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  • Never Worry About Buying the Wrong Skincare Again!

    Get only the Best Products suited to your unique skin type & needs so you don’t have to do hours of research or spend money on Products that don’t work for you!

    FREE 15-Minute Personalized Ayurvedic Skincare Product Recommendation

    Get a FREE 15-Minute Personalized Ayurvedic Skincare Product Recommendation through video with The Ayurveda Experience

    Directly from a Skincare Expert who will tell you exactly which products are right for your skin type, from the comfort of your home, without having to go outside!

    Pick a date from below that works for you, and book your FREE slot!
    Please ensure you pick the correct time of day: AM or PM.

    "I highly recommend the FREE skincare consultation! I learned a lot and got recommendations on better options than what I have been using. I also wasn't pressured to buy products that I don't need. The consultants are wonderful and caring! Thank you! 🙏"

    FREE 15-Minute Personalized Skincare Consultation for American Residents

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Service rated 4.8 / 5

    Get a one-on-one Zoom call with a Certified Ayurvedic Expert who will determine your skin type and needs, listen to your concerns and will tell you which products will ACTUALLY work for you!

    This will help you avoid and solve:

    • Buying the wrong skincare online, resulting in lost money and wasted products
    • Getting divided attention from salesmen in stores, not focusing on your unique needs
    • Reading through hundreds of reviews and doing hours of research before deciding
    • Trying chemical-laden or "natural" products that simply DON'T WORK 

    Out of those who used this service, 96.9% said the products recommended were specific to their unique needs;
    said they would recommend this service to a friend or loved one






    • Select a date and time for your 15-minute session in the calendar above
    •  You get a confirmation email & Zoom calendar invite (we'll send reminders, too)
    • Use the link in your email to join the Zoom call with your Dedicated Expert to find the best products for you!

    Make sure you click the "SCHEDULE EVENT" button to confirm your slot. You will get redirected to a confirmation page. If you do not get redirected or do not receive a confirmation email, your slot is NOT booked - please try scheduling again.

    Pick a date from below that works for you, and book your FREE slot!
    Please ensure you pick the correct time of day: AM or PM.


    • Select a date and time for your 15-minute session
    • You get a confirmation email & Zoom calendar invite
    • You get a reminder email before your session: click the link in the email to join the Zoom call
    • Video chat with your Dedicated Expert to find the best products for you!

    Slots are limited and in High Demand!

    Don't wait, book your Free Zoom call NOW! 

    Save time

    Save time: no need to spend hours on researching
    Save money: don't spend money on products that don't work for you

    Personalized, one-on-one session

    Personalized, one-on-one session: undivided attention to your unique needs

    Convenient Zoom video call

    Convenient Zoom video call: no need to even step out of your house!

    Reduce waste

    Reduce waste: don't waste products that don't work for you and end up in the garbage


    We value privacy; these reviews are anonymous!

    Knowledgeable Experts

    "Knowledgeable Experts"

    "All was wonderful and new information I had not heard and desperately need."

    "I liked that I could get advice from a knowledgeable person. Thank you for the personal touch."

    "Emarene was so very helpful! Her information was clear and concise and made a lot of sense. I appreciate the easy to use program for using the products."

    "Natalie was very knowledgeable & helpful! She took the time to answer all of my questions make specific recommendations!"

    "Her knowledge was incredible!!"

    "Natalie was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She was delightful to work with. I'm VERY grateful!"

    "I really appreciated not only which products I should be using but how and when to use them. I also learned some skin care for older skin that I was doing wrong. Fifteen minutes of time well spent."

    "Thank you for providing knowledgeable advisors to guide customers toward products best suited to them. Heather is delightful and provided excellent customer service."

    Personal Touch & Undivided Attention

    "Personal Touch & Undivided Attention"

    "The consultation is incredible service! It's a standout for the brand to have a personalized and human shopping experience with everyone online these days. "

    "I felt like I was heard and thought of with the recommendations. Keilah took all of my concerns and came up with the best option for my skin type. She ensured that she’s there to answer any questions even after the call. That’s customer service at its best!"

    "I really liked the consultation. Its nice to speak to a real person. I have enjoyed the products thus far and look forward to using the additional products recommended."

