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iYURA Prakriti Assessment

Knowing your Prakriti is the secret to unlocking your true potential​

Find permanent and natural solutions for more than 700 chronic conditions. Be it migraine or gastritis, weightloss or insomnia. We have you covered.

According to Ayurveda, knowing your Prakriti (Vata, Pitta, Kapha balance) is not only crucial to maintain your health but will also enable you to understand chronic issues and help you manage them.

Take the iYURA Prakriti pareekhsha, the most accurate Prakriti assessment test on the internet, based on ancient ayurvedic texts.

Prakriti based recommendations

Learn and practise Ayurveda

As season's change so should your food, diet and regimen according to your Prakriti.​
Your prakriti is rooted in your unique genetic code. Find out the appropriate diet, lifestyle for your unique Prakriti and discover natural safe and permanent solutions for your health conditions. Head to toe! ​

iYURA Highlights


Get personalized recommendations based on your unique body composition.

Ayurveda clock and tracker ​

Our Ayurvedic clock lets your track food, exercises, meditations according to the time of the day. ​

Prakriti Assessment Tool ​

Our Prakriti assessment tool based on ancient ayurvedic texts helps you to accurately determine your Prakriti (natural state ) and Vikruti (imbalanced state).


Access a wealth of knowledge about Ayurvedic principles, methods and techniques curated for you, so that you can learn and integrate Ayurveda in your life.

Bring Ayurveda into your life​

Now its easier than you think, to bring Ayurveda in to your life. Ayurvedic recipes, customized diet plans, natural herbs to boost your immunity and much more. ​