Has your A.M. - P.M. skincare routine stopped working for you? Or, does your day-and-night skincare regimen only promise visible results if you follow it religiously, but the process is tedious and you can't keep at it? Or, are you still looking for THE routine for you, because different skin types require different kind of care, and you haven't been able to find the perfect skincare match for your skin? 

Well, then...

This is for you!

Here are 3 Reasons why your favorite Day-&-Night Skincare Regimen needs an upgrade

It is very easily possible for your skincare regimen to stop showing the brilliant results it used to after having used it consistently for a little while. The reason behind can be anything from hormonal changes and environmental fluxes to the ingredients in your skincare not having been good for you right from the beginning - because for your skin type, those ingredients could only show temporary results, but not results that could last.

A slightly misapplied judgement in the skincare world seems to be that a popular ingredient that has worked for many will certainly work for you too. While that is a good metric to base your decision of whether or not to try out a new skincare ingredient, it is also important to understand that different skin types react to different skincare ingredients differently.

It can be a little frustrating to see the ingredients that are proven to show brilliant results to many not do any good for your skin, but you don't need to worry about that. Because the trick to hacking your perfect day-and-night skincare regimen is not following popular trends, but is to find something that works perfectly for you and only you!

Ideally, your day-and-night skincare regimen should include products that play well-defined roles. The perfect pair would be of a day time product that protects your skin from environmental stimuli and shows certain results (like moisturization and brightness) almost instantly; and a nighttime product that uses the entire night to nourish your skin uninterruptedly, fortifies it and makes it healthy from within. This way you ensure healthy, happy skin throughout the day!

Here are exactly 3 reasons why your current day-and-night skincare regimen has stopped working for you and how you can create a skincare regimen that's perfect for you!

1. They told you it's easy to use, but it's really not!

It's one thing to attempt to find your perfect skincare routine by trying out different options, but it is completely different to understand how to use the products correctly. It is very important to use the products in their suggested orders - the suggested order being from thinnest to thickest formulations. This ensures easy permeation of lightweight serums and formulations through the skin, without having to cut through thick layers of other formulations. 

It is also important to give your first formulation ample time to seep into your skin before you go ahead and apply the next.

Also, making sure the right combination of products is used is also just as important. For example, you shouldn't use retinol and vitamin c together, on the same day, as they end up nullifying each other's effects due to their different PH requirements.

And this is what makes your day-and-night skincare routine exceedingly difficult. Firstly, your routine shouldn't have to have multiple products. One for the day and one for the night should be more than enough, maximum two more products, but not more than that. This allows you to make less and less mistakes with your routine and ensures the products are being taken up by your skin properly.

2. Give it a break!

Have you heard the term 'Skin-fast'? It refers to the process of ditching all the skincare products you're using for a couple of weeks to let your skin breathe and rejuvenate. 

It is true that using skincare consistently is very important to see desired results. But it is also true that after a certain period, your skin acclimatizes to the skincare it is subjected to and stops showing better results. 

So, the best thing to do is to take a step back, see how many products you've been using, put them aside and just take a break from skincare all together. 

You shouldn't quit the basics though. It is always important to ensure your skin is moisturized and hydrated, so during your skin fast, you shouldn't quit your moisturizer and sunblock - your everyday skincare routine should also cover these basics. But the rest of the products you use for corrective and preventitive measures, you can surely give your skin a teeny tiny break from those.

You can, in fact, use this time during skin-fasting to evaluate whether or not the multiple products that have made their way into your day-and-night skincare regimen even cover the basics - moisturization and hydration. As it is also possible that the products you're using do not moisturize your skin enough, or moisturize it too much and make it greasy. And that too could be the reason behind your routine's inefficacy.

So, maybe for a week or two, use your perfect moisturizer and sunblock and spend some time on curating the best day-and-night skincare regimen.

3. Using Actives a little too Actively?

Could be to get faster results, or because people don't realize the number of active-ingrdients-based-products they end up dousing their skin in, but this is one of the biggest mistakes people make while curating their everyday day-and-night skincare regimen. 

It is nearly impossible to keep getting positive results from overusing active ingredients like retinol, vitamin c, AHAs etc. In fact, if you consistently use the actives that do not suit your skin, it could just end up exacerbating your skin troubles. 

You could end up impairing your skin barrier, which could lead to inflammation, redness, more breakouts and even swelling.

Hence, while curating your day-and-night skincare regimen, it is important to have products with a balanced amount of actives, and to indentify which one of those actives work best for you. 

In fact, if you could find a 100% natural ingredient that actively worked on your skin troubles, nothing would be better. That way, you wouldn't be subjecting your skin to the multiple risks of chemicals in general, and you'll be getting enriching, long-lasting results! Who doesn't want that?

And finally, how does one curate their perfect day-and-night skincare regimen?

After understanding these 3 reasons, we're now in the right place to understand how to create our perfect skincare regimen.

