosa Pudica and the variety used in Prinourish is grown in India, where it is called Chui-Mui or the delicate one’.

    How did this Plant “Die-and-Live" ?

    In Puerto Rico, this plant is called "Moríviví", which translates to "I died and lived"

    Beautiful! Isn’t it?!

    Its scientific name too has a similar story - the term 'Mimosa' originates from Greek, signifying 'mimic', and 'pudica' from Latin, meaning 'shy'.

    But why?

    This plant exhibits a folding movement in its leaves in response to external disturbances or contact. When touched or shaken, the compound leaves fold inward and droop, as a defensive mechanism, reopening a few minutes later.

    The sensitive plant M. pudica showcases adaptability in its leaf-closing response to both electrical and mechanical stimuli.



    With its rich phytochemical and unique nutrient content, Touch-Me-Not plant can act as a:


    Look Recovery Enabler


    The Dryness-itch Pacifier

    calmness promoter1.jpg__PID:35e002b4-b857-402d-a493-dadddc7f6405

    The Calmness Promoter

    clear complexion.jpg__PID:0a5eaffe-3a56-4b9e-bb98-e425eed52cb7

    Clear-Complexion Booster

    glossy glow.jpg__PID:3a569b9e-fb98-4425-aed5-2cb748738750

    Glossy Glow-Generator

    The roots of Mimosa pudica possess a bitter, astringent, acrid, and cooling taste. In certain traditional medicine practices in Asian countries, they find application in managing appearance of inflammation. Within the plant lies the alkaloid mimosine, while its leaves contain a substance akin to adrenaline.

    Studies conducted on M. pudica have identified alkaloids, non-protein amino acid (mimosine), flavonoids, C-glycosides, sterols, terpenoids, tannins, and fatty acids that turn it into a powerful botanical powerhouse (NOT your average trendy ingredient)

    Picture this:

    Artboard 7.jpg__PID:7c09fc3b-ef6e-40fc-adbc-d5250708f322

    Alkaloids fighting the look of signs of aging, while non-protein amino acids like mimosine take care of dark spots, leaving your skin looking flawlessly even toned.

    But wait, there's more!

    Artboard 9.jpg__PID:fc3bef6e-b0fc-4dbc-9525-0708f322ccf0

    Flavonoids can then step in to firm and lift the look of aging skin, C-glycosides can lock in moisture, and sterols can keep hydration levels in check.

    Artboard 8.jpg__PID:09fc3bef-6eb0-4cad-bcd5-250708f322cc

    Terpenoids can calm the look of redness and unevenness, while tannins tighten the look of pores and reduce excess grease. And let's not forget about the essential fatty acids, ensuring your skin's beauty barrier looks strong and healthy.

    Alone, each compound has an impressive profile, but together?

    They're unstoppable.

    This personal dream team of the Touch-Me-Not plant works in perfect synergy to give you superlative skin care!

    Fun Facts: 

    Touch-Me-Not World Over

    In Philippines, it is known as "MAKAHIYA" meaning ‘bashful’

    In Costa Rica, it is known as "Dormilonas" which translates to sleepies or snoozies

    In Czech, it's called “Citlivka Stydlivá” with "Citlivka" meaning sensitive and "stydlivá" meaning shy

    And, our personal favorite: In Puerto Rico, it is called "Moríviví", which translates to "I died and lived"!


    When Touch-Me-Not synergizes with some intriguing and potent Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals, it creates


    a 5-IN-1 SOLUTION:


    Redness Rebuffer:

    Makes the skin appear calm, soothed and even-toned



    Gives you soft, smooth skin


    Line-Plumping Moisturizer:

    Makes smile-lines and smoker-lip-lines look plumped up with moisture

    Artboard 12 copy 4.jpg__PID:59ece0aa-5954-4ab3-b039-43ff0eea764e

    Sebaceous Pore Appearance Minimizer:

    Makes pores appear minimized

    Artboard 12 copy 4.jpg__PID:59ece0aa-5954-4ab3-b039-43ff0eea764e

    Sebaceous Pore Appearance Minimizer:

    Makes pores appear minimized

    Artboard 12 copy 3.jpg__PID:8a59ece0-aa59-44fa-b3f0-3943ff0eea76

    Face-Glossing Luminizer:

    Gives an instant, non-sticky gloss to the face



    Nut Grass (Cyperus Rotundus)

    • Also known as coco grass, Nut Grass forms an incredible addition to Prinourish’s list of ingredients because of its skin brightening properties.
    • Nutgrass works wonders to make the skin appear even toned and brightened.

    Black Creeper [Ichnocarpus Frutescens]

    • Known in Ayurveda mainly for its root that possess a wonderful aroma, Black Creeper or ‘Krishna Sariva” confers a range of benefits to Prinourish's endless roll of skin care satisfaction.
    • The compounds present in Black Creeper’s roots helps skin look smooth and moisturized. Its aromatic root also helps in eliminating odor.
    black creeper.jpg__PID:f9751e16-5f04-48ee-90b8-11aa8a971458

    Vetiver Grass [Vetiveria Zizanioides]

    • Owing to its natural affinity towards skin care and its wonderful aroma that can make your day, Vetiver Grass brings bounty of benefits.
    • It has a distinctive effect on cooling, brightening and soothing the skin
    • It helps in balancing Pitta Dosha (or the element of heat) and make your skin look brightened and refreshed.

