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    Intensely Moisturize, Soften, And Restore The Look Of Volume On Chapped, Cracked, And Thinning Lips

    With A Unique Balm-To-Oil Formula Prepared Using Ayurveda’s 5000-Year-Old Herb-Cooking Method!

    Ayurveda’s Most Intense Moisture-Aid is here to quench the thirst of dry, flaking and cracked lips and give you ultra-soft, even-toned and luscious lips!  

    Why Do Lips Start To Look ‘Flat’ With Aging?

    1. The Skin On Your Lips Is Thinner Than The Rest Of Your Body

    There are 3 layers of skin, and the outer layer is called stratum corneum, which is the layer responsible for protecting the skin from environmental pollutants. Unlike on the rest of your body, this outermost layer on the lips is very thin, making your lips extremely vulnerable to damage. Without strong, protective, and nourishing care, lips tend to lose moisture, and become chapped and cracked over time.

    2. Lack Of Oil And Sweat Glands = Lack Of Moisture

    When it comes to moisture, your lips are on their own. Their only source of moisture is saliva, which is ironically also why they often become dry and chapped. This means your lips are dependent on external hydration and moisture to retain their nourished, full, and plump look. When your lips don’t get this external help, they start to dry up, wrinkle, and lose shape.


    3. Decreased Collagen

    Collagen is responsible for giving the skin elasticity and plays a huge part in making it look young, firm, and smooth. As the body slows down collagen production with aging, lips tend to lose volume, appear thinner, and lose definition. The lowered levels of collagen in the body also make the lips more vulnerable to dryness and damage.


    A set of 3 nourishing Ayurvedic lip balms that truly go deep to replenish moisture in dry lips and restore a ‘plumped up’ look

    1. Coconut Vanilla – A colorless soothing lip balm with a delicious vanilla aroma that instantly moisturizes and calms dry, chapped lips.
    Best used as a hydrating lip balm or over lipsticks to add moisture and gloss.

    2. Manjistha – A lip balm that reduces the look of pigmentation and discoloration, leaving you with even-toned looking lips.
    Best used on its own for a light pink tint or a lip-brightener under lip makeup.

    3. Indi-Ghee – A super hydrating lip balm that reduces the look of lip wrinkles, promoting younger, fuller looking lips filled with long-lasting moisture!
    Best used as an overnight lip mask or under makeup for deeply hydrated, moisturized, supple lips.

    You Should Add iYUlips To Your Cart Now If:

    • You are struggling with cracked, chapped, and painfully dehydrated lips
    • Your lips have lost that youthful plumpness and volume
    • You are stuck in an endless vicious cycle of reapplying your drugstore lip balm that ends up stealing more moisture from your lips
    • You dread the sticky, heavy feeling that comes with most lip balms
    • You want a versatile lip balm that also performs as a night mask or primer for matte lipsticks
    • You want to stay away from chemicals and want a lip balm that’s purely made of 100% natural ingredients

    Why You Need iYUlips

    • To seal intense moisture in dry, chapped lips for the entire day and night
    • To get smooth, soft, juicy looking lips – without constant reapplication
    • To reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles by reaping the benefits of unique, moisture-boosting Ayurvedic herbs
    • A buttery-smooth, non-sticky and nutrient-rich balm-to-oil formula that will melt on your lips and not settle on the sides or collect in cracks
    • Not your regular lip balm – iYUlips is made using original ancient Ayurvedic recipes and preparation methods to ensure each jar is potent and effective

    100% Natural | Ayurvedic Practitioner Approved | Not Tested on Animals | 30 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee  | Free Shipping

    • Use as an overnight lip mask 
    • Use as a balm-to-oil lip hydrator 
    • Use to prime lips before matte makeup 
    • Use as a lipstick topper for dry lips 
    • Use as a lip-makeup remover


    This stuff is wonderful! I didn’t read the description when I bought it…it just looked nice and I love me a good lip balm! After a couple days of use I realized (the look of) my lips looked fuller…WTH-E- double toothpicks! Another few days went by and nope it wasn’t my imagination! My thin lips looked so much plumper and felt wonderful. So then I read the product description. It’s true! Buy this!

    -Julianne C.


    I've tried many lip balms, chapsticks and such looking for hydration and to stop the constant peeling of my lips during winter. This lip balm is the real deal. It stays on for a long time and I wear it under my lipstick or gloss. My lips don't crack or peel anymore!. Love it.  