Now that we know that the best day-&-night skincare regimen should:

1. Have less products, with a morning product that helps instantly moisturize and brighten your skin and a nourishing nighttime product that fortifies your skin and makes it healthy

2.  Have less and more importantly, the right actives-based-products for your skin 

3.  Be potentially 100% Natural to ensure quick yet long-lasting results, and be made with ingredients that are known to have no side-effects and are good for your skin

Think about this...

A 100% natural, effective, easy to follow, good for your skin, expertly curated Day-and-Night Duo, which has been made by following the prudent learnings and knowledge of an ancient 5000-year-old science...

The original 'Science of Life' that specifies the use of particular herbs for particular skin troubles, and the correct method of amalgamating these herbs for targeted solutions...

Yes, this perfect combination does exist!

This Science is called Ayurveda. 

Following the exact prescriptions and herb-cooking recipes in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, this Day and Night Duo has been created for anyone who has stopped seeing results from their skincare regimen because it's not easy to follow, contains chemical-actives that are not working for their skin type, and does not contain the perfect sync of a day-time product for intense moisture and instant brightness and a nighttime product for enriching nourishment and care.

And, the best, most potent skincare products that are a direct result of the prescriptions and recommendations of Ayurvedic scriptures are oils! 

The maximum nutritional powers and goodness of an Ayurvedic herb can best reach one’s body when delivered via an authentic Ayurvedic oil.

If we go by the texts of Ayurveda, it recommends herbs to be "cooked" together, in a very specific way. The temperature at which the formulation is to be cooked, which herb is to be added at what point in the process, everything is specified in the texts.

This method of oil “cooking” (also called Taila Paak Vidhi in Sanskrit) makes it best for the formulation to be in oil format, because oils are great bioavailability enhancers, making them perfect for exacerbating the nutritional powers of the herbs used in the oil.

Also, oil is the purest and most concentrated method of herb delivery. The molecules of oils are smaller than those of creams, which aid in deeper penetration into the skin.

And, finding authentic oil formulations that have been made by following ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, its recommendations and its oil cooking methods is not easy! You'll very easily find oil formulations that contain random blends of natural ingredients, but not the blends prescribed in the scriptures of Ayurveda.

But guess what? We have successfully found the perfect Day and Night Duo that's also authentically Ayurvedic! It's called...

iYURA's Day and Night Duo

Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Manjish Glow Elixir for glowing skin
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Manjish Glow Elixir for glowing skin
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA
Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set Beauty set iYURA

Day & Night Face Oil Duo - Best Moisturizer for Healthy Skin - Ayurvedic Natural Skincare Set


Say hello to your new favorite Day & Night Set!

During the day, get added nutritive benefits from Kesaradi Oil and at night, let Manjish Glow Elixir work its magic and see the difference in just 7 nights!

Superstar and fan-favorite Kesaradi® Face Oil Ayurveda's Brightening, Revitalizing, Uber-Nourishing Secret 50 ml (1.69 fl oz) Ayurveda’s Pink Power Potion Manjish Glow Elixir® Glow-Giving and Complexion Restoring Night-Time Facial Massage Oil 50 ml (1.69 fl oz)

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This is where iYURA's Day and Night originated...

The Most Trusted and Recognized House of Brands that provides centuries’ old authentic Ayurvedic solutions to 1 MILLION + happy customers spread across 4 continents in 150+ countries. 

We provide guaranteed 100% safe products, compliant with US regulations.

We worked across all standards, USP, US-FDA Cosmetic, AHPA (American Herbal Product Association), Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India and even European cosmetic regulations.

Apart from this we also conduct other quality tests such as Iodine value, peroxide value, Acid value, saponification value, refractive index, specific gravity, wt/ml, unsaponifiable matter and mineral oil tests to ensure optimal manufacturing practices, assurance that each batch is as consistent and uniform as possible to work as expected.  

iYURA products are 100% natural, free of chemicals, free from any pesticide or heavy metal toxicity exposure.


From the house of brands comes iYURA!

It brings you authentic and original Ayurvedic formulations the way they’re prescribed in the ancient texts.

iYURA's promise of taking care of your delicate aging skin is by providing you products that were meant to be used for self-care, even 5000 years ago. With progression and modernization, these ancient formulations that were originally made for healthy and holistic care somehow got lost. iYURA is bringing those original formulations back, in their most authentic form!

These are ancient face and body oils, which are essentially recommended Ayurvedic herbs meticulously cooked together by following the oil cooking recipe present in the scriptures of Ayurveda.  

Purity, safety and efficacy lie at the core of The Ayurveda Experience.

Take advantage of this body oil made with time tested Ayurvedic ingredients that have proven to work over thousands of years.  

More than 65,000+ customers have loved the body oil with an average rating of 4.8 stars. 

iYURA's Day and Night Duo, which with much love we like to call 'DAN', is your answer to perfecting your day-and-night skincare regimen!

The Ayurveda Experience brings to you amazing concoctions of oils made from incredible Ayurvedic herbs! 

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