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  • Revive the look of your Aging, Loose and Saggy skin 100% NATURALLY with a double dose of



    • visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines & deep wrinkles
    • gently exfoliates dead skin cells and congested pores
    • instantly renews a seamless 'Gold-toned' complexion
    • gives the brightest megawatt glow that permeates through

    Introducing iYURA’s 100% Natural, Vegan, Ayurveda-Approved

    Firm & Plump Glow Duo

    2 Face and Neck Oils, Combined Together Every Morning(AM) and Evening(PM)



    for results that will outshine all your skincare till date!

    lotus turmerisa.png__PID:a8c0a6e1-8853-4854-a0f1-ee34dc4776d8

    This duo does the job of an entire skincare routine by nourishing your skin with the benefits of the following

    5 skincare essentials in 1 step!

    #STEP 1


    #STEP 2

    Skin Plumping Serum

    #STEP 3

    Glow-Boosting Serum

    #STEP 4

    Even Toning Cream

    #STEP 5

    Firming Night Cream

    You’ll be surprised by how this incredibly lightweight and non-greasy face oil duo simplifies your AM-PM ritual by condensing the benefits of multiple steps into 1!

    All you need to do is mix 2 drops of Turmerisa with 1 pump of Yauvari, massage it into your skin for that fresh-out-of-the-spa glow and 24x7 moisture

    + elevates your daily skincare regimen with a touch of pure luxury

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    lotus turmerisa.png__PID:a8c0a6e1-8853-4854-a0f1-ee34dc4776d8
    Yauvari + Turmerisa Banner Image.jpg__PID:e5981877-8a0a-4538-b641-883e4548cd32
    Yauvari Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:9091f916-48e5-47cf-9cea-417243fb72db

    ← Mix 1 Pump to Firm and Plump


    2 Drops for a Megawatt Glow! →

    Turmerisa Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:359091f9-1648-4577-8f1c-ea417243fb72

    This multi-functional oil duo for face, neck and décolleté is powered with deeply moisturizing, firming, plumping, glow-boosting, and radiance-reviving Ayurvedic ingredients that harmoniously converge to indulge your skin in the following benefits:


    Yauvari with woman 2.jpg__PID:62831136-f726-4a69-b56a-84a56ff4c2ff
    • Intensely moisturizes dry, flaky and saggy skin
    • Promotes a strikingly youthful-looking texture
    • Firms and tones the look of saggy décolletage
    • Plumps and re-volumizes the look of sunken and aging facial skin
    • Dims the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Replaces dullness and lifeless tone with A RENEWED GLOW
    • Gives an elastic and bouncy feel + natural suppleness + plump look
    • Reveals a vibrant, brightened and sophisticated complexion
    • 100% natural VEGAN formula, 0% chemicals or synthetic ingredients
    • Divine and unique aroma of Frankincense, Neroli, and lime

    + makes your skin feel like it took a dip into a refreshing youth spring every time you massage it into your face


    Turmerisa with woman.jpg__PID:39e600fb-5721-4ac0-8da1-036abf3eb83b
    • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and congested pores
    • Subtly illuminates, adding a touch of brightness to darker areas
    • Banishes the need for color correctors, revealing clear skin
    • Re-plumps and firms your wrinkled skin with volumizing moisture
    • Fills up fine lines, dry creases and deep wrinkles with hydration
    • Gives aging skin a velvety softness with a touchable texture transformation
    • Saturates parched skin with an optimal dose of quenching hydration
    • Evens out the look of irregular skin tone for a balanced complexion
    • Diminishes the appearance of age spots and dark spots to reveal a megawatt glow
    • 100% natural, 0% chemicals

    + Gives your skin a ‘gold-toned’ glow

    Try this 1 Pump to Firm & Plump + 2 Drops for the Glow AM PM Duo at 10% + 15% OFF, NOW!


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    Ayurveda 5000 year old.jpg__PID:a9fe1dbe-a0c6-4a04-951f-4183399e614a

    Ayurveda’s secret mix to firm, plump and glowy skin - unveiled!✨

    Ayurveda, the timeless "Science of Life," continues to inspire civilizations even after 5000 years! It safeguards a bank of 100% natural recipes, far more potent than what modern skincare is still trying to discover. This ancient discipline adopts a holistic approach, catering to the unique needs of all skin types by thoughtfully selecting pure and potent ingredients that work in perfect harmony.

