Your skin might be more
acne-prone than hers!

Women have soooo many options from skincare to makeup.

But male skin undergoes so much on an everyday basis too.

Razor strokes, shaving creams, drying soap bars... and THE SUN.

This makes it so much easier for your skin to throw tantrums openly, protest and breakout.

Want a perfect, gentle 100% natural moisturizer for your extra-oily, acne-prone skin?

Try Paraania Face Oil made with Dita Bark, Conessi Tree, Neem and Rock Salt, and you would have found your secret skincare for a perfect looking skin! 

Reduces the appearance of dark spots and acne marks

This face oil has Dita Tree Bark and Black Pepper in it, which are used as natural ingredients to help the skin look crystal clear and clean. While Black Pepper’s key task is to cleanse the skin of dirt and debris, Dita Tree Bark works to even tone the skin’s texture and enhance its complexion.  

Moisturizes acne-prone skin without calling trouble

Rich in polyphenols, Cutch Tree or Acacia Catechu in this formulation makes an excellent ingredient for a moisturizer specifically for skin that’s troubled by bacteria and inflammation. Its astringent nature lends the power of purification to the complete formula. It is a traditional Ayurvedic ingredients, rarely, if ever, found in modern formulations. 

Unclogs pores and cleanses the skin deeply

Paraania face oil is cooked in Turmeric and Ginger – two robust Ayurvedic herbs that are known to decongest the skin, and ward off dirt deposit that sits on the skin and clogs the pores. If not taken care of, the deposits can cause skin to feel irritated and act up.    

Digs under and helps lighten the look of blackheads and whiteheads

Did you know? Blackheads and Whiteheads are mild forms of acne! Conessi Tree is another gem in the formulation that helps the skin free itself of troubles and look spot-free. It is an exotic plant found in the Himalayan regions of India that brings exotic benefits for your skin that it has never witnessed before!

Calm and soothe the skin that is often exposed to the outside environment, razor and shaving creams

Neem is the master ingredient behind keeping your skin calm and soothed as you apply Paraania face oil. It is an all-rounder Ayurvedic skincare ingredient that offers for almost ANY skincare concern. Is your problem skin inviting problem too often? Use Paraania and leverage Neem’s potent power to help your oily skin.  

Never tried targeted Skin Care before? Never experienced the potency of Ayurvedic herbs before? Want a real solution for your acne-prone skin concerns that is 100% natural and WORKS?

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