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  • My wrinkles, scars, marks, age spots, blemishes, acne, blackheads, saggy skin
    make me who I am, and I earned them.  

    This is me.

    Because Age is Awesome!

    No matter how much you try to stray away from the shores of acknowledging your insecurities, there’s always a little part of you that wishes you fit into societal norms and bounds, so that you didn’t have to keep facing the little comments about your age – which are supposed to be innocuous and are normally followed with statements like “Why can’t you take a joke?” in case of any rebellion.  

    More than infuriating, it is exhausting to deal with the pressure of looking young. Not just because it’d save you from those comments about your age, but also for some very practical reasons like the difficulty of getting a job, because of the general strong and justified belief that one might not get the recognition they should at work, if they look or are older.

    In fact, Hollywood and media has a huge impact on framing this opinion of “youthful look” being important, especially for women. Maybe because even for older parts, younger women get cast. Just like Amy Poehler said, “Hollywood proves yet again that there are still good parts for women over 40, as long as they get cast when they’re under 40”.

    The whole obsession with Anne Hatheway still looking exactly like she used to in the Princess Diaries simply proves that “age” is only appreciated if it comes without the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sagging skin etc.  


    When the process of aging is so beautiful, why should the appearance of any sign of aging be seen as something that needs to be gotten rid of?

    We're not saying that you should completely dismiss the idea of using skincare even if it is for anti-aging purposes, that’s fine if you choose to do so. A lot of people like using cosmetics and makeup not because they feel the pressure of looking young, but because it makes them feel good and confident, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    But, perhaps this whole obsession with looking young or younger would fade away if we as a society sat back and created a safe space for everyone to love themselves no matter what. And gave everyone an option to choose safe, effective and healthy skincare or haircare, so that people don’t feel compelled to take risky options like surgeries or fillers in the pressure of looking young. That too, just an option. Should one choose to wear makeup or apply creams and lotions, they should! But if they don’t, they should be able to feel great about their wrinkles, fine lines etc.

    Well, we are that option. We are that safe space for women. We acknowledge the beauty of your signs of aging and tell you, EVERYTIME, you’re beautiful just the way you are. But if you want skincare that gives you a wholesome option of taking care of your skin with effective results, we’re right here, helping you do just that! 

    Because, like we said in the beginning...

    Age is Awesome!  

    We're going back to the start

    Ever seen a family in a hospital waiting for the birth of someone new? Everyone from the newborn’s uncle to their grandparents waits outside the surgeon’s room and prays for the best because that’s how much the birth of a child means to a family! The elation, the joy, the tears, the jumps, the laughs, these are such life defining moments, you can’t help but feel great about them.

    Do you sometimes think that that’s how happy your family was when they first saw you? The elation, the joy, the tears, the jumps, the laughs were all there, when you were born. It’s such a beautiful thought.

    Then when you grew up a little, when you were at an age where only crying would get you things you needed because you couldn’t speak any language yet, your mom would still understand your needs and get you to being carefree and ever smiling.

    Add to that a couple more years and you’re now witnessing your parents jumping up and down the floor out of utmost jubilance because they’re seeing you take your first steps, or hearing you utter your first word.

    Your teenage years might’ve involved lots of crying too, but now you can communicate the pain you’re going through with your best friend, or your parents. They all make you realize that no problem is as big as it first seems, all you need to do is take a step back, take a deep breath, and you’ll see everything works out just fine.

    There must’ve been some bits of rebellion during that time too! Maybe you dyed your hair a color your parents didn’t approve of, dated the wrong people, got your heart broken, but still took care of yourself.

    Then maybe you planned your wedding (which also probably involved lots of tears), and you were extremely nervous about it, but the good nervous. You were excited too and you couldn’t stop smiling, it was as if you had a hanger in your mouth! Then those tears came back on the day of your wedding! When you were reading your vows and promising to build yourself a beautiful life ahead.

    Or, maybe you didn’t conform to the mass cultural delusion that only marriage can ensure fulfillment of life and did what your heart wanted. Maybe you even had a “I truly want to become an artist, but my parents wouldn’t allow me to go down that path, so I'm going to pursue it on my own” moment in your life.

    For all the big moments and even the small ones, to think, with age comes all these experiences. And the appearance of those wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sagging skin, they are emblematic of your experiences! You’ve earned those wrinkles! 