    So, does this mean that Ayurveda discovered powerful age-old recipes to create result-oriented skincare regimens thousands of years ago?

    Absolutely, YES!

    Ayurveda has always been way ahead of its time and its secret lies in the innate power of nature and the utilization of natural ingredients.

    It has perfected the art of crafting synergistic blends that amplify each ingredient's benefits without any clashes. This is why Ayurvedic knowledge continues to be as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago!

    The Firm and Plump Glow Duo sets the perfect example of how powerful Ayurveda's potent recipes can be. Its superior lineup of natural ingredients has shown results that scientists in modern labs tirelessly seek with chemicals.

    Yet Ayurveda has already discovered it!

    Yauvari + Turmerisa with hero ingredients and text.jpg__PID:e6e8189c-03cc-4f57-b135-8487aa788eeb

    Firming and Plumping Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring and Complexion Correcting and Glow-Giving Turmerisa Facial Essence come together to create a powerful fusion, a synergetic complex. This blend approved by Ayurveda, validated by modern science, will make you feel like your skin has taken a dip into the Fountain of Youth and stolen the glow of the sun.

    Within this super-concentrated blend resides the power of not 1, 2, and not even 10 but 32 Ayurvedic ingredients that will give you the most radiating glow, the bounciest plumpness, and the smoothest firmness that you've ever experienced before.

    Firm & Glow-Up Alert: 10% + 15% OFF + FREE Shipping, SHOP NOW!

    Let’s explore the benefits of these 31 potent ingredients and how they work in synergy to consolidate your skincare routine in 1 simple step, twice a day!

    Yauvari Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:9091f916-48e5-47cf-9cea-417243fb72db

    ← Mix 1 Pump to Firm and Plump


    2 Drops for a Megawatt Glow! →

    Turmerisa Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:359091f9-1648-4577-8f1c-ea417243fb72

    Let’s begin with Turmeric, the only common ‘Golden Thread’ weaving beauty that blends Yauvari and Turmerisa



    Turmeric banner.jpg__PID:3216eb49-9394-46b0-97f7-5deab35dd8ed


    Turmeric, a golden gem, finds its roots in Southeast Asia, where it has been esteemed for centuries. Derived from the root of Curcuma zedoaria, a form of ginger native to the region, its active component, curcumin, imparts the distinct yellow-orange tinge, symbolizing its potent powers.


    This radiant spice, characterized by its vibrant golden hue, adds a touch of warmth and brilliance to both culinary delights and skincare products. The ground turmeric powder, derived from the root's natural essence, embodies the essence of natural beauty.


    • Acts as Age-Defying Multitasker: Embrace ageless beauty with turmeric's age-defying prowess. It not only diminishes the look of all types of fine lines and wrinkles but also enhances the look of elasticity and suppleness of your skin.
    • Gives a Glowing & Luminous Complexion: Turmeric's unique mild-exfoliating and cleansing coupled with glow-giving properties provide a natural sun-lit radiance and captivating luster, revealing your skin's youthful vitality.
    • Deep Cleanses Congested Pores: Turmeric effectively decongests blocked pores reducing greasy shine and promoting a clear and radiant complexion while allowing maximum benefits from well absorbed ingredients.
    • Reduces the Appearance of Bumpy Texture: Turmeric's potent properties combat the look of bumpy texture and uneven skin tone, restoring a smooth and even-looking skin texture.
    • Brightens and Evens Skin Tone: The powerful curcumin in turmeric acts as a natural skin brightener, diminishing the look of age spots and hyperpigmentation, revealing a clearer, brighter, and more luminous complexion.

    Now, let’s meet the multi-tasking Ayurvedic ingredients that concentrate age-defying powers in every drop of Yauvari



    Black gram Banner.jpg__PID:eb499394-26b0-47f7-9dea-b35dd8edf6f3

    Amidst the ever-changing trends in the anti-aging industry, one potent gem stands undiscovered and underappreciated – Black Gram (Vigna mungo). This powerful lentil possesses an arsenal of benefits that have stood the test of time, providing the ultimate solution to age-defying skincare.