    - Sharon A.


    This lip balm is amazing! It glides smoothly, it's very moisturizing, and it smells divine. Most importantly it's non-irritating to my sensitive skin. It has a short and natural ingredient list- great quality for a great price.


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    The Ingredients That Make iYUlips Truly Versatile

    Unlike ordinary drugstore lip balms, iYUlips is made with safe, natural, and time-tested ingredients that have proven their mettle for over 5000 years!

    Formulated using 3 kinds of natural fats, including Ghee, Castor Oil, and Sesame Seed Oil and featuring rare and unique Ayurvedic herbs, iYUlips is 100% natural with no chemicals, artificial perfumes, or any synthetic additives.




    This ancient wonder is packed with so many nutrients and benefits for the body and skin that it was called the ‘Food of the Gods’ in the ancient times.

    Ghee is clarified butter prepared at a low temperature that removes lactose, casein, and makes it nutrient-dense. Often called ‘Molten Gold’ or ‘Liquid Gold’, ghee is a ‘Rasayana’ or rejuvenator and a highly regarded ingredient in Ayurveda.

    Why Is Ghee So Good?

    • This golden elixir is enriched with Vitamin A, D, E and K, minerals and essential fatty acids. In fact, Ghee is considered the best among all kinds of fats in Ayurveda because of its medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) content, which enable it to give dry, chapped lips the moisture boost they need.
    • Ghee is a rare carrier oil that allows potent ingredients to permeate lips and promotes deeper absorption of herbal concentrates, which is why it amplifies the benefits of herbs it is added to.
    • The presence of phospholipids is what enables Ghee to hydrate and soothe even the driest skin. The best part is that it doesn’t just make your lips shiny, ghee actually reaches the deepest layers of your lips to nourish and moisturize them.
    • Ghee is a great moisturizer for pigmented lips as it is loaded with Vitamin E and many organic compounds that brighten up and even-tone the look of dark, smoker’s lips.



    Castor Oil

    Derived from Castor Beans, Castor Oil finds its roots in Ayurveda since 2000 BCE in traditional wellness practices due to its superlative nourishing, soothing, and softening abilities.

    Being among Cleopatra’s skincare essentials, Castor Oil is still a widely-used and appreciated carrier oil found in polyherbal oils, hair oils, and even lips balms like iYUlips.

    In Ayurveda, Castor Oil is known to have ‘Teekshna’ (quick acting), ‘Ushna’(softening), and ‘Sukshama’ (skin permeating) properties, which make it a perfect fit for this unique lip balm formula.

    Why Castor Oil?

    • Castor Oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and protein that make it unctuous and age-defying.
    • Like Ghee, Castor Oil is a great humectant and moisturizer. It contains moisturizing triglycerides and ricinoleic acid, which act as an occlusive to prevent water loss through the outermost layer of skin, giving lips a plump and voluminous appearance.
    • Because of its emollient properties, it can penetrate deep into the lips, which is how it smooths the look of wrinkles and lip lines.



    Manjistha (Indian Madder)

    A celebrated Ayurvedic rejuvenator, Manjistha or Indian Madder, balances Pitta and Vata Doshas and is proven to reduce the look of pigmentation on the skin. Manjistha naturally comes in a gorgeous red color, giving the even-toning and brightening lip balm a natural and subtle red tint.

    Neeli (Indian Indigo)

    A rejuvenating herb, Indian Indigo lends a deep purple color to the lip balm. It is known as ‘Ushna’, which means softening. It pacifies Vata Dosha, has purifying properties, and is known to be loaded with youth-boosting compounds. Indian Indigo is also intensely soothing, which makes it the perfect ingredient for chapped and dry lips.

    Sesame Oil 

    Got peeling, cracked, crusty lips? Sesame Oil is what you need!

    There are endless reasons Sesame Oil is Ayurveda’s Wonder Oil. Considered the 'Queen of Moisturizers’, Sesame Oil has high linoleic acid content which is why it is able to penetrate deep down to hydrate lips from the inside out.

    It also has Vitamins A, E, protein and zinc that instantly add a healthy glow and softness.
    It is a bio-availability enhancer which means that it amplifies the benefits of the herbs added to it. You can call it a strong foundation in Ayurvedic formulations. 

