The Stimulating and Calming Properties of Nutmeg
(Myristica Fragrans)

Nutmeg isn’t just a spice - it’s an ally!
This all-natural ingredient found dangling from stunning evergreen trees holds within its shell an astonishing array of supportive, life-affirming abilities.

The Stimulating and Calming Properties of Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans)

Nutmeg isn’t just a spice - it’s an ally! This all-natural ingredient found dangling from stunning evergreen trees holds within its shell an astonishing array of supportive, life-affirming abilities.


The botanical name for Nutmeg is Myristica fragrant Henlt, alluding to the spice’s bold, delightful scent.
The English nutmeg comes from two words:
Nux = Nut
Muskat = Musky

Nutmeg grows on a tree with aromatic yellow flowers. The fruit born by the tree looks similar to an apricot, but when the fruit reaches maturity it flares open, unveiling the life-giving seed in the center. But did you know that nutmeg is actually two spices in one?

While the pit of the fruit is what we commonly know as Nutmeg, the red web-like membranes surrounding the seed are called mace!

Once the seed is sufficiently dried, there is a nut that hardens within. It can be heard knocking around within the shell - this is Nutmeg in its final form. Can you believe that it requires around 6-8 weeks of sunlight to transform a fruit into a tiny, tough seed with abundant Ayurvedic value?

In the ancient Aurvedic tradition, nutmeg is valued for its warming nature, stimulating fragrance, and unique soothing effects.

Nutmeg and Ayurveda: A Love Story

Ayurvedic philosophy is a bountiful gift with a vibrant, fascinating history.
The wisdom of Ayurveda opens itself like a gorgeous lotus flower, offering restoration and rejuvenation to all who accept its multifaceted gift.

In Ayurveda, much diligent attention is paid to holistic kindness toward the mind and body in harmonized cooperation. It is believed that proper support and balance in the mind leads to an energized and revitalized body. In this tradition, Ayurvedic recipes place high value on fruits, herbs, and spices that come to us from the bounty of natural Earth.

Throughout history, nutmeg has been revered in Ayurvedic medicine for its potent benefits. One Sanskrit synonym for nutmeg is Sugandha - or a fruit that has a good aroma. In addition to its energizing scent, nutmeg is elevated in Ayurvedic texts for its all-natural applications that support balance through high nutritive content.

A Wealth Of Promise In A Tiny Package

It’s astonishing just how many applications the tiny Nutmeg has. Within this humble bundle lies dietary fiber, thiamin, magnesium, vitamins, minerals, and many other organic compounds. This makes it a popular and valued culinary delight, topical ingredient, and an addition to rejuvenating oils.

For thousands of years, Nutmeg has been touted for implementing balance, soothing soreness, brightening the skin, and contributing to healthy, holistic alignment of mind and body. 

 In fact, Nutmeg was once so scarce and valuable that just a small container-full could make the holder wealthy for life!

Now, we are fortunate to have access to the powerful spice that was once only available to a privileged, noble few. Once traded widely and contentiously, Ayurvedic wisdom celebrates the accessibility to Nutmeg for all who would seek its supportive, warm embrace.

Nutmeg: Fascinating Facts

For something that sits subtly in most kitchen spice racks, Nutmeg has a mysterious and fascinating history. For a very long time, the Spice Islands were the only place Nutmeg and mace were produced in the entire world!

So desired was this bold spice that the British, during a season of temporary control, excavated Nutmeg tress along with their soil and moved them from the Spice Islands to Singapore, Sri Lanka and other locations. Later, the Nutmeg trees were transplanted further and the excitement around this curious spice began to spread around the globe.

A Nutmeg tree is capable of bearing fruits for up to 60 years. Although the fruit resembles a pear, it eventually breaks in half to reveal its inner seed - like an oyster bursting open to share its priceless pearl!

How Is Nutmeg Utilized In Ayurvedic Oils?

Many of the all-natural spices, herbs, and ingredients honored by Ayurvedic traditions have myriad purposes. Certainly, most in the West know Nutmeg as a popular Fall spice to be sprinkled on or baked into eggnog, chai tea, various desserts, and curries.

Nutmeg has also historically been used for fragrance and essence. It is sometimes added to perfumes and essential oils for its unique, distinct musk. But powerful spices like Nutmeg, have even more to offer. Every time you’ve grasped one benefit of Nutmeg, you find layers and layers of unrecognized potential, like peeling back the fleshy sheets of an onion.

In addition to its most popular uses, nutmeg has been valued within Ayurvedic medicine for ages.
This aromatic spice is famous for its potency, warming activation, and balancing effects on Kapha and Vata Dosha.

In ancient Ayurveda, there are three life forces, or Doshas. These three are called Kapha, Vata, and Pitta.

In Kapha, water and earth elements meet.
In Vata, air and ether elements combine.

Nutmeg is particularly helpful in balancing Vata and Kapha body types.

In particular, Nutmeg is considered an important ingredient because of its absorptive, relieving, and warm soothing effects. For this reason, Nutmeg is a powerhouse ingredient in any body oil or joint oil. It is both activating and heating, delivering a sense of relief and comfort to sore, stressed muscles and skin.

Get The Most From Ayurvedic Wellness 
By Knowing Your Body Type!