    Black Gram, historically revered for its nutritional value in culinary delights, traces its roots back to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, where it was cherished for its nourishing and strengthening properties.


    Donning black skin covering a creamy white interior, Black Gram presents itself in both split and whole forms, encapsulating the promise of radiant skin within its unassuming appearance.


    • Firms and Tones the look: Black Gram's impressive mineral content contributes to enhancing the feel of skin firmness and elasticity. This lentil bestows a toned appearance to wrinkled, creased and crinkled skin, effectively reducing the look of sagging skin.
    • Reduces Visibility of Wrinkles: Enriched with potent age-defying compounds like polyphenols, Black Gram visibly decreases the appearance of signs of aging like deep wrinkles and fine lines, unveiling a smoother and more youthful texture.
    • Deeply Moisturizes: The high starch content in Black Gram provides potent hydration, effectively addressing dryness and crepey texture especially on thin and delicate skin areas.
    • Exfoliates and Smooths: Acting as a gentle exfoliator, Black Gram eliminates dirt, grime, and dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and polished complexion.
    • Softens Skin: With its nourishing properties, Black Gram enhances skin softness, maintaining supple and velvety-smooth skin.
    • Brightens and Even-Tones: Black Gram's skin-brightening properties work wonders in reducing the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.




    Black Plum is a fruit with a myriad of health benefits.


    Black Plum is native to the Indian subcontinent and is widely cultivated in various regions across Asia.


    Black Plum trees bear small to medium-sized dark purple to black-colored fruits. The fruit's juicy and succulent flesh is known for its unique blend of sweetness and tartness, making it a delightful treat.


    • Gives Youthful Radiance: Black Plum is a rich source of potent compounds including vitamin C and anthocyanins. It is known for promoting a youthful and radiant complexion.
    • Even-Tones Complexion: Black Plum's natural toning properties may contribute to a more balanced and even-toned complexion.
    • Makes Wrinkles and Creases Less Apparent: This nutrient-dense fruit enhances skin health by delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines over time.
    • Purifies and Cleanses: Known to be an excellent ingredient for purifying and cleansing the skin, it is known to address uneven skin tone and promote a clearer complexion.



    Black pepper banner.jpg__PID:26b017f7-5dea-435d-98ed-f6f33a49d63c

    Black pepper is a commonly used spice known for its sharp and mildly spicy flavor, making it a staple in kitchens worldwide. Despite its widespread culinary use, its remarkable benefits for the skin remain relatively unknown.


    Black pepper is derived from the dried berries (peppercorns) of the Piper nigrum vine. It has been utilized in various cultures for centuries and is often referred to as the "king of spices."


    Black pepper is typically found in the form of small, round peppercorns with a dark, wrinkled outer layer.


    • Delivers a Lifted Look: Black pepper aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while also firming the appearance of sagging skin for a more lifted and youthful look.
    • Firms and Tightens the Appearance of Loose Skin: Black pepper boosts the look of skin elasticity, helping reduce the appearance of sagginess and improving the look of overall skin firmness.
    • Gives Mature Complexions a Boost: Black pepper's beneficial properties provide a visibly brightened boost especially for dull and mature complexions.

    Now, let's introduce you to the Ayurvedic herbs powered with glow-enhancing and skin-softening potential found in every single drop of Turmerisa.



    Saffron banner.jpg__PID:17f75dea-b35d-48ed-b6f3-3a49d63c1fc0

    Welcome to the world of Saffron, known as 'Red Gold' or 'Autumn Gold' – the priciest spice globally. Saffron, often referred to as the "golden spice," isn't just a culinary treasure; it's also a skincare secret that has stood the test of time. From the mystique of ancient Egypt to the bustling spice routes of Asia, Saffron's history is as rich as its benefits for your skin. Derived from the purple Crocus sativus flower's red stamen, saffron is as valuable as gold. What makes it so costly? Well, in each flower, there are only three stamens, and it takes a whopping 50,000–75,000 flowers to get just 16 ounces (450 grams) of dry saffron.

    Now that we've uncovered the secrets of saffron, it's time to unlock your very own "Golden-Toned Glow." Incorporate saffron into your skincare routine and watch as your skin is transformed into a radiant, youthful masterpiece..