    Sesame Oil 

    Considered the 'Queen of Moisturizers’, Sesame Oil has high linoleic acid content, which enables it to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to hydrate lips from the inside out. It also has Vitamins A, E, protein and zinc that help restore radiance and softness.

    Sesame Seed Oil is also a bio-availability enhancer, which means that it amplifies the benefits of the herbs added to it

    Coconut Oil 

    A powerful emollient, Coconut Oil keeps lips moist as it seeps deep and traps moisture. Because of the high lauric acid content, it makes lips super soft and nourished. A natural moisturizer (also recommended by dermatologists), Coconut Oil contains Vitamins A, K, and many minerals. It is firming and age-defying and keeps dryness at bay by locking in moisture.


    Beeswax hydrates, conditions, soothes, and calms cracked lips. This nature’s moisturizer is an occlusive as it acts as a barrier between your lips and environmental pollutants. It is lubricating, softening, and reduces trans epidermal water loss from lips. Beeswax is also a valuable source of Vitamin A and many flavonoids that reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles.


    Beeswax hydrates, conditions, soothes, and calms cracked lips. This nature’s moisturizer is an occlusive as it gives a long-lasting protective barrier to protect your lips against environmental pollutants. It is lubricating, softening, and reduces trans epidermal water loss from lips.

    It is a valuable source of Vitamin A and many flavonoids that reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles. It could also provide sun protection and has a mild sweet taste. 

    A Set Of 3 Herb-Rich Natural Formulas Your Lips Will Love!

    iYUlips – Indi-Ghee Intensive Lip Balm With Neeli (Indigo)

    • Has a lovely purple hue of Neeli or Indigo
    • Smells like fresh lilies
    • Nourishes, hydrates, and softens dry, chapped lips
    • Gives smooth lips that look healthy and plump
    • Has a non-sticky, light formula that melts on the lips
    • Doubles up as a lip-makeup remover that removes even smudge-proof, transfer-proof lipstick!

    iYUlips – Coconut Vanilla Intensive Lip Balm With Vanilla

    • Goes on tintless and has a mild, sweet aroma of vanilla
    • Nourishes, hydrates, and soothes dry, chapped lips
    • Gives soft, smooth lips that look healthy and shiny
    • Has a non-sticky, light formula that melts on the lips
    • Doubles up as a lip-makeup remover that removes even smudge-proof, transfer-proof lipstick!

    iYUlips – Manjistha Intensive Lip Balm With Manjistha or Indian Madder

    • Has a light, flirty pink shade and a refreshing grapefruit aroma
    • Brightens the look of dull, pigmented lips and gives a barely-there, subtle tint
    • Gives smooth lips that look healthy and shiny 
    • Has a non-sticky, light formula that melts on the lips
    • Doubles up as a lip-makeup remover that removes even smudge-proof, transfer-proof lipstick!

    Complete List of Ingredients

    Indi-Ghee: Castor Oil [Ricinus Communis], Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Coconut Oil [Cocos Nucifera], Beeswax [Cera Alba], Ghee, Indian Indigo [Indigofera Tinctoria], Essential Oil of Lily [Lilium Asiatica], Vitamin E or Tocopherol [Tocopheryl Acetate]

    Coconut Vanilla: Coconut Oil [Cocos Nucifera], Castor Oil [Ricinus Communis], Beeswax [Cera Alba], Ghee, Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Essential Oil of Vanilla [Vanilla Planifolia], Vitamin E or Tocopherol [Tocopheryl Acetate]

    Manjistha: Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Castor Oil [Ricinus Communis], Beeswax [Cera Alba], Ghee, Alkanet Root Oil [Alkanna Tinctoria], Tocopherol [Tocopheryl Acetate], Essential oil of Grapefruit [Citrus Paradisi], Bergamot [ Citrus Bergamia], Manjistha [Rubia Cordifolia]

    3 Things You Get From iYUlips That You Won’t Get In Any Ordinary Lip Balm

    1. Time-Tested, Natural Ingredients  

    With iYUlips, you’re getting the proven benefits of Ayurvedic ‘Rasayanas’, Vitamin E and other dermatologist-recommended ingredients. Some of these ingredients have been used for more than 5000 years. If the test of time doesn’t prove how effective they are... well, what does?!

