Glow-Drop Bag 

An indulgently exotic-looking evening-clutch cum daytime sling bag: the iYURA Glow-Drop Bag.

This eco-friendly clutch-cum-sling is made using 100% cotton-canvas and embellished with the magnificent artwork of our customer-favorite glow-oil, Manjish Glow Elixir! 

A beautiful expression of luxuriant taste and impeccable quality

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Featuring a sturdy Kiss-Lock closure system...

A Kiss Lock structure is when the closure on a handbag is made to form usually two round balls who clasp together like a kiss and touch each other. That’s where the name comes from.

One reason is – it works well and it provides an easy opening while providing a secure closure. Kiss locks are smooth balls that are very comfortable to the touch to open and close.

The Outward Look

the outwardly canvas of the bag is rich with intricate Zari-Work embroidery in fine-gold and maroon block prints.

The magnificence of the artwork of our best-selling glow-oil, Manjish, is now manifested in this BEAUUUUTIFUL expression of luxuriant taste and impeccable quality. 

The Secret of this beautiful maroon artwork can be traced back to one of the most revered Ayurvedic ingredients and a celebrated rejuvenative and complexion enhancer, Indian Madder or Manjishtha.


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For ease of usage...

It comes with an inside pocket and can be worn in 3 ways thanks to the different kinds of straps it comes with.   


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