    • Deep Cleanses Pores and Clarifies Complexion: Saffron works overtime to thoroughly clean your skin by getting deep into your pores. It effectively removes impurities and built-up debris that can clog your pores that helps clarify your complexion, making your skin look clearer and more radiant.
    • Fades Away the look of Dark Spots, Blemishes, and Pigmentation: Saffron has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and uneven pigmentation on your skin.
    • Brightens Dull Skin: Saffron is known for its skin-brightening properties. It contains compounds that can help brighten the skin, giving you a more luminous and radiant complexion.
    • Natural Moisturizer: Saffron is also a natural moisturizer. It contains vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin, keeping it hydrated and preventing dryness and flakiness. Yes, you can maintain soft and supple skin without relying on synthetic or harsh moisturizers.
    • Improved Look of Skin Texture: The essential nutrients in saffron can work to improve the look of texture of your skin. If you have uneven or rough skin, this product can help transform it into a smoother and softer canvas. This improvement in skin texture can also result in a natural glow, giving your skin a healthy and youthful appearance.


    Manjistha or Indian Madder

    Manjishtha banner.jpg__PID:5deab35d-d8ed-46f3-ba49-d63c1fc0a489

    "Manjistha, the queen of clarity, bestows a complexion as pure as royalty."

    Get ready to step into the world of regal beauty secrets as we unveil the extraordinary powers of Manjishtha! Imagine achieving a complexion so pure and flawless that it mirrors the elegance of royalty. Manjishtha, known as the "queen of complexion clarity," is a skincare gem that has been embraced by beauty enthusiasts throughout history.

    Manjishtha Through the Ages: A Journey to Regal Beauty

    Manjishtha's royal journey traces its roots to the courts of queens and nobility. Revered for its complexion-enhancing properties, Manjishtha has been the cherished beauty secret of noblewomen for centuries.

    Manjishtha: Your Path to Regal Radiance

    Manjishtha's royal journey traces its roots to the courts of queens and nobility. Revered for its complexion-enhancing properties, Manjishtha has been the cherished beauty secret of noblewomen for centuries.

    • Complexion Fit for Royalty: Bid farewell to imperfections and welcome a complexion as pure as a queen's heart. Manjishtha unveils your skin's innate clarity, leaving you with a natural glow and radiance.
    • The Secret for almost Spot-Free-Looking Skin: Manjishtha's unique compounds work wonders in reducing the look of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes, revealing a complexion that attracts compliments like never before.
    • Timeless Beauty: Say goodbye to the signs of aging with Manjishtha's powerful anti-aging properties. The look of fine lines and wrinkles are mere memories, and your skin looks firm, smooth and youthful!
    • Skin as Smooth as Silk: Manjistha's essential nutrients leave your skin with a velvety softness by banishing the look of bumpy texture. Every time you touch your skin, you’ll feel your fingers slip through the soft, smooth and buttery texture.


    Sappan Wood

    sappan wood.jpg__PID:b35dd8ed-f6f3-4a49-963c-1fc0a489ae5b

    "Sappan Wood, the radiant key to a brighter, firmer, and enchanting complexion."

    Sappan Wood, scientifically known as Caesalpinia Sappan, stands out with its striking pink pigment, extracted from the heartwood of the Sappan tree. Beyond visual appeal, this unique feature is believed to contribute to brightening properties, promoting a radiant and even skin tone. And there’s more! .


    • Brightens and Even Tones Complexion: Sappan Wood extract is known for its ability to promote a brighter and more even skin tone. It contains natural compounds that can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven pigmentation, resulting in a more radiant complexion.
    • Plump and Firm-Looking Skin: Sappan Wood extract may contribute to plumper and firmer-looking skin. It can help enhance the look of skin's natural elasticity, which is key to maintaining a youthful appearance.
    • Cleanses and Tightens the Look of Pores: Sappan Wood extract has pore-cleansing properties. It can help remove impurities from the skin, contributing to clearer and smoother pores.



    Sesame Seed Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Rice Bran Oil [Oryza Sativa], Black Gram [Vigna Mungo], Touch-Me-Not Plant [Mimosa Pudica], Nut Grass [Cyperus Rotundus], Vetiver [Vetiveria Zizanioides], Turmeric [Curcuma Longa], Stone Apple [Aegle Marmelos], Black Plum [Eugenia Jambolana], Mango [Mangiifera Indica], Ginger [Zingiber Officinale], Black Pepper [Piper Nigrum], Long Pepper [Piper Longum], Essential Oils of Frankincense [Boswellia Sacra], Neroli [Citrus Aurantium] and Lime [Citrus Aurantifolia].