    Turmeric [Curcuma Longa]

    • Turmeric is an all-rounder player in the skincare game. From being the expert detoxifier to honing the healthy glow and flow of your skin, it can do it all.
    • Turmeric helps keep your skin looking pure, clear, calm and bright.
    • This Ayurvedic ingredient also keeps the pores looking neat and decongested for a smoother appearance!
    stone apple.jpg__PID:04f8eed0-b811-4a8a-9714-581eb3a1bb5e

    Stone Apple [Aegle Marmelos]

    • Also known as ‘Golden Apple’ or ‘Wood Apple’ or ‘Bael’ in Sanskrit, this fruit is the fruit of the ancient gods! Known to give the skin a deeply healthy look, it helps in brightening the skin and keeping it clean and pure.
    • Stone Apple is a power punch of various nutrients like beta-carotene, protein, riboflavin and vitamin C. It is also loaded with vitamin B1 and B2, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, carotene and possesses good amounts of minerals like calcium, potassium, fiber and good fats.

    Black Plum [Eugenia Jambolana]

    • Also known as ‘Jamun’, Black Plum is a sour-and-sweet fruit recommended as a part of one’s daily diet to maintain optimal sugar levels. Not so surprisingly, it does a lot for your skin too.
    • The rosy, lively glow and a clean and clear look that you’ve always wanted is one of its gifts to you!
    black plum.jpg__PID:165f04f8-eed0-4811-aa8a-9714581eb3a1

    Mango [Mangifera Indica]

    • You may have come across ‘Mango Butter’ as a skincare ingredient, but did you know Mango leaves could be beneficial for your skin, too?!
    • This formula uses Mango leaves which are known to provide the body with those nutrients that wage the war against the appearance of aggressive aging

    Ginger [Zingiber Officinale]

    • Ginger de-clogs the surface of your skin and instantly showers your face with a boost for a soft, hydrated yet supple appearance.
    • It gives your skin just the right amount of stimulation, breaking through any stagnation or ‘Kapha’ accumulation.
    black pepper.jpg__PID:eed0b811-aa8a-4714-981e-b3a1bb5e4135

    Black Pepper [Piper Nigrum]

    • While turmeric already takes care of even toning your skin’s complexion; black pepper plays an important role in this formula to give the skin a glow-full finish!
    • It works on the outmost layer of your skin to make it look more polished, clean and glossy!

    Long Pepper [Piper Longum]

    • Coming from the same family as Black Pepper, Long pepper, in Ayurveda is well-known for its cleansing effect.
    • Long Pepper gives the skin a squeaky clean, non-bumpy, clarifying effect that you’ve always craved for.
    long pepper.jpg__PID:d0b811aa-8a97-4458-9eb3-a1bb5e4135c3


    Rice Bran Oil [Oryza Sativa]

    • Extracted from the inner husk of rice, Rice Bran Oil contains Vitamins B and E which not just hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized, but also makes the skin look supple and glowy.
    • The benefits don’t stop there! It also contains squalene which is known to maintain a light, breezy texture of the skin.
    • In Prinoush, this oil brings in a lightness of weight and a barely-there, highly absorbent finish.

    Sesame Seed Oil [Sesamum Indicum]

    • The rich protein and zinc in sesame seed oil are just what your hair and skin need to feel moisturized and smooth.
    • Derived from the seeds of the flowering Sesame plant, Sesame seed oil has vitamins A and E which improves skin’s texture and gives it a youthful-looking glow.
    • Not only that, like other carrier oils, Sesame seed oil is incredibly versatile, making it a delightful addition to one’s skin care routine.
    • In Prinoush, Sesame teams up with Rice bran oil to give it a light, ultra-absorbent texture and finish, balancing the other two mega oil we talk about below:

    Almond Oil [Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis]

    • A common ingredient in most beauty products, Almond Oil has benefits galore, especially for your skin and hair.
    • Enriched with Vitamins A and E, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Zinc, this nutty oil lends a rich, sultry element of silken moisture and a deep and rich moisture for dry and dull skin.
    • In Prinoush, Almond oil brings depth and richness to take care of the driest skin. Balanced by the blend of rice bran and sesame oil, almond oil provides all its benefits to your skin without being too heavy.

    Olive Oil [Olea Europaea]

    • Olive Oil is a master base oil in restoring the damage-free look of the skin and cleansing it. It also adds luster to a dull-looking face and moisturizes it thoroughly.
    • It is rich in Vitamin A and E, which are potent in solving many skincare concerns including uneven complexion and look of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Olive Oil in Prinourish will help smooth your skin and give your face the firmness and glow that it has been missing!

    Together, these 4 oils form the most perfect and balanced blend of oils to give you a unique, glossy look without sticky or heavy and act as the most efficient carriers of the herbs that go into Prinourish.

    Artboard 15.jpg__PID:aa8a9714-581e-43a1-bb5e-4135c396cdfc


    Artboard 14.jpg__PID:11aa8a97-1458-4eb3-a1bb-5e4135c396cd

    This makes Prinourish:

    A superior, long-lasting product that actually cares for the skin

    A silky moisturizer that makes the skin feel very smooth and glowy

    An ultra-absorbing, light-weight face-gloss that gives your face a polished look

    "Great oils

    I am 73 yrs old and was getting so many wrinkles around my mouth and chin! Using your products have improved the look of wrinkles and gives aglow to my skin! I love everything I have tried so far for the face and body❤️"

    Patricia M., United States

    Age: 73  |  Skin concern: Old skin and wrinkles  |  Skin Type: Dry