If you’re not sure what your Ayurvedic body type is, don’t worry! It’s easy to explore and learn about your unique expression. Plus, it gives you priceless insights into how you might better address your specific concerns, needs, and desires.

The three types of Ayurvedic body type are Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. The wisdom and insight of the Ayurvedic practice teaches that each specific body type functions and metabolizes energy in its own way. Specifically, Kapha stores energy, Vata spends energy, and Pitta manages energy.

Different Ayurvedic body types require different diets, practices, and methods for balance.

Vata is typically lean without much muscle tone. They may be underweight and tend to have dehydrated skin.

Grounding foods and all-natural herbs and spices, like Nutmeg, help bring Vata back to balance.

Pitta tends to have good muscle tone, pink flushed skin, and determined personalities.

They are encouraged to stick with cooling foods for balance.

And Kapha generally have stout body types. Their muscles are well-developed and their skin tends to be oily.

Earth element foods and ingredients, like Nutmeg, support overall balance in Kapha body types.

Soothing Oils For All Ayurvedic Body Types:

Regardless of your Ayurvedic body type, you can benefit from the restorative boost that Nutmeg adds to the soothing body oils. When massaged into the skin, oils containing Nutmeg and other all-natural herbs and spices relieve stressed muscles and tendons. Discomfort is eased, skin is nourished and appears supple, and warmth is applied to overworked areas of the body that need positive energy flow.

iYURA Rujahari Oil for joints and muscles uses the potent, powerful properties of nutmeg to apply the benefits of ancient wisdom directly to your overworked body. At times, we all need to be elevated, lifted up, and restored to our most natural, healthiest self. The application of Ayurvedic oils directly to the weary body facilitates warm rejuvenation and stimulating energy.

A Tale Of Ayurvedic Journey

Let us imagine, a gentle elderly woman who sets out to visit her sister on her birthday. Living in a small village with no car and no means of transport, the woman, whom we will call Grace, sets out on foot for the village where her sister resides.

Grace treks across the somewhat barren fields surrounding her village with a leather satchel strapped across her back. In the satchel, a plastic container full of handmade cakes bounces against her back - a delectable gift for her dear sister’s birthday.

Once she arrives in her sister’s village, Grace is met by surprised shouts of joy and elation from Hanna's grandchildren. Her sister, Hanna, is overwhelmed by surprise and gratitude at the visit. 

But as much as Grace wants to celebrate alongside Hanna and the kids, her overworked joints and muscles feel stiff from the difficult trek across the uneven land. She whispers to her sister about this, easing herself into a soft chair.

Hearing this, Grace's sister declares that she has a gift of her own to give. In an act of selfless sisterly love and affection, Hanna applies a soothing Ayurvedic oil made from dozens of potent herbs and spices with immensely comforting, caressing strokes on Grace’s muscles and joints.

After the rejuvenating massage, Grace starts feeling at ease, and is able to participate in the birthday meal and festivities. She even dances with Hanna to express her sheer joy!

The Brilliance Of Ayurvedic Oils For All Mankind

At The Ayurveda Experience, we firmly believe that this kind of rejuvenation and stimulation should be available to all! Although Ayurvedic medicine has its roots in India as one of the original health care systems, our sincere desire is to bring the Ayurveda way of Life to the fore in the West.

With iYURA Body Oils, the beauty and versatility of Ayurvedic wisdom can be experienced and appreciated by everyone who so desires. Rather than give you hype and empty promises, we want to provide natural, holistic restoration and vibrance.

Rujahari Oil: A Dream In A Bottle

One of the most exciting and abundantly beneficial body oils iYURA offers is Rujahari Oil for joints and muscles. In addition to nutmeg, it includes soothing ingredients like Ashwagandha, Shatavari (Indian Asparagus), and Til oil to relieve your exhausted body from discomfort and soothe it. 

The word Rujahari comes from the roots “ruja” and “har”. When you put them together, the Sanskrit translation is the “liberation” of “suffering.”

iYURA Rujahari Oil contains an impressive 46 herbs that have been researched, studied, and shown to produce beneficial effects in the lucky user. With this polyherbal formula, you can begin on the path of natural, time-honored self-care. Through holistic wellness, you can wrap your body in a loving embrace that radiates with soothing, rejuvenative care.

iYURA’s Rujahari Oil is free of toxic fragrances, chemicals, and fillers. What it does contain is the ability to woo you into a life-long love affair with gentle, holistic health.

Moving TestimoniALS

Our beautiful customers can express iYURA’s myriad benefits and wonders better than we can! Consider what they’re saying about their Ayurveda Experience:


“Awesome product!
Rujahari Joint Oil - this product is truly awesome. My 80 year old mother, my husband and myself used it with great results. I used it first on my hand that had been hurting for over a I had my mom use it on her knee.... I also had my husband try it on his ankle!!!... We love it and highly recommend it"

- Michelle C.


“I have been using Rujahari oil on my joints and some muscles every night for a few weeks. This has become a ritual I am looking forward to do before bedtime...especially after doing yoga. my joints feel rejuvenated.... I can’t go without that oil anymore. It is so much more than an oil to rub. Thank you so much to bring that treasure to the world."

- Cristina T.

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