    Turmerisa Double-Turmeric Facial Essence

    Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Indian Barberry [Berberis Aristata], Turmeric [Curcuma Longa], Licorice [Glycyrrhiza Glabra], Sappan Wood [Caesalpinia Sappan], Manjistha or Indian Madder [Rubia Cordifolia], Lotus [Nelumbo Nucifera], Wild Himalayan Cherry [Prunus Cerasoides], Wood Apple [Feronia Limonia], Indian Persimmon [Diospyros Peregrina], Java Fig [Ficus Lacor], Indian Banyan [Ficus Benghalensis], Saffron [Crocus Sativus], Essential Oil of Lavender [Lavandula Officinalis], Essential Oil of Rose Indian [Rosa Damascena].


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    4 Reasons

    Why Your Skin Will Prefer This Plumping, Firming & Glow-Giving AM PM Duo to Your Usual Skincare Routine



    Choose Pure Nature Over Harmful Chemicals for Your Skin


    31 Ingredients, 31 Pathways to Firm, Plump, and Glowy Skin


    The Multitasking Marvel of AM PM Duo's 31 Ayurvedic Ingredients!


    Simplify Your Skincare, Amplify Your Results with the AM PM Duo

    Firm & Plump Glow Duo


    Choose Pure Nature Over Harmful Chemicals for Your Skin

    Asset 1.jpg__PID:3eae5ef9-96ca-4586-ab05-f7f936d5ad8d

    Did you know that most skincare products you layer on your face every day may contain a slew of chemicals, including well-known ones like Parabens, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, Phthalates, Polyethylene glycol, Sulfates and Phenoxyethanol? These chemicals can have various adverse effects on your skin, from irritation to allergies and even long-term health concerns like hormone disruption or even cancer.

    But hey, the Firm and Plump Glow Duo is pure.

    It contains NO chemicals. We mean ZERO CHEMICALS. We mean 100% natural. We aren't talking about just harmful chemicals - we mean NO chemicals at all! We have done nothing that interferes with the energy and synergy of nature and nature's potent powers. These natural ingredients work in perfect harmony without any human toxins - it's pure nature, raw, unadulterated and at its finest


    31 Ingredients, 31 Pathways to Firm, Plump, and Glowy Skin


    Most of us don't even realize that with a multi-step routine, we end up feeding our skin the same active ingredients through different products, even if you're a diligent label reader, not just a casual skimmer. This happens because the same ingredient can be incorporated into various formulations with minor variations in the molecule name.

    However, with this AM PM duo, we feature a range of 31 multi-functional, potent herbs and ingredients, with NO repetition except for one key ingredient - Turmeric. With iYURA, you aren't applying the same ingredients repeatedly but giving your skin the synergy of 31 natural ingredients, 31 different ways to acvhieve that FIRM, PLUMP and GLOWY look. 100% naturally!


    The Multitasking Marvel of AM PM Duo's 31 Ayurvedic Ingredients!

    IMG_3589 (1).jpg__PID:5f9addd3-cc84-4854-ab6f-877eb6b38402

    Is there ever a day when we don’t come across multiple skincare products that boast one or two "hero" ingredients that claim to perform miracles + Emulsifiers, Penetration enhancers, Preservatives, Solvents etc. These single-function ingredients, synthesized in laboratories, often result in the need for additional layers of moisturizers, barrier creams, anti-wrinkle serums, and more.

    Result - A countertop full of cream, moisturizers, serums and actives to fill the gaps of each other’s inefficiencies and confused skin full of redness, irritation and a leaky skin barrier. And needless to mention, minimum benefits and disappointing results.

    Now, the iYURA AM PM duo, which stands out for its potent ingredients' lineup. What makes it exceptional is that EACH AND EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT serves multiple purposes because that’s how natural ingredients work- they multitask, they work overtime, they’re not a jack of all trades. They are the MASTER of all trades. If you ever come across an ingredient in this AM PM duo with just one or two benefits, we promise to give you a 100% refund – no questions asked.