    "I liked the thorough explanations and the options presented for my specific issue. I also appreciated the well being advice on staying hydrated."

    "Consultation was worth it since it helped me figure out what best suited my skin and issues versus trying to figure it out on my own."

    "I loved talking with Keilah, she was very informative with the products and answered all my questions on the spot. She was friendly, professional and someone who you can connect with instantly. I love the zoom feature vs something over the phone. Thank you Keilah and Ayurvedic Skincare for offering this to your clients! You are the best!!!💓💓"

    "I explained to the consultant my needs and my skin type and she was extremely helpful patient and understanding."

    "I really enjoyed Heather and felt very comfortable with her and her suggestions! Thank you for this service!"

    "She was such a great listener, and I felt like she was giving me and my skin her undivided attention and knowledge. And talk about perfect, beautiful skin!!"

    "I apprecitated the fact that she listened to my needs to recommend a product for me after I received general info on a different product. I felt her advice/guidance was legitimately geared for me"

    No Buying Pressure, No Strings Attached

    "No Buying Pressure, No Strings Attached"

    "She really listened to my questions and answers them accordingly. I love that she didn't push me to buy products but made recommendations for products she knew I was looking to purchase based on my questions."

    "Pleasant, friendly, low-pressure--a great experience that I'd be glad to repeat."

    "Great job, no pressure. :)"

    "I appreciated not being pressured to purchase unnecessary products. Heather knows the products well"

    "I appreciate this live free offering! I like that I wasn't led to purchase a bunch of things I don't need. I like that the recommendations were to try a couple of products and if that doesn't work to add in an additional one (but not to do them all at once because then I wouldn't know which was the solution.) THANK YOU!"

    "I liked having the face to face conversation. It was more personal and I think more believable. I liked, too, that only products i asked about were discussed. No sales push."

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

    "I like what was recommended to me and how to use them effectively"

    "I love this service. It's supportive and beneficial."

    "Very nice experience. I was very pleased. Thank you, VERY insightful!"

    "Very very impressed with this service. Fantastic idea. Can't speak highly enough of Emarene - she ticked every box plus more!"

    "Nothing to improve on, the service is fantastic!"

    "It's really great you offer consultation services, it definitely makes me more confident in trying new items."

    "It was a pleasure to be able to speak with Dani in person. She listened to me carefully and gave me two options to alternate. She also shared some tips and did a demo on how to use the hair oil. Would you mind keeping up with such an excellent customer service option? I am still speechless that I spoke to a real human being instead of an automated message. Dani, million thank you for your time, attention, and recommendations."

    96.9% said the products recommended were specific to their unique needs
    94.5% said they would recommend this service to a friend or loved one

    Pick a date from below that works for you, and book your FREE slot!
    Please ensure you pick the correct time of day: AM or PM.


    The Ayurveda Experience


    Over 600,000 customers

    13,323+  5-star reviews

    1 product delivered near you every 4 minutes 


    Are there any hidden charges?

    No! This consultation is 100% free.

    How do I confirm my slot?

    Select a date and time of your choice in the calendar above. Answer the questions asked, and click on the button saying "Schedule Event". It's important you click on this button, or the session won't be scheduled. Your slot is confirmed only if you see the 'confirmation' page and have received an email with a calendar invite.

    How do I join the consultation?

    Use the link in your email inbox to access the link to your Zoom meeting. Click on the link at the time mentioned in the email (the time you chose) and everything else will happen automatically.

    Do I need to install Zoom?

    No, simply click the link in the email and Zoom will open in your browser. You don't need to download anything.

    Can I take the call on my phone?

    Yes, no problem at all! You can take the video call from your phone, laptop, PC, iPad. We only ask you give our consultants your undivided attention for these 15 minutes, since they will be giving you theirs.

    What happens when the consultation is over?

    Your Dedicated Consultant will send you a follow-up email with links to products you discussed during your call.

    What is Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda is the ancient, 5000-year old "Science of Life", originating in India. Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine and healing, and while it addresses lifestyle, nutrition & diet, massage, routines, and more - skincare (read: selfcare) is an important part of Ayurveda. The Ayurveda Experience brings to you premium, safe, pure, authentic Ayurvedic products so you, too, can experience the wonders of this ancient Science of Life!


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