    And that’s what iYURA stands for.  

    iYURA is a brand that provides not just 100% natural, but safe, effective and healthy skincare for women, so that you don't spend your money on removing your hard earned appearance of signs of aging, but wholesomely, holistically and delicately (without being harsh) take care of your aging skin. The care to your skin will be so innate and good for you, that all your insecurities about aging skin will be gone!  

    That is how it was always meant to be! Never was skincare supposed to be a thing of vanity, or something you got to make any physical alterations to your face. Skincare was always supposed to be healthy and holistic and nurturing, so much so that you wouldn't ever want firmer skin, or youthful looking skin, because your skin would naturally appear healthy and taken care of! 

    It's not just us who says this. It's the history of skincare that says this. Believe it or not, but skincare is a science that has had many phases of evolution throughout the years, but with something as intrinsic and personal as skincare, we should just stick with the original.

    iYURA is the epitome of perfectly emulating such a science!

    It’s the embodiment of an ancient eastern science, the existence of which can be traced back to 5000 years – it's called Ayurveda.

    Ayurveda is the Science of Life that prescribes healthy and holistic ways of living so that you don’t go to extremes, get surgeries or use chemicals to rid your skin of your hard-earned wrinkles, fine lines or any signs of aging. Instead, our endorsement of Ayurveda’s teachings are so holistic, that all you'll get from us are products that help you nurture and wholesomely take care of your delicate aging skin.

    But bringing Ayurveda’s complex teachings to life is not as easy as simple google searches make them sound. A homemade DIY mask or random blends of some Ayurvedic ingredients only do so much for your skin. And this is a mistake lots of other Ayurvedic brands make too. They would bring you a mix of some Ayurvedic ingredients without understanding exactly what blend Ayurveda actually recommends. Because Ayurveda’s prescription of herbs is very specific for specific ailments.

    So, if a brand promises you the perfect endorsement of the texts of Ayurveda, by following its complex cooking methods and right recommendations of herbs, that’s a brand you can truly trust.

    And that’s iYURA for you!

    It brings you authentic and original Ayurvedic formulations the way they’re prescribed in the ancient texts.

    iYURA's promise of taking care of your delicate aging skin is by providing you products that were meant to be used for self-care, even 5000 years ago. With progression and modernization, these ancient formulations that were originally made for healthy and holistic care somehow got lost. iYURA is bringing those original formulations back, in their most authentic form!

    These are ancient face and body oils, which are essentially recommended Ayurvedic herbs meticulously cooked together by following the oil cooking recipe present in the scriptures of Ayurveda.  

    Presenting some of what iYURA has to offer: 

    Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster: An Ayurvedic Body Oil 

    Hero Ingredient: Black Gram 

    If the skin on your arms and legs has gotten droopy or saggy, then you don’t need to be conscious about it, that’s fine. Just give it some Ayurvedic care and you’ll notice such intense moisture on your arms and legs, you’ll forget all about its saggy appearance.  

    Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring: An Ayurvedic Face Oil 

    Hero Ingredient: Black Gram 

    People go get fillers and surgeries to rid their skin of the look of wrinkles and fine lines. You don’t have to do that! Your wrinkles and fine lines are beautiful. Just provide your face with intense Ayurvedic care. Apply Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring and you’ll see your wrinkles and fine lines being cared for so purely, that they’ll stop bothering you.   

    Manjish Glow Elixir: A night-time Ayurvedic face oil 

    Hero Ingredient: Manjistha  

    Pulse Light therapies and chemical peels have become a common thing, which might show you the results you wish to, but they are painful and come with the risks of many side effects like redness, scabbing and swelling.

    Manjistha is a self-care Ayurvedic rejuvenator that has many skin clarifying and toning abilities and easily is one of the most effective and safest skincare options out there to make your skin look clearer.

    The best infusion of Manjistha comes in Manjish Glow Elixir. 

    Kesaradi Oil:  A night-time Ayurvedic face oil 

    Hero Ingredients: Saffron, Turmeric and Rose 

    Ayurvedic scriptures rightly call this formulation ‘The Beauty Elixir’ as it enhances your own beauty by providing utmost care to your facial skin. The luxurious feel of the oil makes your skin feel utterly nourished and revitalized. The care you get from this oil will instantly brighten your skin, that’s how good the Ayurvedic herbs (over 16 herbs) used in this formulation are for you!