    Simplify Your Skincare, Amplify Your Results with the AM PM Duo


    Many of us fail to realize the value that simplicity adds to our lives! The chemical clutter in vanity sinks into our skin, and manifests as irritation, redness and adverse reactions. One thing that doesn’t show is RESULTS!

    It's easy to jump excitedly to a new skincare routine with high expectations but how many of us are actually able to keep up? The initial excitement may keep you going but let's be real, eventually, it becomes a task! Why confuse your skin, create clutter, and add another multistep task to your routine when you can get the benefits of 5 products in 1 duo? This simple yet superior Ayurvedic upgrade from your current regimen will not only simplify your skincare routine, it’ll also be easier for you to maintain consistency.

    Skincare Consistency = Visible Results!

    With fewer layers to worry about, less ingredient-clashes to manage, you can be stress-free and mindfully transform your skincare to selfcare. You will look forward to intimate moments of caring for your skin, and not dread it as if it's a task you need to finish. Skin that will revel, not rebel!

    P.S - Don't forget to mix 1 pump of Yauvari with 2 drops of Turmerisa to activate the oils in the morning and at night (AM-PM) for the most potent benefits!


    Beauty Without Breaking the Bank - Discover Luxury in Every Drop

    This Luxurious Face Oil Duo will be your Most Cost-Efficient Skincare Choice, this is why!

    Compare iYURA's Firm and Plump Glow Duo to those regular skincare brand 'kits' that charge a hefty USD 350 to USD500 for almost similar benefits.

    And we're not even factoring in the costs when you purchase each product individually – Moisturizer, Skin Plumping Serum, Glow-Boosting Serum, Even Toning Cream, and Firming Night Cream. Your expenses could easily spiral into thousands, and let's be honest, many of those products end up in the trash because they expire. Let's not even count that.

    Hey, BUT a surprise is waiting for you! HINT- It's the biggest savings of the year that you DON'T wanna miss out!

    Now these 2 top-performers come in a duo – at a ‘jaw-dropping, put-in-my-pocket-right-now' kinda price PLUS a FULL-SIZED PRODUCT as a FREE GIFT with this duo alone!

    (And, of course, if you place an order of value above $100 USD, you get ANOTHER gift worth $74 USD in addition to this full-sized product free with the Firm & Plump Glow Duo! It's RAINING GIFTS!!!)


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    Yauvari Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:9091f916-48e5-47cf-9cea-417243fb72db

    ← Mix 1 Pump to Firm and Plump


    2 Drops for a Megawatt Glow! →

    Turmerisa Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:359091f9-1648-4577-8f1c-ea417243fb72


    (do this every morning and evening)

    Step 1: Start with a freshly cleansed face.

    Step 2: Place 1 pump of Yauvari and 1 drop of Turmerisa into your palm.

    Step 3: Gently mix them together to activate the oils & create a nourishing blend.

    Step 4: Massage the blend onto your face using upward and outward motions.

    PRO TIP - Whether you have a few seconds or a few minutes, make this a mindful experience. Visualize each stroke as a reset button for your skin, wiping away the look of dullness, dryness, those stubborn signs of aging, and the stress of the day.

    Feel the instant surge of moisture and your skin's natural glow returning as you inhale the comforting aroma of just nature’s goodness. No background noise, no chemical clutter, no artificial aromas. Just you and the potent powers of nature!

    Credible, Real-Life Experiences of Women Like You Who Tried these Oils



    I am so in love with this essence! I can't say enough about this. I just tried the Youth Spring oil and these two together..wow!!! Actually , I have tried this Tumerisa with the other oils in the line and they all work together very well. I'd say my two favs are the Youth Spring and the Kesaradi oil. These combinations work perfectly together. The essence is like this wonderful almost tinted color that goes completely into the skin almost like a base, so when you add your oil/oils of choice it absorbs the oils right in. My face is glowing and I have gotten many compliments. The oils alone are great but there is something about this elixir!! It is a game changer! believe me, I was thinking will I really benefit from adding the Tumerisa?? YES!! YES!! Do IT!"

    - Holly


    "I love this special oil combo!!