    This is not a fad or TikTok trend product or just petroleum jelly with an irresistible aroma, iYUlips truly offers the nourishment your lips need to get their healthy look back.

    2. A Little Goes A LOOONG Way!

    Due to the scent and the way they will feel on your lips, you’ll constantly want to reapply these lip balms. But, due to their rich formula, you’ll only need a very small amount, which is enough to feel the benefits for hours.

    3. No Layer Left To Dry

    iYUlips combines rich emollients like Ghee, Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil that are known to provide deep-seated moisture. This is not just for surface-level moisturization or sheen, but a hydra-surge that restores the lost moisture of your lips. You can massage these luscious lip balms on your lips, getting the blood flowing, which in turn promotes fuller, plump looking lips.

    The Real Reason Other Lip Balms Don’t Even Compare To iYUlips

    While the earliest mention of lip balms in skincare traces back to the 1880s, they were a part of Ayurvedic skincare and wellness way before.

    The Western world is only now waking up to the wonder of Ayurveda and rare and unique herbs through a handful of authentic Ayurvedic experts. But iYURA, the harbinger of all-things-authentic-Ayurveda in the West, has uncovered another lesser-known Ayurvedic process of skincare preparation practiced centuries ago.

    This process is known as ‘Malahara Kalpana’ - an Ayurvedic ointment preparation method that mixes beeswax with a base oil like Sesame, Coconut, or Ghee. Additional natural herbs are added to this mix to increase its potency and deliver a variety of benefits.

    And this is how iYUlips is formulated.

    Not by mixing paraffin and petroleum jelly in a lab, but through a laborious, ancient procedure full of rich heritage and time-tested efficacy.

    Ayurvedic texts refer to Malahara Kalpana’s supreme potency as an effective way to combat skin concerns and talk about its unique properties as that of ‘Snehana’ (oleation) and ‘Varnya’ (beautifying), making iYUlips the ultimate way to soothe, soften, moisturize, and volumize the look of parched, cracked, wrinkled, and thinning lips.

    Why Should You Buy iYUlips When You Can Get A Lip Balm For $1?

    Imagine this...

    You are the first one to arrive for lunch with your best friend.
    You receive a text on your phone, “Almost there, see you in 5 minutes!”
    You find yourself smiling and reaching into your pocket or your purse to grab your favorite lip balm. At this point, it’s like a reflex. You don’t even realize you’re doing it.

    It’s not just the feeling of the lip balm, but also the juicy and fruity taste that you look forward to tasting and enjoying for the next hour or so. And the fragrance definitely feels like a quick harmless pick-me-up!

    You apply your lip balm and wait for your friend. Later, when your friend arrives, you casually pull out your lip balm again and apply it, and then apply it again and reapply it countless times as you chat over lunch.


    You’re one of the many victims of the lip balm scam - a vicious cycle all drugstore lip balm users fall into – an endless loop of reapplying lip balm alllll the time.

    Most drugstore lip balms contain ingredients that, on the surface may be somewhat moisturizing, but in the process are actually making your lips drier.

    Your lip balm has looped your lips in an endless under-moisturization vicious cycle.  


    Lip balms containing ingredients like phenol, menthol, and salicylic acid can make your lips drier, which also makes them look thinner than they are.

    In fact, some lip balms, mostly those that are exfoliating in nature, even cause a tingling sensation when you apply them. This may end up irritating your skin or removing the outer layer of the skin. And this is not good because this means your lips have less protection, and your skin becomes more vulnerable to dryness and other environmental toxins.

    This is the reason why a $1 lip balm with no effective or long-lasting moisture-boosting ingredients just won’t do anything for your dry, chapped, and thinning lips.

    Instead, what your skin needs is a 100% natural supplementation for the natural oils it loses to dryness and dehydration, along with nutritious herbs that not only improve the look of your lips, but also enable them to stay moisturized by themselves over time.

    And you can get all of that in just 1 jar of iYUlips’ tender balmy goodness!

    iYURA maintains that if you can not eat it - do not put it on your skin
    iYURA's ayurvedic and botanical research is the basis of all their actions. No cursory heresy, only time-tested formulations brought to life pragmatically.
    No Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates, Binders, Mineral Oils or Preservatives. Just Happy, Hydrated, Brightened Skin. We're big animal-lovers and will never test on them.


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