    I use it every morning because it gives just a hint of color from the turmeric and makes my skin feel so hydrated and smooth. I am 68 years young and products like the Ayurveda's will help keep me feeling young!! In the evenings I use their Manjish Glow Elixir. I use face masssage techniques until the oils are absorbed into my skin. On my neck and decollete I use Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring. I would love to try all their products!!"

    - Kris


    "This duo gives my skin an instant wonderful glow and lightens the appearance of my age spots. Within a few weeks the crepiness has improved and wrinkles look diminished. This is my new daily skincare regimen. Love it!"

    - Angela W.

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    Credible, Real-Life Experiences of Women Like You Who Tried these Oils


    "Magic potion

    My skin loves this oil. It sinks in without greasiness and makes my skin feel velvet soft and nourished. The scent is heavenly and I’m now beginning to see the toning and firming that this magic bottle creates. I love all the products."

    - Vicky P.



    ...Half way through my first bottle I ordered another to ensure I would not go without it. Does every single thing just as advertised and does it immediately. After only the first few days, I started seeing results and knew this one was special. I use it multiple ways - all highly effective! It exfoliates without causing dryness or flaking, cleanses and visibly minimizes my pores, and intensifies the affects of my other oils when blending or layering. This product is results oriented and truly something special!”

    - Maria S.


    "Game changer!

    I worried about breaking out or looking greasy but moisturizers just seemed to sit on the surface of my face not really helping achieve moisturized hydrated skin I was in search of. I came across an ad on social media for Ayurveda and started reading review comments and decided what did I have to lose. I’m so glad I did! My skin now looks younger, hydrated, and even a little glowy. I went makeup free to have my eyebrows done and the lady doing my brows asked what kind of face products I used because my skin looked so good. Like I said, Game changer!"

    - Shannie E.

    It's time to re-evaluate your skincare routine and choose this double dose of 100% natural, age-defying, glow-giving Ayurvedic oil fusion over your regular chemical confusion


    Why clutter your vanity with countless products, most of which eventually get replaced by newer products and find their way to the trash? Instead replace the chaos with a streamlined, result-oriented, synergistic, time-tested, Ayurveda-Approved, AM PM duo that promises a remarkable age-defying transformation!

    It's time to envision a different future for your skin and turn it into a reality!

    Let’s put an END to the endless search for beauty products, REJECT the unrealistic beauty standards, and STOP subjecting our skin to harmful chemicals!

    A future where skincare isn't a chore; it's the most cherished, intimate, meditative, and unadulterated part of your daily routine

    Allow the potent powers of nature to add an incredible glow, bounce, and healthy moisture to our skin.

    But also, let’s build the most intimate bond with your skin with the Plump and Firm Glow Duo.

    Yauvari + Turmerisa Banner Image.jpg__PID:e5981877-8a0a-4538-b641-883e4548cd32

    Your FUTURE with iYURA’s 100% natural, chemical-free AM/PM Skincare in 2 bottles is here!

    ls 1.jpg__PID:00288b6c-8c5f-4e14-b7b9-6d0a576a3d0a

    It’s a GOOD MORNING!

    With the break of dawn, the sun shines BRIGHT, and so does your skin - 100% NATURALLY!

    You rise to feel your skin bounce with juicy moisture, with a texture as soft as silk, and with wrinkles feeling smoother than usual.

    No dry patches, no dullness, no crepiness! You feel confident, fresh, and happy

    Arrow 1.png__PID:1278bf33-e995-487b-a24f-bb6ae95d83ac

    In the stillness of the early hour

    You create a sacred space just for you. "Shhh, no rush," you whisper to yourself, cherishing the intimate moment before facing the world.

    You replace rushed multiple skincare routine with a moment of solitude with the face oil duo by your bedside.

    You mix and warm the Ayurvedic oils between your palms, inhaling their soothing aroma.

    You can feel the goodness of 30 Ayurvedic ingredients sinking into your freshly cleansed face and décolleté, like a tall glass of water.

    Instant moisture, feelable firmness, and bouncy plumpness is all you feel!

    ls 2.jpg__PID:ae5ef996-ca85-46eb-85f7-f936d5ad8d40
    Arrow 2.png__PID:78bf33e9-95d8-4ba2-8fbb-6ae95d83acbe
    ls 3.jpg__PID:5ef996ca-8586-4b05-b7f9-36d5ad8d4036

    As you gather with the ones you love

    As you gather with your family for a good breakfast, their expressions light up. "What's your secret?" they ask, their eyes gleaming with curiosity. "How are you glowing naturally?"

    You flaunt the lit-from within glow and baby-like plump-looking skin as you reply, "Just took a dip in the Fountain of Youth."

    Arrow 1.png__PID:1278bf33-e995-487b-a24f-bb6ae95d83ac

    In the warm afternoons

    There's no greasiness, no heavy feeling, no makeup piling.

    This 1-step, yet complete Ayurvedic skincare routine feels incredibly simple, and the oils feel so lightweight while still adding tons of moisture and glow.

    Throughout the day, compliments flow your way.

    "You look so tired" and "Did you sleep well?" questions are replaced with "You look so fresh! Are you aging backward?"

    Skin so firm and supple, even your neighbors notice from a distance.

    ls 7.jpg__PID:86eb05f7-f936-45ad-8d40-3619afaf7fdb
    Arrow 2.png__PID:78bf33e9-95d8-4ba2-8fbb-6ae95d83acbe
    ls 4.jpg__PID:f996ca85-86eb-45f7-b936-d5ad8d403619

    When you’re closer to the Golden Hour

    As you carry on with your day, you can't help but fall in love with your illuminated complexion and silky-satin texture.

    You see a familiar reflection in the car's rearview mirror, similar to what you'd see years ago, in the grocery store shelf glass, and the gaze of people passing by.

    The crow’s feet appear smoother, the smile lines appear dimmer.

    It's a satisfying feeling, knowing that this youthful and healthy glow requires no invasive treatments and no make-up touch-ups.

    Arrow 1.png__PID:1278bf33-e995-487b-a24f-bb6ae95d83ac

    It’s time when the sun is about to dim its light, but not your skin!

    That gold-toned glow, that sun-stolen shine. Finally, YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH YOUR BARE SKIN!

    You've abandoned the chemicals and layers of makeup, and now it's just you, and it feels liberating and empowering. You feel every pore breathing and absorbing nature's gifts.

    ls 6.jpg__PID:96ca8586-eb05-47f9-b6d5-ad8d403619af
    Arrow 2.png__PID:78bf33e9-95d8-4ba2-8fbb-6ae95d83acbe
    ls 9.jpg__PID:ca8586eb-05f7-4936-95ad-8d403619afaf

    Your cherished Nighttime Ritual

    The end of the day is close. As you begin to end your day, you're not tired but excited for the Ayurvedic recipes to work their magic on your skin. The moisture and glow don't wash off as you wash your face.

    You don't dread the complex skincare routine anymore; you look forward to this pure moment of joy and self-care to end the day.

    Your husband exclaims as you get into bed, "Your wrinkles and lines look less visible. Did you get something done?"

    Your aging, loose, and saggy skin gets saturated with firming, plumping, and volumizing moisture. It's as though the years are rolling back, and your skin feels brighter, smoother, plumper, and firmer.

    Arrow 1.png__PID:1278bf33-e995-487b-a24f-bb6ae95d83ac

    As you drift into a goodnight’s sleep

    As you drift into sleep, slowly, the ingredients of Yauvari and Turmerisa seep into your skin, restoring radiance and brightness to your once-dull complexion.

    The look of your wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots are confronted by the power of nature and Ayurveda's secrets. Your skin feels cocooned in plumping, juicy moisture.

    ls 1.jpg__PID:00288b6c-8c5f-4e14-b7b9-6d0a576a3d0a
    Yauvari Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:9091f916-48e5-47cf-9cea-417243fb72db

    ← Mix 1 Pump to Firm and Plump


    2 Drops for a Megawatt Glow! →

    Turmerisa Bottle PNG small size.png__PID:359091f9-1648-4577-8f1c-ea417243fb72
    Yaurisa Last Section BG mobile.jpg__PID:24947e84-2c58-4d9a-afa6-06808b8896db

    Regain the feelable firmness and plump softness of your skin's yesteryears to get back a visibly brightened complexion that looks noticeably bright


    texture that looks so bouncy and firm that it'll have you looking like you just stepped out of a beauty magazine with Firm & Plump Glow Duo NOW!

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